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Naruto 693

Chapter 693: here once again

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 11, 2014 14:52 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 693: here once again\\
inserted: the time of the confrontation between naruto and sasuke…!!\\
naru: release the bijuu\\... they are finally free\\
naru: … now that I became friend with them I finally understand…\\ they will not do bad things anymore\\
sasu: … naruto\\
sasu: it seems that you don’t understand\\
sasu: right now you are the jinchuuriki of all the bijuus\\
sasu: … and I will eliminate every trace of them\\ their chakra inside of you comprised\\
sasu: in other words… you will die, naruto\\
sasu: it is inevitable\\
sasu: according to what the hermit said \\ I don’t need to use the chakra of the bijuu inside of you in order to release the eternal tsukiyomi \\
sasu: I will just use the bijuu that I have already captured\\
sasu: I will let them live until that moment\\
naru: … you already know that…\\
naru: I will not allow such a thing…!\\
sasu: you are the first I have to get rid of after all… naruto\\
sasu: let’s change place…\\
sasu: you already know where to go\\
kaka: wait! Sasuke!\\
saku: sensei!\\
kaka: kuh…\\
kaka: the effects of the sharingan are still…\\
saku: I…\\ I already know that I cannot do anything about this\\
saku: even if I love you…!!\\
saku: even if I have such feelings for you…!!\\
saku: I cannot become closer to you\\ nor betray you…\\
saku: the only thing I can do is just to yell at you and cry\\ … that’s really shameful for me…!\\
sasu: … thank you…\\
saku: but…\\ sasuke-kun!\\
saku: if even for a little… if even of a bit there is a part of me in one of the corners of your heart…\\ please… don’t go to in a place far from me again…!\\
saku: if we are always together…\\ I’m sure that one day… like in the past…\\
sasu: you\\
sasu: really are annoying\\
naru: there was no need to cast a genjutsu on sakura-chan!!\\
sasu: … knowing her she would follow us\\ and get in the way\\
kaka: sakura…\\ for all of this time wanted to…\\
kaka: help you…\\
sasu: does she really enjoy so much to pretend to be in love?\\
sasu: I don’t see any reason for her to like me or not\\
kaka: you need a reason only to hate someone!\\
kaka: furthermore sakura doesn’t want to make you her own!\\
kaka: she only wants to help you!\\
kaka: you nearly killer her, and yet\\ she still has feelings for you and sheds tears for you…\\
kaka: because she loves you and suffers for you!\\
sasu: … that’s probably…\\
sasu: to some mistakes I did… in the past…\\
naru: I… promised her\\
naru: I told sakura-chan\\
naru: that I would bring sasuke back no matter what\\
kaka: … naruto\\
naru: sensei!\\ you already know what my way of the ninja is, right?\\
naru: I’m going now!!\\
kaka: ok… I leave the rest to you\\
hago: … love is really something complicated…\\
hago: in the past I had two sons\\
hago: I loved them, and the both of them respected and loved me\\
hago: but I entrusted everything to the young sibling\\
hago: and that generated hate in the heart of the older one\\
hago: love was changed into hate\\
hago: what made sasuke like this is nothing more than the love he lost in the past…\\
hago: the same thing happened to madara\\
kaka: both madara and sasuke had the same destiny\\ is that what you are saying?\\
hago: no…\\
hago: I want to improve the future in my own way as well\\ by learning from my past mistakes\\
hago: this time I gave them the same power\\
hago: the past doesn’t exists to make people think that the future cannot be changed\\
hago: but the past exists for the sake of the future\\
kaka: why did you see such a possibility in naruto?\\
hago: … uzumaki naruto…\\ he is the man who was able to become the friend who saved kurama from the mass of hatred he became…\\
hago: therefore I want to try to entrust things to him…\\
hago: I wish to change hatred into love once again this time…\\
hago: no… I wish to take back love…\\
hago: not only thanks to naruto\\ but also thanks to sasuke who, differently from my mother, knows what love really is\\
naru: this is the place after all\\
naru: this brings back memories… sasuke\\
naru: in the past we went wild here, huh…\\
sasu: it is the same as before\\
sasu: you will lose once again…\\
naru: It will not end like that other time!\\
naru: and I will not allow you do whenever you want!\\
naru: I will not yield the tittle of hokage to you!!\\
naru: it is like you don’t know what being an hokage means!\\
sasu: I already told you… for me it means revolution\\
sasu: what I call “hokage”\\ is totally different from your conception of it\\
naru: … I will tell you one thing that you brother said…!\\
naru: people don’t acknowledge you because you are the hokage\\ but once they acknowledge you.. you become hokage!!\\
sasu: I understood everything not from itachi’s words but from his way of life\\ our answers are different\\ and I will state this clearly before we begin to fight\\
sasu: I will teach you what I really mean when I say the word…\\
sasu: hokage\\
inserted: sasuke’s real intentions…!!?\\

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