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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

One Piece 571

Execution At The Platform

+ posted by =Urahara= as translation on Jan 20, 2010 20:07 | Go to One Piece

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This translation is used by Hueco Mundo Scan Team:
But be free to use it, please credit at: =Urahara= ...^_^...enjoy!

DID = didascalic // = separated baloon / = united baloon.

pg. 1
One Piece - Chapter 571: Execution At The Platform

pg. 2
[text: Granson VS Grandpa!!]
Marine: He's really Garp the Hero!!!
Inazuma: The bridge... is crumbling!!
Ivankov: You must do something quickly, Straw-boy!!
Garp: I've fought against pirates...
Luffy: !!
Garp: ...since before you were born Luffy!!!

pg. 3
Garp:You'll have to defeat me, if you want to get there!!! // Straw Hat Luffy!!!
Luffy: !!!
Ace: ...............!!
Garp: That's the way...
Ace: Grampa...
Garp: ...You have to chose!!!
FB|Garp: Don't even try to mock me!! / You will be the strongest Marine of the world, will you?! // But with that kind of attitude... /'ll be defeat by pirates very easily!!!

pg. 4
Luffy: I don't wanna do that, Gramps!!! Just move on!!!
Garp: If you don't want... then Ace will die!!!
Luffy: You can't do that!!!
Garp: Oh oh, you know I can!!! I'm not moving from here!!! // Luffy you... // ...are my enemy now!!!

pg. 5

pg. 6-7
FB|Ace: Why do I suddenly... / ...want... to live?!!!
Sengoku: Garp!!
Luffy: Aaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Garp: !!!

pg. 8-9
Marines: ...............!! // Vice-Admiral Garp?!!
Sengoku: You seem very confident, Garp......!!
Pirates: !!! // Pops!!!

pg. 10
FB|Hancock: Take this......!! / It's the key of your brother's handcuffs......!!
Luffy: *pant* // With that key! hang on Ace!!! *pant*...!!
Ace: Luffy... you...!!!
Luffy: *pant*... *pant*...!!
Marines: Look!! Fleet Admiral Sengoku is using his power! // I've never seen him in that way...! // ?!!
Sengoku: Hold on!!! / Do you think I would let him escape?!!!
People: ......?!! Sengoku?!!

pg. 11
Luffy: ?!! // Ahhh!!! The key!!!
Marines: Stay ready!!
Luffy: Aahhh...!! Ahhh! // Crap... the key...!!!
Mr3: Nnh......!! // ......!! Unghh... where...? It seems that I lost senses...!!!
Luffy: ! // Ehh?!! // "Three"!!! What are you doing here?!!
Mr3: ?!!
Sengoku: I will make this execution myself!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no......... // Hey, Three! Use your walls to protect Ace!!!
Mr3: Aaaaaaghhhh!! What the Hell is that?!! Aaaaghhhhhhhhh!!

pg. 12-13
Sengoku: ?!!
Luffy: Gigant Fuusen!!!!
Mr3: Candle Wall!!!
Sengoku: But...It's huge...?!!
Luffy: Ngh... // Unghhh!!!
People: The platform is crushing!!! // What happened?!! // Is Ace still alive, or not!!!

pg. 14-15
Luffy: We're falling!!!
Mr3: I'll make a key!! So you could get those handcuffs off easily!!
Luffy: Thanks!!!
Convicts: Captain Buggy!! That's Mr.3!!!
Buggy: Whaaaaaaaat?!!
Marines: Fire!!! // Destroy that execution platform completely!!!
Mr3: If I have to be sincere... I am here to fulfil the last wish of my old pal... / I make you laught?!!!
Luffy: No, not really!!!
Mr3: Save your brother!!! Straw Hat!!!
Someone: Oh, no!!
People: !!!!

pg. 16-17
Marines: Fire Fist is completely exposed... he can't survive now!! // Hm?! // There... in the middle of the explosion!! // A fire tunnel...!!!
Ace: You'll never change, will you...?
Luffy: !
Ace: Luffy!!!
Luffy: *pant*... *pant*...!!!
Ace: You don't even listen to what I say...
Ace: You've always did the weirdest things!!!
Pirates: AAAAAACE~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ACE~~~~~~~!!!!

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