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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 343

Naruto Ch. 343

+ posted by centimetre as translation on Feb 23, 2007 12:15 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 343

Ch. 343: Becoming ruthless

Fallen Ninja #1: Uhgn...
Fallen Ninja #2: Guh...
(Why is one of the fallen ninja five times bigger than the other ones? O_o)
Orochimaru: If you don't become more ruthless, you won't be able to defeat Itachi.

Sasuke: When it comes time to face Itachi, I will become ruthless.
Sasuke: Whether I like it or not.
Orochimaru: This child...manages such a feat...without shedding one drop of blood...
Orochimaru: Seeing this... makes my own so-called genius seem pathetic by compare...

Orochimaru: Just a bit longer...
Orochimaru: Just a little bit... my pet!

(no text)

Menu: Ramen, Ramen (Large), Chashu Ramen, Negi Ramen, Rice
Sign: Sake Sake Sake
Sign: Ichiraku
Menu: Ramen
Menu: Cola

Naruto: H-hot!
Naruto: It's a lot harder tryin' to use my left hand to eat, after all...

Sakura: You've suffered bone fractures in several places... Seems like your body isn't able to keep pace with your jutsu.
Sakura: You have to save this new jutsu of yours for when you're in a real bind. You can't just use it whenever you like, okay?
Naruto: Heheh, I'll be all right, 'long as I've got my Sakura-chan fixing me up!
Sakura: That's not what I'm telling you!
Sakura: Even with medical ninjutsu, it's not like you can just neatly put everything back together like a piece of cake!
Naruto: But you know... somehow... being like this makes me feel really happy...
Sakura: Eh?

Naruto: It feels kind of like... me an' you together... we're getting closer to Sasuke.
Sakura: I guess I've got no choice, huh...
Sakura: Hand me your chopsticks!
Naruto: D-don't tell me... Sakura-chan's gonna...

Sai: He~re, say aah~ (Oh god why is Sai so gay T_T)
Naruto: OW-HOT!!!
Naruto: And worse than that - that's not something for YOU to be doing!
Kakashi: He-ey.
Sai: A friend should lend a hand when his friend is in need. I read that in a book written about "true friendship"...
Sakura: Kakashi-sensei!
Kakashi: Hm... What's all the clamor about?
Naruto: Dammit, I ended up with Kakashi-sensei feeding me..?!

Sakura: You're not laying invalid in a hospital bed, Kakashi-sensei... Sure is a rare sight!
Kakashi: Is that the kind of image you guys have of me now?
Kakashi: I'm shocked.
Kakashi: Well... it's all because this time, I didn't have to resort to using the Mangekyou Sharingan.
Kakashi: If the lot of you hadn't jumped in right at that time...
Kakashi: I would've ended up using it for sure.
Kakashi: And just like how you guys imagine me, I'd be stuck lying in bed again... Ahaha.

Kakashi: Naruto, you've really become stronger.
Kakashi: You've at least reached my level, maybe surpassed it.
Kakashi: However, the more powerful your jutsu become...
Kakashi: The more you, as the jutsu user, need to be aware of the risks involved.
Naruto: Yeah...

Orochimaru: *hff hff*
Kabuto: You're already at your limit.
Kabuto: We'll need to administer the Rank 10 medicine, or your body...
Kabuto: I will go to retrieve the medicine.
Kabuto: Please wait just a moment.

Orochimaru: *KFF* *KFFF* Ha..ha...


Orochimaru: The nature of this chakra...
Orochimaru: Is unlike any form alteration I have ever seen...
Orochimaru: Who is it?

(no text)

Orochimaru: So... it's come to this after all...
Sasuke: I have nothing more to learn from you.
Sasuke: When facing you...
Sasuke: It looks like I have no trouble becoming ruthless.

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#1. by juUnior ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
hmm thx for another fast trans centimetre :D I didn't even know that some girl fan translates Naruto into english ^^
#2. by KatouYue ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Thanks for fast translation ^^
#3. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Thanks centimetre! And yeah, juUnior - she's cute to boot... check her DA out sometimes :p
#4. by juUnior ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
GK now that you mention, I checked in speedy way, and there are some nice art thingy ^^ For me The best are:
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/36243294/?qo=10&q=by%3Acutemew&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps - Hinata, cute

centimetre the Hinata art is awesome ^^
#5. by centimetre ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Why thank you :B I'm a big Hinatard...
#6. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Almost done, centimetre! Go go go! :D

EDIT: I spoke too soon - you're done! Nice job :confetti
#7. by centimetre ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
done :B
#8. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Good job :kkthumbs
#9. by juUnior ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Yeah, very nice job xD :D

And about Hinata stuff, she the girl from Naruto whom probably evrybody like ;p
#10. by destinator ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Woah centimetre!!! Havent seen you in ages. Good to see again with a translation <3333 Thanks a lot =)
#11. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Centi is back after many days over a 100

Great job
(page 06 font size soo small)
#12. by phenomnaruto ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
can you please translate the chatper preview on the bottom of the last page plz!!!
#13. by centimetre ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
The chapter previews are always crazy lies! I refuse to translate them. XD~
#14. by destinator ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Quote by centimetre :

The chapter previews are always crazy lies! I refuse to translate them. XD~

#15. by habib7eleven ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Sai is pretty gay.

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