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One Piece 926

The Prisoner Mine

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 6, 2018 22:02 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 926

One Piece
Chapter 926: The Prisoner Mine
Cover Page Request: "Law and Chopper Studying Medicine With a Learned Crane and Turtle"
Pen-name Onanture

[Insert text: The word on the streets of the capital is...]
[Box: Wano Country // Flower Capital]
NewsTileBoy: They've appeared again~~~~!! // The ghosts have reappeared~!♪ // Woooooo~~! Read all about it~~~!! / The spirits of the northern graveyard are at large again~~~~!! // In District 2, Block 8, there's murder afoot!! // The killer is none other than the Manslayer Kamazou!! We all know it's him, but he never gets caught!!!

NewsTileBoy: And at the third cycle of the Hour of the Ox...that's right! The Third Ox Boy has appeared again!! / Stealing from the incredibly wealthy... / ...and scattering riches across the terraces of the poor!!! // Is he an ally of justice or a mere villain?! And what is his true identity?!
People: Aaaaahhh~~! Third Ox-sama~~~~!♡ // I'll take a copy!♡
Usopp: .........
NewsTileBoy: Pleasure doing business!! // Roll up and read all about it! // Our latest news tile is packed with big stories!
People: ! // ? // ......... // !! // (The "Inverted Crescent Moon"... // Who was that......?!)

People: (Have they really returned to us.........?! // The House of Kouzuki......!!!)

People: (Hey...isn't this the work of those long dead? // What's the use in doubting it? This could be the trigger to something great!!) // I know I'm going!! // If it had come ten years sooner, I'd have liked to do battle myself... / But what will you do for weapons? // None but samurai are permitted to so much as carry a sword in this land...... // And by forbidding the study of the blade, karate, judo and all other martial arts... / Orochi has already neutered... // ...the people's capacity for rebellion!! // (I don't care if I have to take 'em on with my bare hands!! I wanna fight!! This is our chance!! // I've waited so long for this!! Yeahhhhhh!! I'm getting the itch for battle!!!)
Usopp: Now, gather round, one and all!! / If you are in no hurry... // Tarry awhile and listen to my tale~~~~~~!!

Dude: Ah-ah-ah-ah! / No no no, we need no geisha. // I don't want a single soul... / ...coming anywhere near this room!
OtherDude: Of course. As you wish. // These are the orders for the latest batch of military supplies.
Dude: You're a dastardly one, all right~~~~!! Ah-ah-ah!
OtherDude: Hmm? I am?
Dude: These are quite the numbers!! / Are they planning to start some kind of war?
OtherDude: I know little of the situation beyond this land's borders. // We merely produce... / ...what the client requests.
Nami: (...............)
Dude: Oh, you're a dastardly one, all right! Ah-ah-ah-ah...
OtherDude: Hmm? I am?
Shinobu: (Look closely, Onami. My eyes aren't what they used to be. / No need to worry! Just keep calm and carefully observe.)
Nami: (Hmmm... His head's in the way...)

OtherDude: Hmm? // There's someone up above!!
Dude: Who goes there?!!!
Nami: (Ahhh!!)
[Box: Newbie Kunoichi / Onami]
Shinobu: Gyyyaaaahhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!
Nami: (You're being a bit loud there, Shinobu-chan!!)
Shinobu: Aaaaaaghhhhhhhh!!
Dude: Who goes there?!! Who goes there?!! Who?!!
Nami: (Please try to be quiet~~~!!)
Shinobu: Aaaaaaaghhhhh~~~~~~!!!

People: To arms, men~~~~~!! // There are intruders in the rafters!!
Nami: Meowww~!♡
People: Hmm? Is it just a cat?!
Shinobu: Aaaaaghhhhhh~~~!!!
Nami: Shinobu-cha~~~~n!!!
People: We have an intruder and a cat!!
Shinobu: Ninpou: Great Kite!!!
Nami: Yet your ninja techniques are amazing!!
People: Where did they go~~~~~?! // We can't find them anywhere!!
Shinobu: What did you manage to see, Onami?
Nami: Ehmmm... The name of a port...and a shipping date!
Shinobu: That's more than enough! If we know when the weapons will be gathered and where...we can take them for ourselves!♡ // Oh, and Onami, I don't think I mentioned, but... / I have a phobia of pointed objects!!
Nami: Not cut out for any kind of battle?!!
Shinobu: But a voluptuous woman like myself is a weapon in her own right!
Nami: .........

Shinobu: Oh, my.
Nami: What's this massive queue?!! Is there a bargain sale?!
Sanji: Roll up, roll up!! Get it while it's hot!! // Come along, young ladies, don't be shy!! // melt-in-the-mouth sweetness with that al-dente texture!! / It's my famous "Ohako Soba"!!
[Box: Soba Stall Proprietor / Sangorou]
Nami: Could that be...
People: It's "Sangorou"'s "Nihachi" soba! Add them all up, and you get "Ohako Soba"!!
[TN: Okay, I give up. "Sangorou" contains the number 5 in addition to Sanji's usual 3. "Nihachi soba" is a traditional variety of soba noodle whose name literally means "two eight" - nobody's quite sure if it originated as a reference to the price or to the ratio of buckwheat to wheat flour. Add 3+5+2+8 and you get "18", which can also be pronounced as "Ohako" to refer to someone's "specialty" because of *another* traditional reference with unclear origins (probably something to do with kabuki culture in the Edo period). Anyone who can come up with an English translation of this scene that covers all that, I salute you.]
People: The sheen of the noodles! // The crisp mouthfeel! // Delicious~~~~!♡
Nami: He's not collecting samurai at all!!
ShadowyFigure: That young whelp...does he have any idea whose territory this is...?!

