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One Piece 930

Ebisu Town

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 27, 2019 01:02 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 930

One Piece
Chapter 930: Ebisu Town
Cover Page Request
"Urouge and Cracker Riding Dolphins in a Race"
Pen-name: O.O.

[Insert text: The sound of laughter rings out...]
[Box: Moving back a few hours in time... // This is the town where people live off the leftovers from the Flower Capital... / "Ebisu Town".]
People: Oh hey, back again, are you?! / Tonoyasu! // Yasu-san! We ain't got no food here to give you, y'know!! // Gyahahahaha!! I'm so hungry!! I'm gonna die!!
Zoro: ......? What's with this cheerful mood... // It's not quite like the Leftovers Town back in Kuri...
Tonoyasu: Yo-yo! You've got good eyes there, mister! Everyone looks like they're having fun, right?! // They say among all the creatures in the world, humans are the only ones that can laugh!! / Yo-yo!! // So it'd be a shame not to make the most of it, right?!♪ Right?!♪ Ahahahah!

People: Mum~~~! I'm hungry!! // Me too!! // I'm so undernourished, my teeth fell out!♪ // Bahahahah! What's the use of teeth anyway, with nothing to eat?!! // Tonoyasu, who's that ronin fella?! / He's got three whole swords on his belt!! Ahahahah!! // Whoa, you're right! Three swords~~~!! // And they're all long ones, too~~~~~!! // Hey, dude!! Is that some kinda joke?!! Wahahahah!
Tonoyasu: Now now, hands off the merch! I found this fine fella first, you know!♡
Zoro: .........
People: Ooh, you've got yourself in a fine pickle with this guy following you around, mister!
Tonoyasu: Hey hey hey! I'll have you know I'm the greatest jester in all the land!
People: You think so? Then why's this guy got such a scary look on his face, hmm?♪ / Show us a smile, Mister! Something great happened in this town today, you know!
[SFX: tweak!]
Zoro: ?
People: Oh, that's right! Tonoyassan, just last night... // He came here again!! The Ushimitsu kid!!
Tonoyasu: Seriously?!

Zoro: Uhhimihhu?
People: We don't know who he is or where he came from... // But he appears in the middle of the night, at "ushimitsu" - the third cycle of the Hour of the Ox! / He steals money from the nasty rich folk in the Capital... / ...and scatters it all around the poor folk's terraces, before disappearing once more!! // Who in the world could he be? / He's a saviour to us, that's for sure!! Hahahaha!! // You know what they say - smiles and laughter bring good fortune!! // That's why we all went out and bought ourselves a treat today! Ufufufu!! // Have yourselves a drink!! You too, Ronin-san!!
Zoro: ! // ?
People: Clear water!! // We bought it with that money!!

Zoro: No... I don't...
People: It won't make your stomach hurty!! // Since Yasu-san brought you here... / ...you've gotta be a good guy!! Gahahah! // Drink up!! Everyone has a right to share!! // Clear water~!♪ // Clear water~!♪ // Tasty, ain't it~?! Doesn't it just give you the shivers?! / Aw, c'mon, stop making that serious face!!
[BubbleSFX: tweak!]
Zoro: ......!!
People: If you don't smile, all the good luck will run away!!
Tonoyasu: You know what they call the sight of folk smiling in this land, mister? // They call it an "Ebisu face"!! // That's why this is Ebisu Town!!! // Nobody here's about to surrender to poverty!! // If crying won't change a thing, you're better off smiling!♪

[Box: Back to the present - Onigashima]
People: Enemy approaching from the south-eastern ocean!!
Kaidou: Fire at will!! Don't you dare let her into the country!! / That old hag!! .........!!
People: They're charging full speed ahead, with koi carp towing their vessel!!
Kaidou: How do they know how to climb the waterfall?!
People: Big Mam is famed for having the most powerful intelligence network of all-
Kaidou: Shut up!!! I don't give a shit!! / We knew these people were coming!! Hurry up and sink 'em!!!
BigMam: Mah-mah-mah-mah!! Hahahahahahahah~~~~~!!!

