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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 344

Naruto Ch. 344

+ posted by centimetre as translation on Mar 2, 2007 22:13 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 344

Sorry, I'm gonna take a short break on this translation. No one needs it anyway, not with Hisshou on the job early~ :B Sorry to leave up a partial (I'm already slow enough as it is), but I'll be back to finish this in about an hour~ :B

Pg. 01
Ch. 344: With the Snake
Caption: Orochimaru is attacked by Sasuke - what is his aim!?
SFX: *step*
SFX: *grip*
SFX: bachichichi
SFX: *crack*
SFX: *slice*
SFX: *drip*

Pg. 02
Sasuke: Orochimaru...
Sasuke: You're weaker than I am.
Sasuke: Hmph...

Pg. 03
Sasuke: Itachi
Sasuke: Isn't that right?

Pg. 04

Pg. 05
Sasuke: Big brother...
Sasuke: Why... would you...
Itachi: It was in order to measure my capability.
Sasuke: ...To measure your capability...?
Sasuke: That's it...?
Sasuke: You're saying that... you killed everyone... just for that?
Itachi: It was crucial.

Pg. 06
SFX: *grab*
Sasuke: The vomits, it comes out! lulz.
SFX: *sli-c-c-e*

Pg. 07
SFX: *zing*
SFX: *graah*
SFX: *stab*
SFX: *pull*
Sasuke: A white scaled snake...
Sasuke: So that's your true form, huh...

Pg. 08

Pg. 09
Sasuke: And this appearance of yours is the end result, huh?
Orochimaru: Now then... Sasuke-kun... about that body of yours...
SFX: *whoosh*
SFX: *fwwsh*

Pg. 10
SFX: *crkk*
Orochimaru: Shyaaa~
SFX: *screecchh*

Pg. 11
SFX: *fwooom*
SFX: *ksh*
SFX: *tak*
SFX: *rustle*

Pg. 12
SFX: *swshh*
SFX: *slither*
Orochimaru: *hff* *hff*
SFX: *SZZSzzhzhszhzhsizzle*

Pg. 13
SFX: *slitherslither*
SFX: *slither*
SFX: *spewt*

Pg. 14
Sasuke: Taking off to great heights

Pg. 15
Sasuke: To the eye of a hawk (??? Er.. no idea how to translate this line... help?)
Orochimaru: Sasukeee-!!!

Pg. 16
Orochimaru: What's this thing?
Sarutobi: Oh! That's the shed skin of a white snake! Well spotted!
Orochimaru: It's the first time I've seen something like this...
Sarutobi: Heh heh, it's actually the first time for me, too. If you're careless, you won't be able to find these... they're pretty rare!
Orochimaru: Why is it white?
Sarutobi: Well, y'know... I'm not all too clear on that myself...

Pg. 17
Orochimaru: Good fortune and regeneration...
Orochimaru: And when is that?
Sarutobi: Who knows...

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#1. by destinator ()
Posted on Mar 7, 2007
Meh 0 posts even its not finished =(
Thanks centimetre good to see you still around :)
#2. by  ()
Posted on May 24, 2008
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