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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 920

Everyone Loves Oden

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 12, 2018 23:47 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 920: Everyone Loves Oden
Cover Page Request: "Zoro and Sanji Fighting Even In Their Dreams"
Pen-name Goemon, from Nara-shi

[Insert text: Kin'emon relates a tale...]
[Box: Wano Country, Kuri - Oden Castle Ruins]
Kin'emon: There once stood a castle here... // ...by the name of "Oden Castle". / But this was in fact but a nickname. Its true name was Kuri Castle. // The people of Kuri loved Oden-sama from the bottom of their hearts... / And that is why they called it as such.
Luffy: That's Momo's dad, right?!
Momonosuke: Indeed!!
Kin'emon: Our lord Oden-sama was a most outrageous fellow... / Despite being the son of the Wano Country's then shogun, Kouzuki Sukiyaki... // He lived a free and unrestrained life, causing many violent incidents, until he was even exiled from the Flower Capital.
People: Wha...
Kin'emon: ...However, in the Wano Country of the time, there was a place known as the "lawless zone".

Kin'emon: This was where criminals and ronin who had been exiled from their homes gathered to form their own factions... / ...living a life of thievery and violence, where blood was shed on a daily basis. // A place so terrible that even the shogun's family could do nothing about it. / And that place was this land of Kuri.
Nami: ?!
Luffy: .........
Kin'emon: The young Oden-sama... / ...was so fearless that he dared set foot in that terrible land of Kuri... // ...and pick a fight with the most dangerous man among all the villains there. / Not only did he face that feared "Ashura Lad" in battle and defeat him... // ...but he then went on to unite all the outlaws under his own banner...!! // He taught them to do honest work, built up a city and a castle... / ...created the Tougen Farm for the sake of its people, and built a new home there. // A healthy and prosperous land of happiness and freedom - so much so that the shogun Sukiyaki... / ...saw fit to grant him the title of Kuri Daimyo. This all occurred while Oden-sama was a mere twenty years of age.

Kin'emon: He built canals and wharfs... / Brought towns together and connected people. // And always he would say to himself... // "This is most vexing!"
Zoro: ...Honestly, those idiots... // Where have they gone off to now...? // I don't know how that koma-inu managed to get itself lost while I was riding on top of it! // A wharf! / Maybe I'll catch another boat!

[Box: Wano Country, Kuri - A certain shore]
Dogupine: The Wano Country... // ...was a little too small for Oden-sama. // This takes me back... Yes, it was in this very place......!! // When we drifted ashore here... // ...all the people feared us, calling us a "talking dog" and a "talking cat". / But Oden-sama was different...!!
[Box: Mokomo Dukedom - King of the Day / Duke Dogupine]
Flashback!Oden: You fools should be ashamed of yourselves~~~!!! // Fear of the unknown comes only from one's own ignorance!!!
Dogupine: We owe that man so much...!! / He was a true hero...!! And he was our true master...!!!

Kin'emon: He charmed Whitebeard... // Won the affection of Roger... // He was a true samurai of Wano...!!
People: ..................
Sanji: .........!!!
Nami: What's up with that...?!! That's awful!
Luffy: ......So? // What happened to Oden?!
Kin'emon: Oden-sama, who everyone loved dearly...... / ...died as a criminal, right there in the Flower Capital.
People: !!!!
Luffy: What did you say~~~~~~~~~?!!! / You've gotta be kidding me!!! That's just low, Orochi~~~~~!!!
Kin'emon: That terrible moment, the death of Oden-sama... // ...is now an old story that has been passed down for twenty long years......!! // But for us... / It happened only months ago! // The final moments of the great warrior, Kouzuki Oden!! // If I close my eyes, I can still see it... / ...clear as day......!!!
Brook: What a remarkable man...

Sanji: I'm impressed you guys made it out of a situation like that alive.
Kin'emon: ...As you should be. We were left without any allies... // The only path left to us was to flee in desperation. / We left the execution ground behind, and strove with all our might to reach this place - Oden Castle. // On the path there, Cat-Viper and Dogupine began to quarrel... / They were captured by Orochi's men, and we left them for dead...!!
People: ?!
Kin'emon: At this point, we could not afford to care who lived and who died, as long as someone made it to Oden Castle alive! / For Orochi's next target in his plan to overthrow the Kouzuki line would surely be Momonosuke-sama, who was inside the castle!! // ...However... / Kaidou was already one step ahead of us... // ...and we found the castle in flames.

Kin'emon: Inside the castle were not only Momonosuke-sama... / ...but also his younger sister, Hiyori-sama...
Flashback!Kin'emon: Momonosuke-sama!! / Hiyori-sama!! // Toki-sama~~~!!
Kin'emon: ...and their mother, Kouzuki Toki-sama. // Though we found it most difficult to believe... / ...there was a rumour that Toki-sama was someone born in the distant past.
Flashback!Toki: It is not possible for anyone to return to the past... // But the future is within our reach......!! / I used this mysterious "Toki Toki" power to travel from one future to the next... // ...until I finally found the end of my journey here.
Flashback!Kin'emon?: ......!! You mean Oden-sama, of course!
Flashback!Toki: ...That is why I will remain here.
Kin'emon: How could I possibly object...?!!

