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One Piece 929

Wano Country Shogun, Kurozumi Orochi

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 12, 2019 10:03 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 929: Wano Country Shogun, Kurozumi Orochi
[Insert text: What a ruckus!!]
[Box: Wano Country - The Flower Capital]
Minatomo: So the Oiran was a stunner?! // And that's your excuse for skiving off, is it, Fra-kou?!!!
Franky: Aye, Boss!! // I'm real sorry 'bout it!! // I never saw a beauty like 'er~~~~!♡
Minatomo: Now, I get that, but still!! And sure, you do about ten times the work of other men... / ...so I can't get too mad if you skive off once in a while...but still!!
[Box: Legendary Carpenter Boss / Minatomo / The Man who Built Kaidou's Mansion]
Minatomo: I do have a reputation to uphold here, ya big damn eejit!!
Franky: Right you are, sir!! Dreadful sorry!!
Minatomo: ...By's the by, about that plan you keep going on about... / The plan of the Onigashima mansion you're always wantin' to see so bad...
Franky: Ohhh?! Then I can finally...?!
Minatomo: Thing is, I just remembered......... // I pawned the old thing, y'know!! About ten years back!!

Minatomo: Tee-hee!♡
Franky: Don't you "tee-hee" me, you old moron!! / You damn old fool~~~~~!!! // I worked here for you for weeks on end... / ...all because you told me you had that plan, you damn old...!!!
People: !!! // Fra-kou!! What's the big idea, manhandling the Boss?! // Who the hell do you think you are, you loghead?!!!
Franky: Shut up, you lot!! Franosuke Launcher~~~~~!!!
People: Guaaahhh~~~~!! // Those carpenters are fighting again... // They're really going at it today!
Minatomo: Get outta here!! You're fired, ya nincompoop!!!
Franky: Damn spiffy I will!!! I got no more business with you!!!

People: Oh, my... // Hmm? You're fish-sellers, are you? / What kind of fish is this exactly?
Kanjuurou: It is a sea bream!
People: Do sea breams look like this...?
Kanjuurou: Hm? Where are you headed in such a hurry? // Franosuke-dono!!
Woman: How shall I cook this, I wonder...?
Franky: Kanjuurou!! What kind of street seller are you meant to be?!! / You'll draw attention like that! Look, there are kids gathering around!!
Kids: What the heck are those~?!
[Box: Retainer to the House of Kouzuki / "Evening Shower" Kanjuurou]
Franky: I've got a serious situation here!! My lead was a dud!!
Kanjuurou: ?

[Box: Pawn Shop]
Proprietor: A pawned item from ten years back? / A "mansion plan"? // Hmm, we don't deal in that kind of item too often... / Maybe you're talking about that old thing...
Franky: ! // What?! You have it?!
Proprietor: Well, not any more, of course - it's long since been sold. / Now who was it who went and bought a thing like that...? // Ah yes, it was Kumagorou from the terrace! Said he was going to use it for his studies, I remember clear as day!
Franky: Who?!
Kumagorou: A mansion plan? // Ah yeah, I did have one of those a long time ago... / But the landlord took it when I fell behind on my rent! / It'll be with old Koubei now!
Franky: Who?!
Koubei: That mansion plan, eh? It was a real fine piece, so I gave it to my favourite geisha. / Kisegawa-chan! You know her?
Franky: Of course I don't!!

Kisegawa: I didn't know what it was, so I used it as a mat for my cooking pot! / But then Tokijirou-san said...
Franky: Tokijirou, right?!! // *pant* // *pant*
Tokijirou: Yes, I had it! / ...But Camel-san took it off somewhere, said he could get a good price for it!
Franky: Camel~~~~!! // *pant*... *pant*...!! / Huh? // Camel? Like, an animal?!
Camel: Yeah, they call me Camel!! But don't talk to me about those mansion plans! / Some no-good fella stole 'em from me!! Had his face covered and everything! // He said something about being from Kuri!
Franky: Kuri?!
[Box: Kuri - a certain abandoned village]
Franky: Hey, Kin'emon......!! / I think I'm out of options here!
Kin'emon: Say what?! The plans to Kaidou's mansion... / ...are here in Kuri?! Are you sure...?!
Franky: That's what it sounds like! What'm I meant to do now?!
Kin'emon: ..................

Kin'emon: I'm sorry to put you through all that trouble, Franosuke-dono. / You stay in the capital and help the others with their missions!
Franky: All right! I'll leave the plans to you!! / *ka-chunk*
Kin'emon: Someone who had a need...... / ...for the plans to Kaidou's mansion......!! // Could it be......?
Wanda: Master Duke, Kin-san! / We managed to steal a good haul! // We've got food supplies... / ...and weapons from the factory!! / We'll keep it up for now, but Kaidou's minions are starting to notice something's up...
Dogupine: Ahahah... Well, it's about time they did! // Did you leave the note?
Wanda: Yes, of course.
[Note: The Atamayama Bandits were here! -Shutenmaru]
Wanda: Do you really think that will work, though...?
Dogupine?: The real Shutenmaru won't be pleased, that's for sure...

[Box: Wano Country - Kibi Ruins]
Tonoyasu: Well, isn't this great! I'm never going hungry... // ...while I'm with you, mister, and that's a fact!
Zoro: Will you be quiet for a minute.
Tonoyasu: Ahahahahaha! // Yoyo~!♪ // "Be quiet", you say! So kind!
[Box: Jester / Tonoyasu / Known as: Yasu]
Tonoyasu: It's so sweet of you to worry about my throat like that~~~~! Oh, how sweet!
Zoro: .........
Tonoyasu: Yo-yo-yo! What a fine man you are!♡ The ladies won't leave you alone, let me tell you that, young mister!♡
Zoro: I appreciate you paying for the sushi...
Tonoyasu: You, thanking me? Oh, I'll hear none of it! No, no, no, not a word! / I did it because my instincts told me! // In a flash, I knew! If I stay with you, I'll do all right for myself!!