People: It's no use! They're deflecting our cannon fire!!!
BigMam: Haaaaahahahahahah!! // I'm here, Kaidou!! // I'm coming for you, Straw Hat~~~~~~!!! // Zeus!! You're coming back with me, too!!!
[Text: Big Mam Pirates]

BigMam: Climb the waterfall~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Whoaaahhh!!! // To think that fish could climb a waterfall!! // It beggars belief.........!! La-lick!♪
Kaidou: Don't let them inside!!! // What are you playing at, idiots?!!
People: We weren't expecting her... / ...to climb the waterfall...!!!
Kaidou: Are Linlin's brats with her?!
People: It looks like quite a number of them are on board!!
Kaidou: If they make it aground, it'll be all-out war!!!
People: But sir!! We don't have any defences prepared at the top of the waterfall!!!
BigMam: We've made it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // The Wano Country~~~!!! // Mahhhhh-mah-mah-mah-mah!!! // Hahahahah~~~~~~!!!

People: ?!
BigMam: Hmm?
People: !!! // Huh?!!
BigMam: That's...!!
Montd'Or: A Pteranodon!!
Perospero: Could it be?!!
People: King?!!

People: Uwaaaahhhhh!!!
King: .................. // Hmph!! So much trouble over a single measly vessel...!!
[Text: King / Ryuu-Ryuu no Mi, Ancient Type: Model Pteranodon]
People: King-sama kicked 'em back down~~~~~!!

[Box: Meanwhile - the Flower Capital]
Franky: Hey, why the hell do we gotta run as well?!! / *pant* *pant*
Usopp?: You crushed one of 'em too, didn't you?!! / *pant* // *pant*
Franky: It's the soba-seller they're after, ain't it?!
Law: Regardless of the trigger, once your cover's been blown... / ...there'll be a massive search for your entire crew!!
Sanji: That's not good!! Nami-san and Robin-chan are in danger!!
Law: Hey, idiots!! If you do get yourselves captured... / ...you'd better not breathe a word about the samurai or the Mink before they kill you! Take your secrets to the grave!
Usopp: That's scary!! Luffy wouldn't say anything, anyway!!
Law: Cynicism is my policy.

Franky: How about if we fight while hiding our faces?!
Law: Only if you think you're 100% sure of victory. / Even a single wound here will harm our military assets for the final battle. Save your strength!!
Usopp: Who d'you think you are, acting like you're our Captain?!! // If I get captured, I'll tell 'em everything to save my hide!!
Sanji: Are you fucking kidding me?!! Then I'll protect you with all my might!!
Usopp: Yayyy!!
Law: What is this, a buddy-buddy scene?!!!
Voice: Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!
Sanji: That's a lady's voice!!!
People: Huh?! // A house?!!
Sanji: What's all this ruckus?!

People: Stop this! Please!! // We've got nothing to do with all this!!
PageOne: You're soba sellers!!
People: Well, yes, we sell soba, but......!! // Our store...! We'll be expelled from the Capital...!
PageOne: Tell me where to find more soba sellers!! Or else... // Cry out for "Sangorou" at the top of your voices!! / Call for the fool who dared stand against the Kyoushirou Family!!
People: SANGOROU~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // SHOW YOURSELF, DAMMITALL~~~~~~~!!

PageOne: Hihihih!! If he's a coward, I doubt he'll ever come out, but no matter.........!! // Mmm, I'd like to eat some fruits next...
People: Sangorou, show yourself~~~~~~~~~!!
Sanji: ...............!!
People: Get out here, Sangorou!! Take responsibility for your actions!!
Franky: Hey - hold it, Sanji!!
People: Stop this! It's nothing to do with us either!!!
PageOne: Then call for him, all of you!! Call for Sangorou the Soba Seller!
Sanji: I'M RIGHT HERE!!!
PageOne: ?!!

People: ?! // It's him!! / Sangorou of the Ohako Soba!! // He really showed himself!!
PageOne: Mmmmm... // Hihihih!! Finally... You know how to keep a guy waiting. // *ka-chunk!!* / Hey, this is Page One!! / I've found the target in Block 6, District 2!!
DenDenMushi: Understood. Heading there immediately.
Sanji: ...A dinosaur Fruit user, huh.........?!!
People: Damn you...it's no use coming out now!! // We're already ruined thanks to you!!
Law: What are you doing, Sangorou?! Leave him!! // If Drake and Hawkins show up, we're done for!!
Sanji: As luck would have it, this guy doesn't know me.

Sanji: There'll be no covers blown, and I won't get hurt either!!
PageOne: ..................
Sanji: This dumbass won't take me two seconds!! / Increasing our own forces is great and all... // But why not cut down the enemy's forces a little while we're at it? // You guys go on ahead!! // It's fine as nobody figures it out, right? // My real identity.
[Insert text: The power of science that he so hated...!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be on a break. It will be back in Issue 10.]

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