Flashback!Kin'emon: We swore that if we could truly travel to the future... / We would surely finish what Oden-sama had started! // We would defeat Orochi!! Defeat Kaidou!! / And open the borders of this country once and for all!!!
Flashback!Toki: Take good care... // ...of Momonosuke.
Flashback!People: Wha... What is this...?! // Am I dreaming?! Where are we?! // Where is the castle?? The flames?? Toki-sama?! // Hiyori-sama~~~~?!

Flashback!Momonosuke: Where is Mother?! // Tell me, Kin'emon!!!
Flashback!Kin'emon: These graves look old...!! // So it was all true... // Toki-sama's power was real... // This is the Wano Country... // ...of twenty years on!!!
Kin'emon: It was truly like a foreign world... // We wandered the land, hoping to learn about the state of this new Wano Country.

Kin'emon: Factories lined the horizon... Countless pillars of black smoke reached towards the sky... / The water was undrinkable... The food under tight control... // The Daimyo and towns we had known were destroyed, and the land barren!! / The name of Kouzuki was mocked and scorned... // ...This was no longer the Wano Country we had known. // We thought none remained who would fight alongside us... // But we were wrong.
Flashback!Jibuemon: Are you truly Kouzuki Momonosuke-sama? / I am called Jibuemon, former vassal of Kibi!! // For twenty years I have awaited your return......!! // Trusting in the words of your mother Toki-sama... All for this day!!!

Flashback!Momonosuke: Mother said this......?!
Flashback!Jibuemon: Toki-sama's final words... / ...foretold the revenge of the Kouzuki family in twenty years' time...!! // We could scarcely believe it possible, but as if to confirm her words... / ...none of the bodies of the Nine Redsheaths - your own noble selves - were ever found...!! // If there were any possibility whatsoever... / ...that you would appear before us once more twenty years on... // ...and lead us to defeat Orochi...!! // ...To show that we still carried the will to fight by your side... // No matter where we ended up, or what our lives became... / We carved the mark of the moon into our ankles and faithfully waited...!!!
Flashback!Kin'emon: Incredible... To think we still have allies here, even twenty years on!! // But you must assemble yourselves carefully, in secret.
Flashback!Jibuemon: We will do what we can!!

Kin'emon: Entrusting the task of investigating the enemy to Kiku... / The four of us, as you know, set out on a journey to gather allies for our cause!
Kiku: .........
Kin'emon: In this country, it is a crime even to exit the borders. Alas, our departure was spotted... / ...and we were pursued as we made our escape. // Worse still, we had no expertise in the art of seafaring, so though we strived to reach Zou... / ...we were quickly met with disaster at sea. Our boat was wrecked... // ...and we were separated from Raizou!!
Flashback!Raizou: Let us meet at Zou!!
Kin'emon: Though we were lucky enough to drift to land with our lives intact, we found ourselves next on Dresrosa... / ...where we were pursued by Doflamingo, an ally of Kaidou!! Due to an unfortunate error, Momonosuke-sama boarded a mysterious ship... // ...and as we pursued him, I was separated from Kanjuurou!!
Flashback!Kanjuurou: Do not worry about me!!!

Kin'emon: Next I found myself on Punk Hazard, home of Caesar, yet another of Kaidou's men!! / I was split into pieces by Law-dono - now, of course, he is our ally, but at the time I thought my life forfeit...!! // And that is when you arrived.........!!!
Luffy: ...............!!
Flashback!Kin'emon: Who goes there...?
Flashback!Luffy: Hey!! It just spoke!!!
Flashback!Nami: You don't like it?
Flashback!Kin'emon: I must say I do!!!
Kin'emon: Looking back now, it was one crisis after another, but I am thankful to have met you all! // And though Orochi's forces now whisper our names... // It is to our advantage that they still do not fully believe we have truly returned...!! // They are still treating us as mere "phantoms"!

Kin'emon: As such, we have yet to even be named as wanted criminals... / And we were able to successfully re-enter this country unnoticed!
Kiku: Even I, your ally, was not able to notice your return...
Kin'emon: F-for that I must apologise...!!
Sanji: Hey!! Enough flirting!!
Kin'emon: It is most vital in this battle that we remain hidden!!
Luffy: Right, got it!
Kin'emon: Our military assets are: the Straw Hat Pirates led by Luffy-dono! The Heart Pirates led by Law-dono! / The Mink warriors - Dogupine's "Musketeers" and Cat-Viper's "Guardians"! // And the group we are currently gathering - those samurai who still have the will to rise up...!! // At most, we can hope to gather around five thousand men!! / As such, our goal is not to make war.

Kin'emon: We must gather intelligence in secret, and take down the enemy leader in one fell swoop!! // We act two weeks from today, on the night of the Fire Festival! / On that night, we mount a raid on Onigashima, the Isle of Demons... // ...where Kaidou awaits!!!
[Insert text: The time is nigh...!!]
[Bottom text: Next week, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 47.]

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