Tonoyasu: So I forked out what little money I had, and now I'm totally broke! / From here on out, it's down to our own luck! Oh yes, oh yes!! // And when we get to our next lodgings... / ...you can have a big gamble, and win like crazy!! // Ohhh, those gamblers chasing after you looked so angry! Waving their swords about and everything! // Yet you just sliced 'em up and sent 'em flying... / ...over and over again! Ahahahaha! // I didn't say anything back then, but nobody usually stands up to that lot, you know! / They're yakuza from the capital! Underlings of the terrifying Kyoushirou Family! // Whewwwww, it sent shivers down my spine, and that ain't the half of it! / If I were a woman myself, I'd've been weak at the knees, you know!♡ / Yo-yo!♪
Zoro: ...Hm? Hey, Trash, I think I recognise that place over there...
Tonoyasu: "Trash"?! Ahaha! You're not wrong, you're not wrong! / But it's actually "Yasu", you know~~~!♪ // That place coming into sight is the Flower Capital!! And just outside it... // ...is "Ebisu Town", better known as Leftovers Town! That's where I'm from! / Why's it called Ebisu? You'll see when you get there!!

[Box: Flower Capital - Orochi Castle]
Orochi: Gufufufufu... // You don't want this country's borders... / ...opened any more than I...do you?! // After all, you're trying to buy weapons from pirates... / ...to fight against pirates! / Gufufufufu... // Now, isn't that a funny business... Isn't it just?! // With that broker "Joker"... / ...also known as "Doflamingo" out of the picture.........!! // You've got nobody left to hide behind... / ...so you're left with no choice but to negotiate with us directly...! // You're nervous, I can tell... I'm the one who should be taking charge here...!!
People: .........
Orochi: ...Although, that said......!! You certainly are asking a lot...

Orochi: You see, here in the Wano Country... We're doing pretty all right for ourselves. / Everyone living here looks pretty happy, don't they? // Gufufufufu... / If there is something we still want, it'd have to be "even more power".........!! // This time we were willing to make do with just a battleship... // But next time, we want Dr. Vegapunk!!!
People: That's impossible!! // !!
Orochi: I didn't ask you whether it's possible or not. // The Tenryuubito? The Marines? I'm sure you're aware at this point... / ...that we're not afraid of any of those things. // You couldn't take down this country even if you all came at us together.
People: ...............!!
Orochi: I have Kaidou on my side!!!

People: Orochi-sama!!
Orochi: Gufufu! / Thank you, thank you!
People: Everything is prepared and ready!
Orochi: Very good, very good!!
People: For tonight's menu... // We have whole chickens raised in the beautiful Orochi Farm. // They have been marinated with a light oil dressing -
Orochi: I do not feel like chicken today.
People: As you wish, sir!! We will dispose of them all. // Perhaps you would care for these delicious vegetables -
Orochi: I think not!!
People: The finest pike mackerel, fatty and rich -
Orochi: Now pike mackerel, I like!♡
People: For your sashimi, we have this tuna -
Orochi: It has to be tuna!!
People: Served with this exquisite sake, which comes with the recommendation of our foremost artisan!!
Orochi: How about women?!
People: We have assembled all of the most popular geisha!!
Orochi: Show your faces!! // Ah, such an elegant sight! // Now, sing for me!! Dance!! // This is very good indeed!!! // Komurasaki!! So, you are here!♡ How I have longed to see you!!
Komurasaki: I feel the same way, my lord...!♡
Orochi: Whoooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~!♡ // Ahhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Orochi: Now, my beauties! Next week is the Fire Festival!! / Shall we have ourselves some early festivities?!!
[Box: Wano Country Shogun / Kurozumi Orochi]
Orochi: Now, enjoy yourselves to the full!! For this is the Wano Country!!! // You haven't died and gone to heaven, though it's an easy mistake to make!!! / Eat and drink to your hearts' content!!!

People: What's all this? What's going on?!
Law: ...Hey, Mister Black Leg. Hide yourself somewhere.
Sanji: Tra-dude! But why? / If anyone comes for revenge, I can send them packing.
Law: That's not what I mean!! These ones know our faces.
Sanji: ?!
People: The Tobi-Roppou are here!! To kill that soba seller!!
[TN: "Tobi-Roppou" is a famous kabuki technique, literally meaning "leaping six ways". Here it's written slightly differently, as "leaping six cells".]
Sanji: ......?
People: They're the six strongest members among the Headliners...!! // And not one, but two of them are here! Drake and Page One!!
Sanji: .........Drake......?!
Drake: Why do we of all people need to go to all this trouble...? // And why are you here too, Hawkins?
PageOne: It's to make an example. That's important...
Hawkins: I came here in pursuit of a certain man.........!! // You'll find more spoils here than your mission suggests, Drake.
[Text: Hundred Beast Pirates - Tobi-Roppou / Page One / Ryuu-Ryuu no Mi, Ancient Type: Model Spinosaurus]
[Text: Hundred Beast Pirates - Tobi-Roppou / X Drake / Ryuu-Ryuu no Mi, Ancient Type: Model Allosaurus]
[Insert text: The dinosaur army appears...!!]

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