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One Piece 928

Presenting: Oiran Komurasaki

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 30, 2018 11:46 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 928: Presenting: Oiran Komurasaki
Cover Page Request
"Franky Being Popular With the Kids at a Hero Show"
Pen-name Fire Yamamoto

[Insert text: Rumours of chaos...]
People: Don't let up! Keep working!!! // (Still, it was pretty satisfying, huh? All that business yesterday!) // Everyone's talking about those two, in every last prison building!! // (Ssh, they'll hear you!)
[Box: The Quarry]
People: (Hey, Straw Hat! You're pretty amazing! What family you from?)
Luffy?: Oh, shut up.
Hyoujii: (Straw Hat fellow!!)
Luffy: Hm?
Hyoujii: (For what you did yesterday... / ...saving the life of one so worthless as myself... // I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!)
[Box: Veteran Prisoner / Hyou-jii]
People: Yeah, good for you, Hyou-jii!! Not that you'll be around much longer either way!!
[SFX: Gyahahahah!]

Luffy: It wasn't a big deal. Don't worry about it. // Oh, hey... // You can have these. // It's 'cause you don't eat that you get so weak.
People: Food tickets!! Th...they'll know exactly where they came from!!
Hyoujii: (I...I will use them most gratefully......!! // Thank you so much! // Thank you so much!)
Luffy: Shishishi!! / What a weird guy!!
Raizou: Luffy-dono...!!
Luffy: Raizou! How did things look?
Raizou: (I apologise for the wait. / I did find the keys to your handcuffs... / But they are protected most carefully. // Not only are there guards, but they are stored in a box of Kairouseki. / Nonetheless, I will obtain them without fail, so hold on a little longer.)

Caribou: Hey, mister~~~! Kehihihi!! Won't you share some with me? / Won't you bless me with your kibi-dango~~~?!!
Luffy: Caribou!! // I'm not giving you any!! Work for it!!
Caribou: Apparently these Kairouseki shackles are weakened somewhat... / ...to allow me to work, but they still leave me near-powerless... // If you give me a kibi-dango, I'll become your follower! / I've been here a loooooot longer than you, so I know a thing or two~~~!
[Text: Captain of the Caribou Pirates / Wet-Hair Caribou / Bounty: 210 million Beli]
[Box: Caribou Trivia]
[Text: A hundred-million-bounty rookie who recently entered the New World. He tried to take out Luffy at one point, but failed.]
Caribou: You're gonna have yourself a little "jailbreak", riiiiight?! / Go on, take me with you!! I'll do anything in return! // If you and I work together, nothing can stop us~~~!
Luffy: Why don't you team up with spiky-dude instead?

Caribou: Oh no no, he hasn't made much of a name for himself! // He tried to take on Big Mam, but had his arm torn off by one of her subordinates... / ...and had to make his escape, or so the rumours say~~~~!
Luffy: ......Rumours? / You really are hopeless all round, huh.
Caribou: Aaaaghhhh~~~~!! // ?!!
Kid: I never tried to take out Big Mam. // I just wounded one of her "Sweet Star" officers in order to steal what I came for!!
Caribou: K-K-K-Kid!!
Kid: I lost my left hand before that, in a skirmish with the Red Hair Pirates. / Anything else you want to know?
Caribou: N-no!!
Kid: And next up...!! / I'm gonna be the one to take out Kaidou and make myself world-famous!!!
Luffy: No, that's gonna be me!!!

[Box: Flower Capital]
People: The Lady Komurasaki~~~~~ // is coming through~~~~~~! // Here she comes! It's Komurasaki-sama!! // It's the Oiran Parade......!!
Franky: This sure is quite the crowd gathering...
Usopp: What kind of beauty are we dealing with here...?!
Ruffians: Komurasaki... // Komurasaki......!!
People: ! / Hm?

Ruffians: We're gonna murder that woman...!! // We'll be expelled from the capital... / It's all over for us...!! // If we're going to die either way, we'll take her down with us......!!
Franky: Those guys look dangerous...
People: Komurasaki-sama~~~~~~!♡ // Oiran~~~~~!♡ // ?!
Ruffians: Komurasaki~~~~~!!!
People: !!!

Dude: Hrmph!! // Stay away from the Oiran!!
Ruffians: ...............!! // Komurasaki.........
Flashback!Komurasaki: I wish I could stay... / ...by your side forever...
Flashback!Bingou: Wha...... With an old man like me......?!
Flashback!Komurasaki: If the alternative is to submit to Orochi-sama's will... / I would rather be freed from that fate by one such as yourself... // But the price for my freedom is higher than any man can pay... / ...so that dream will never come true.........!! // Why, if Orochi-sama were to so much as hear this conversation...
Flashback!Bingou: ......Do not give up so easily!! If that is your wish... // Then I, Bingou, will pay whatever it takes!!
Flashback!Komurasaki: Do you speak truly? Even if those words are empty, they bring me such joy.........!♡

Flashback!Komurasaki: ...All this money...!! I have never seen such a sum!
Flashback!Bingou: Komurasaki... This is the advance payment to purchase you outright from the pleasure district. / It's still not quite enough, but I want you to hold onto it.
Flashback!Komurasaki: Then allow me to record it in the accounts......!!
Flashback!Bingou: No need for that!! // What kind of fool would doubt the woman he loves......?!! // Your word is enough for me......!! // Now, take it!! This money belongs to you!!
Flashback!Komurasaki: Oh my! Such a fortune!!
Flashback!Bingou: I've sold my storehouse, Komurasaki!!
Flashback!Komurasaki: My, how wonderful!♡
Flashback!Bingou: I've sold my family!! Hahahaha! *cough* *cough*...
Flashback!Komurasaki: Oh dear! Are you all right?
Flashback!Bingou: Hahah... How could I waste money on medicine...? // No expense is too much... As long as I achieve my goal, that day I will be... // ...the happiest man in the world!!
Flashback!Komurasaki: I too...dream every night of the day... / ...when we can live together at last.
Flashback!Bingou: Ahhh...Komurasaki!♡