[Box: Wano Country - "Udon" Prisoner Mine // ...and Weapon Factory]
Wardens: Strike that iron!! // Transport that stone!!! // Anyone who can't work, hurry up and die so you don't get in the way!!!
Hyoujii: *pant* // *pant* // Th...that's all......? // After a whole day's hard work......

Warden: One kibi-dango for each large stones you transport!! Them's the rules!! // Have you gotten so old... / ...you can't even earn enough to feed yourself, Hyou-jii...?!! // Guess your death ain't so far off then, eh?!!
Hyoujii: Aaghh!!
Warden: Answering back to wardens is punishable by severing, you know?!
People: (Hyou-jii!!)
Hyoujii: ..................
People: (Don't stand up to them! You need to avoid straining your body......!! // You'll really die at this rate!!)
Warden: Next!! // Well, well...four whole tickets, eh?!! // You've been working hard. That's four kibi-dango for... // Hmm?!
Luffy: Outta the way, outta the way, outta the way!!
Kid: Move it if you don't want to get crushed!!!

Luffy/Kid: Nguaaaaaahhhhhh~~~~~!!!
People: Whoa, whoa, whoa, this boat can't hold any more!! // Then get another boat over here already!! // You slowcoaches!! // ......!! S...Sorry...
Wardens: How many stones have they carried? // I lost count somewhere around 500... // Where's their Kairouseki?!! // Fully attached!! // This is what they're capable of when they're WEAKENED?!! // What the heck would they be like WITHOUT their chains.........?!!
Luffy: We did our work, now hand over the grub~~~~~~!!
Wardens: Ehhhhh~~~~~~~?!

Luffy: I managed one more than you!!!
Kid: Dumbass, I'm the one who overtook you!!!
People: Just how much did they have to carry to end up with all THAT?!!
[Text: Captain of the Kid Pirates / Eustass "Captain" Kid]
Luffy: Shut the heck up! You did not overtake me, you little...!!!
Kid: Can't even count properly, can you, you dumb monkey?!!!
People: Weren't the two of them supposed to be heavily injured.........? // Just by working, eating and sleeping, they made a full recovery in a matter of days... // What's the deal with their bodies?!! // How are we meant to break their spirits like this?!! Say something to 'em, will you?!! // M...Make sure to chew well!! // What are you, their mother?!!!
Dobon: Guooooohhhhh~~~~~~!!!
People: ?!

Dobon: Who the hell is responsible for this?! Which prisoner... // ...emptied the whole storehouse of food~~~~~~~~?!!!
Hyoujii: Uerghh...
[Box: Assistant Chief Warden (Headliner) / Dobon / A Hippo Smile]
People: It's Dobon-sama~~~~!! His hippo fusion is weird!! // Hyou-jii!! // Ahh...!! Hyou-jii's been crushed underfoot! // Come on, old man, you can make it out!!
Dobon: What do you think you're doing, eating all -
Hippo: *chomp*...
Dobon: ..................
People: The hippo randomly closes its mouth sometimes, so we can't hear a thing he's saying!! // But Dobon-sama, they did all the work required... // All this food was properly earned, so there's nothing we can...
Dobon: .........?! ..................!!!
People: He's saying something inside there!!

People: Here you go, sir, these are the culprits!!
Luffy: Bleurgh... Hang on a minute while I digest this...
People: They've eaten too much~~~~~~~~!! // This is the first time I've ever seen anyone looking full around here! So jealous~~~~~~~!!
Luffy: !
Dobon: So you're the scoundrels?!!! // Why, you...! Thanks to your gluttony, all I've got to satisfy my ginormous appetite... / ...is three measly dango!! Take a look at this mouth! You think that's gonna be enough?!
Luffy/Kid: ............
People: Huh...? The two of them are shrinking!
Warden: You two!! I should warn you that if you dare to speak back to a warden... // We sever both your arms for a first offence! // Second offence is both legs!!
People: ..................
Warden: And the third offence means death!! You better remember that!!
Someone: (.........)

Dobon: That's the deal!! / You have no right to defy me!!
Kid: Hold up. We're pretty weak right now, thanks to this damned Kairouseki. // All we did was do the work we were told to!!
Luffy: .........
Dobon: To consume the food that should have been mine is a crime!! And crimes require- // ..................
People: !! // Ahhhh!! They got eaten!!
Warden: Those poor, poor fools... Inside that mouth is Dobon-sama's "Slaughter Room"...
People: ...............!! // !!
Hippo: Hippoooo~~~!!! // ......!!

People: Huh?! // ?! // Ah... // Assistant Chief Warden Dobon~~~~~~?!! // You've gone and done it now, you two!! You'll be executed for sure!!!
Luffy: ?!
Kid: Got any proof?
People: Eh?! // .........!! // You guys are the best~~~~~~!!! // The shining stars of this prison~~~!!!
[Insert text: This Terrible Twosome don't hold back~~~~~!!]

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