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Naruto 344 (2 comments)
Sorry, I'm gonna take a short break on this translation. No one needs it anyway, not with Hisshou on the job early~ :B Sorry to leave up a partial (I'm already slow enough as it is), but I'll be back to finish this in about an hour~ :B

Pg. 01
Ch. 344: With the Snake
Caption: Orochimaru is attacked by Sasuke - what is his aim!?
SFX: *step*
SFX: *grip*
SFX: bachichichi
SFX: *crack*
SFX: *slice*
SFX: *drip*

Pg. 02
Sasuke: Orochimaru...
Sasuke: You're weaker than I am.
Sasuke: Hmph...

Pg. 03
Sasuke: Itachi
Sasuke: Isn't that right?

Pg. 04

Pg. 05
Sasuke: Big brother...
Sasuke: Why... would... Read More " "
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Naruto 343 (15 comments)
Ch. 343: Becoming ruthless

Fallen Ninja #1: Uhgn...
Fallen Ninja #2: Guh...
(Why is one of the fallen ninja five times bigger than the other ones? O_o)
Orochimaru: If you don't become more ruthless, you won't be able to defeat Itachi.

Sasuke: When it comes time to face Itachi, I will become ruthless.
Sasuke: Whether I like it or not.
Orochimaru: This child...manages such a feat...without shedding one drop of blood...
Orochimaru: Seeing this... makes my own so-called genius seem pathetic by compare...

Orochimaru: Just a bit longer...
Orochimaru: Just a little bit... my pet!

(no text)

Menu: Ramen, Ramen (Large), Chashu Ramen, Negi Ramen, Rice
Sign: Sake Sake Sake
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Naruto 311 (38 comments)
Number 311: Nickname
Side caption: My first break in so long, and it's long-term recovery spent atop this bed.... Oh well. (Notice what's in my right hand <3)
(Title of book) "Icha Icha Tactics"

Pg. 01
Sai: The fastest way to have others understand you is to...
Sai: First, lessen the distance between the other person's heart and mine.
Sai: For example, when addressing each other, the use of "-san" and "-kun"
(Title of book) "Methods of Improving Person-to-Person Relations"
Sai: Maintains a manner with the other person such that the distance between you will not change.
(Title of book) "Communication"

Pg. 02
(Title of book) "How to become... Read More " "
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Naruto 310 (6 comments)
Ch. 308: Title
Caption: It's the month waiting for a favorable wind... June has come in Konoha. The village, the trees, and the youth are all waiting too, to be swept by a passionate wind!

Pg. 01
Naruto (thought): Again, I... I couldn't stop him...
Naruto (thought): I'm...
sfx: *thunk*

Pg. 02
Naruto (thought): Weak...

Pg. 03
Naruto: Uh... Uhh...uuh...
Sakura: My crying... couldn't bring Sasuke back, you know!

Pg. 04
Sakura: I'm here, too. I'll become stronger, together with you!!

Pg. 05
Sai: In terms of time, there's still about half a year left, you know.
Sai: Having three people is decidedly better than two.
Sai: And I'm strong enough as it is, right?

Pg. 06
Naruto: Hehe... Thanks. (He actually says... Read More " "
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Naruto 309 (2 comments)
Ch. 309

Title: Conversation with Kyuubi
Side caption: I'll follow that man, I'll wait for him in a place beyond humanity.

Pg. 01
Caption: And... the conversation begins!
Kyuubi: To be able to see my form inside Naruto like this... such is the abominable power of the Sharingan... the power you received from your accursed bloodline, right?
Sasuke: It seems that this is not your first encounter... with eyes like mine. So...

Pg. 02
Sasuke: You must be the Nine-tailed Demon Fox (Kyuubi no Youko), huh...
Kyuubi: The power in your eyes... and chakra even more sinister than my own...
Kyuubi: You are quite like... Uchiha Madara of the past...

Pg. 03
Sasuke: Am I supposed to know about this guy?

Pg.... Read More " "
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Naruto 308 (18 comments)
(Complete translation, including all captions)

Pg. 01
Sakura: Sasuke-kun!!
Sai: !!
Yamato: !!
Caption: Sasuke... draws his blade!!

Pg. 02
Caption: The one who stands in the way... is Sai!!
Title: Number 308: Sasuke's Strength!!
Sasuke: Your defense was right on the mark, wasn't it?

Pg. 03
Sai: !?
Yamato: All right!

Pg. 04
Sasuke: CHIDORI NAGASHI (Chidori Current)
Yamato: !!
Naruto: Wargh!
Sai: Uff-!
Sakura: !!

Pg. 05
Naruto: Oof-
sfx (crystal): *pling*
Sakura (thought): H-he shot out a Chidori from his whole body...!

Pg. 06
(Flashback) Sakura: Next time, I'll be right there with you!
Sakura: Sasuke-kun, I'm stopping you with my own hands!