Flashback!Bingou: *pant*... *pant*... / *cough* *cough* / I've finally done it.........!! // Though it's left me homeless......!! / Penniless though I will be, we can finally be free together! // I have the final 500 gold pieces...!! // With this, I can purchase... / ...your freedom, Komurasaki!! // Huh?
Flashback!Person: My apologies, sir. / The Oiran is not feeling well today... / I am under instructions to take receipt of your delivery, and that will be all for today...
Flashback!Bingou: Well, that's awful news!! Make sure to give her this, you hear?!! / And tell her to rest and heal her body! I will be back when the time is right! // Komurasaki!! I am here for you now!! // Let me free you from your shackles!! // We will live happily together~~~~~!!!
Flashback!People: Pfft...

Flashback!People: Bwahahahahahahah!!! // Ahahahahahah! The old fool actually went and did it!! // You really are something else, you old lecher!!
Flashback!Bingou: Eh? // Hmm? // Ehm... Would you stop laughing and bring her to me now? / *cough* // I must see Komurasaki! She is to be my...
Flashback!People: In your dreams, you old fool!! // You think you can pay for her?!!
Flashback!Bingou: But of course......!! / Komurasaki has the money!! I left it all with her!
Flashback!Komurasaki: Ah, if it isn't Bingou-san!♡
Flashback!Bingou: Ahhh! Komurasaki!! Can you set these people straight?! // They don't seem to understand our relationship......!!
Flashback!Komurasaki: ...You told me that money... // ...belonged to me, did you not?
Flashback!Bingou: ?!

Flashback!Bingou: Eh...?
Flashback!Komurasaki: I spent it all already. // Thank you kindly!♡
Flashback!People: Pffhahahahahahahahahah~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Bingou: .........
Flashback!People: This old moron actually believed Komurasaki-san had fallen in love with him!!
Flashback!Kyoushirou: Hmmmm~~~~~
Flashback!Bingou: Wha...
Flashback!Kyoushirou: Who is that decrepit old geezer...?
Flashback!Komurasaki: Ufufu......!♡
Flashback!Kyoushirou: Komurasaki...
Flashback!Bingou: !!! // Ky...Kyoushirou-oyabun...

Flashback!Kyoushirou: So it's you, eh...? You're the old man who's been stalking Komurasaki.........
Flashback!Bingou: ?!! // S...stalking...? I wasn't... // Komurasaki, this is some joke, isn't it?! // I was serious......!! // I threw away everything I had!! I don't have a single thing left!!! // I lost everything!! For you, Komurasaki!!!
Flashback!People: Gyahahahahahah!!
Flashback!Bingou: Uwaaaahhhhhhh~~~~!!
Flashback!People: Get outta here, you old lecher!!
Flashback!Bingou: Aaahhh! // !! // S-stop!! *cough*!! I'b leavigg...!! // I'b leabigggg~~~~!!
Bingou: ......!! // Komurasaki... *cough*

People: Aaaaahhhhhh~~~~~~~~!! // The Lady Komurasaki~~~~~~!! // Is coming through~~~~~~~!!!
[Box: The Wano Country's Top Geisha // Oiran Komurasaki]
People: Oiran, look this way~~~~~~~~~!♡
Sanji: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh~~~~~!♡ She's a stunner~~~!!!
Franky: Whoaaa...!!
Usopp: Talk about fancy~~~!!
People: Oh, how beautiful!♡ // She's so blinding!! My eyes!!
Ruffians: ...............Komurasaki... // Komurasakiiiii~~~~~!!! // I sold my house, my family, everything I owned!! // Give back the money I left with you, you thieving woman!!!
Komurasaki: You would demand that I return a gift...? / Have you no shame whatsoever...?
Ruffians: ?!!
Komurasaki: To me, men are but dogs who bring money......!! // Without money, they are worth nothing.

Komurasaki: I have no love... // ...for the destitute!♡
Ruffians: !!!
Dude: You're not getting away this time, you lot.
Ruffians: Ahh!
Dude: There is no place in the Flower Capital for those who bring no profit!! // In the name of Shogun Orochi, I exile you!!!
Ruffians: Stop!! Please!! // Life outside the Capital is no life at all!! // Curse it all!! Komurasaki, you'd better rot in hell!!!
People: Open the gates~~~!! // The Lady Murasaki has arrived~~~~~!!

[Box: Kuri - Amigasa Village]
Otama: You have a little sister, Momo-kun?!
Momonosuke: Excuse me, Tama?! Show some respect! / Who exactly do you think I am?!
Otama: Momo-kun.
Momonosuke: ...Oh, never mind...!! / Yes, I have a sister...!! If she is alive, she should be 26 years of age! // Though witnesses can attest to my mother's death... / I have heard none claim to know that Hiyori perished also! // That is why I believe that she lives on still... / Somewhere, without doubt!!
Otama: Huh. Well, I hope you get to see her again!
Momonosuke: No, we must not meet.
Otama: ?
Momonosuke: If Hiyori's identity were to be discovered... / Orochi would most certainly target her!! // So we cannot meet until the war is won!!!
[Insert text: Training with firm resolve...!!]

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