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Naruto 343

Naruto Chap 343

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Feb 23, 2007 23:54 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 343

Really late trans, (not the best way to get back into things after a few week break :darn), but I'm pretty much back on track for translations. So...

As always: This translation belongs to JapFlap. Do not use in scanlations in part or in whole (to be posted on this site or any other). Anyone who is found to be using this will be banned. No exceptions. Also at this time, this translation IS NOT available for English language adaptation.

If you would like to use this to base a foreign language translation on, and then scanlate that, you're welcome to do so.

Pg 1
Title: ナンバー343:非情に…
No. 343: Be merciless…
Text: たとえ悪魔に身を委ねようともーーー。そう云った少年の現在とは…。
Even if it means giving my body to the devil–––. The boy that said that is now…

Pg 2
Frame 1
Text: 無数の忍を倒しサスケ、登場!!
Sasuke appears having defeated countless ninjas!!

Frame 2
Ninja: うっ……

Frame 3
Ninja: …あ…く…

Frame 4
Oro: 非情にならなければ
If you don’t become merciless,
You’ll never win against Itachi.

Pg 3
Frame 1
Sasuke: あいつの前では非情になるさ
I’ll become merciless in front of him,
Like it or not.

Frame 4
Oro: 返り血を一滴も…
Not even a drop of return blood…
When I’m looking at this child… The me that used to be called a genius looks pitiful…

Pg 4
Frame 2
Oro: あと少し…
A little longer…
Just a little longer and he’s mine…!

Pg 5
No Text

Pg 6
Frame 1
Sign: 一楽

Frame 2
Naruto: あちっ!!
Oww, hot!!

Frame 3
Naruto: やっぱ左手じゃ食いづれーってばよ…
It’s hard to eat with my left had…

Pg 7
Frame 1
Sakura: 何か所も骨折してる…体が術に持ちこたえれてない
There’s multiple fractures… Your body couldn’t hold up against the jutsu.
This new jutsu should only be used to finish!
Don’t use it often!

Frame 2
Naruto: へへ…大丈夫サクラちゃんが治してくれれば
Hehe… It’s fine as long as you heal it…
Sakura: そういう事言ってんじゃないの!
That’s not what I’m saying!

Frame 3
Sakura: 医療忍術で何でもすぐに完治するわけじゃないんだから!
Not everything completely heals right away with Medical Ninjutsu!

Frame 5
Naruto: でも…オレってばこういうの何か嬉しいんだ
But… This kind of makes me happy.

Frame 6
Sakura: え?

Pg 8
Frame 1
Naruto: サクラちゃんと一緒にサスケに近付いてる気がすっから…
It feels like we’re getting closer to Sasuke, together…

Frame 5
Sakura: 仕方ないわね
I guess it can’t be helped.
Give me your chopsticks.

Frame 6
Naruto: も…もしかしてサクラちゃん…
Co…could it be Sakura-chan…
Is going to feed…

Pg 9
Frame 1
Sai: ハイあ~ん♪
Open wi~de♪
Naruto: 熱っ!!!
Ow, HOT!!!
It’s hot, and on top of that, it’s not supposed to be you!!!

Frame 2
Kakashi: おーい

Frame 3
Sai: 友達が困ってる時は手助けをする
When a friend’s in need, help them.
That’s a true friend, is what the book…
Naruto: そんな本を読む前に空気を読めってばよ!空気を!!
Before you read that kind of book, read the situation! The situation!!
Sakura: カカシ先生!
Kakashi: んーー?何やら騒がしいねぇ
Mmm? It’s so noisy over here.

Frame 5
Naruto: ちぇ!結局カカシ先生かよ!
Tch! So it ends up as Kakashi-Sensei!

Pg 10
Frame 1
Sakura: 病院で寝込まないなんて珍しいですね…カカシ先生
It’s unusual you’re not bed-ridden at the hospital… Kakashi-Sensei.
Kakashi: そんなイメージ付いちゃってるのね…今のオレ…
Right now…I have that kind of image…

Frame 2
Kakashi: …ま
This time, I didn’t have to use the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Frame 3
Kakashi: あの時お前達が駆けつけてくれなかったら
If you guys hadn’t shown up that time,
I would have had to use it.

Frame 4
Kakashi: 今頃イメージ通りベッドの上だったな
And then I would be on a bed right now just like the image.

Pg 11
Frame 1
Kakashi: ナルトお前は確かに強くなった
Naruto, you really have become strong.
Enough to stand beside me, or even greater…

Frame 5
Kakashi: だが大きな術であればあるほど
But, the greater the jutsu,
There’s also a risk to the user that’s proportional. Remember that.

Frame 6
Naruto: うん…

Pg 12
Frame 2
Kabuto: もう…限界ですね
This…is the limit.
If I don’t administer a rank 10 medicine, your body…

Frame 3
Kabuto: 薬を取り替えてきます
I’ll go exchange the medicine.

Frame 4
Kabuto: 少しお待ち下さい
Please wait a little while.

Pg 13
Frame 1 & 2
Oro: クク……

Frame 5
Oro: ハハッ…
*cough* *cough*

Pg 14
No Text

Pg 15
Frame 1
Oro: このチャクラ性質は…
This chakra composition is…
But I’ve never seen this kind of shape manipulation before.

Frame 2
Oro: 誰なの?
Who is it?

Pg 16
No text

Pg 17
Frame 2
Oro: やっぱり…そう来たわね
Just as I thought… It’s come to this.

Frame 3
Sasuke: もうアンタに教わる事は何も無い
There’s nothing left for me to learn from you.

Frame 4
Sasuke: …アンタの前でも…
…It seems, in front of you too…
I can become merciless.

Side Text: 知っていた。この日が来る事を。生死を懸けた師弟の戦いは非情の極致へ!!
It was known. This day would come. The life-or-death battle between master and student becomes the ultimate battle-without-mercy.

Chap Preview: いずれかが呑み込まれる運命!!結末は!?次号、『再生…』へ!!
To be swallowed someday was the fate!! The conclusion is!? Next Chapter, “Rebirth…”!!

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#1. by kadoman (Itachi's Hat Maker)
Posted on Feb 24, 2007
Thanks for the excellent trans Winny! You go girl! :D
#2. by mangadictus ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2007
Welcome back to transing Okasan! It's good to have you back :D
#3. by destinator ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2007
Hell yeah winny. Good to see you back with a translation <4
Thanks <3333
#4. by chvis002 ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2007
It's nice to se you translationg again :D
#5. by juUnior ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2007
Ahhhh thx for the translation WL, it just great as always :D
#6. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2007
Thx WL n_n...

#7. by bax ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2007
Ahh Winny.. It's been a while eh?

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