Pg. 07
Yamato (thought): Those eyes... This guy's dangerous!

Pg. 08
Sasuke: And y... Read More " "
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Naruto 307 (37 comments)

Title: Number 307: At whim...!!

Pg. 01
Sasuke: Naruto, huh... You're here too, huh?
Sasuke: If that's the case, then, Kakashi's somewhere around here too, isn't he?
Pg. 02
Yamato: Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not Kakashi-san. I'm here in his place.
Yamato: From here out, Team Kakashi will be taking you back to Konoha Village.
Sasuke: Team Kakashi, huh...?

Pg. 03
Sakura: Sai! So you were going to-
Sasuke: So this guy is my replacement? ...
Sasuke: Wanting to protect the bonds between me and Naruto, what was all that rubbish you were spouting just now...?
Sasuke: Another lackwit in the team, huh ... fitting.

Pg. 04
Sakura: ...Eh?
Sai: It's true that my top secret mission was the... Read More " "
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Naruto 306 (14 comments)

Er.. I'm probably not needed for this one, but just for consistency's sake (and there's not much text in this one, huh?&#12288;All right, this week I'm going for a super-complete translation!!!)

Script first...

Caption:... Read More " "
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Naruto 305 (48 comments)
Any suggestions regarding the translation will be taken! I am open to correction.

Title: The Bonds Shared with You

Pg. 01
Orochimaru: *SEN'EIJASHU* (hidden shadow snake hands)
Orochimaru: So you're on their side after all, right...? "Sai", as you claim to be called...

Pg. 02
Sai: !
Naruto: I'll hold him up here ('ttebayo)! Sai, you go find Sasuke!
Sai: ......
Naruto: HURRY!
Sai: Got it... I will find Sasuke-kun and bring him back.

Pg 03
Orochimaru: You came just to make Sasuke-kun return to Konoha, is that right? You have quite some tenacity, but I wonder if everything's going to turn out well for you...
Naruto: That's exactly what I came to do! I'm going to take you down, and I'm going to get... Read More " "
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Naruto 304 (20 comments)
Ch. 304: Reversal of Betrayal!! (wow, it's actually what he'd said it would be, this time)

Pg. 01
Yamato: When my clone is ready to be on the lookout, let's go.

Pg. 02
Kabuto: Sai... from the looks of things, you were caught and bound by these folks, huh?

Pg. 03
Kabuto: Seems like you haven't betrayed us, so I'll trust you here...
Sakura: He sure is persistent...
Naruto: If you guys are going to hold us up here... Then I'm not going to go easy on you! (*cracks knuckles*)

Pg. 04
Kabuto: It's useless, you know.

Pg. 05
Naruto: It isn't over 'till it's over!
Kabuto: That's not it, I mean-
Kabuto: I really feel sorry for you, seeing you like this-
Kabuto: People change. Sasuke-kun is no longer the same person... Read More " "
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Naruto 303 (34 comments)
Pg 01
Title: Sai's betrayal!!
Sidebar: Transcending half a century, he who inherited the genes of a hero!

Pg 02
Caption: Unconcerned, Sai confesses!

Naruto: What did you say...
Sai: I came here for Orochimaru - for the purpose of crushing the village of Konoha.
Sai: This was my true mission... I came here initiate the takeover conspiracy.
Sakura: ......
Yamato: Keep going-
Yamato: Spit out the rest of whatever you're hiding from us.
Naruto: Is there more you have to say about this?! More you know about this?
Sai: ...There's more...
Yamato/Sakura/Naruto: ......!

Pg 03
Sai: Danzou-sama gave me the task of dispatching intelligence regarding Orochimaru back to him.
Sai: In other words, I was to take on the... Read More " "
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Naruto 302 (9 comments)

Not crying, shouting, raging, or resisting. Do what you like, I remain sitting quietly.

Pg... Read More " "
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Naruto 301 (28 comments)
Cover 01
Title: Sasuke and Sai
Caption: The swaying leaf... dancing as it alights in a moment of wonder. Even now, he is a proud and radiant legend.

Pg 02
Sakura: Naruto
Naruto: ?
Sakura: This time, we have to... save Sasuke...

Pg 03
Naruto: Yeah...

Pg 04
Sai: Pleased to meet you. I am called 'Sai'.
Sai: And you are Uchiha Sasuke-
Sasuke: Get lost.
Kabuto: ......
Orochimaru: ......
Sai: Even though I've learned how to make this smiling face......
Sai: No matter what I do, I'm still the type of person people detest...
Sai: Naruto-kun hated me since the beginning...

Pg 05
Sasuke: ......
Orochimaru: ......
Kabuto: ......
Sai: But, unlike Naruto-kun...
Sai: Perhaps you're someone with whom I could possibly become... Read More " "
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