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One Piece 519 (13 comments)
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One Piece Chapter 519: Attributes of a King

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Narration: Youngest sister Marygold. "Hebi Hebi no mi" Model King Cobra.
Narration: Second oldest sister Thundersonia. "Hebi Hebi no mi" Model Anaconda.

Crowd: Kyaa~! What a glorious sight!!
Crowd: This is the power they gained after defeating the Gorgon Monster, the symbol of a strong warrior!!
Crowd: The sight of the cursed sisters is also wonderful!

Luffy: Cursed?
Luffy: What the hell are they talking about...
Luffy: They obviously just ate a devil's fruit.

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Crowd: Death
Crowd: Death
Crowd: Death
Crowd: Death
Thundersonia: Ufufufu
Luffy: ...

Hancock: Do it!! Thundersonia!! Marygold!! Make him understand his massive crime of... Read More " "
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One Piece 518 (3 comments)
Sorry for missing last week, was busy!!!

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One Piece Chapter 518: Combat Arena

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Marygold: Sister-sama!!!
Thundersonia: Sister-sama, what happened!?

Thundersonia: !!?
Thundersonia: Who's that!! ... a man!!?
Marygold: Why is there a man in this country...!!?
Marygold: Sister-sama!! Some rope!!...
Marygold: What exactly happened...!!?
Luffy: ...

Luffy: Er... Wait, I...

Boa: He saw...
Boa: My back...!!!

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Gorgon Sisters: !!?

Marygold: -Then there is no alternative other than to kill him.
Luffy: What!?
Luffy: Why, I just saw your back...!!
Luffy: -But I swear I've seen it somewhere.

Boa: The thing, which you saw on our backs is a thing which,
Boa: We would not want you to see even if we died...!!!

Luffy:... Read More " "
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One Piece 516 (5 comments)
Unfinished bit fixed now

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One Piece Chapter 515: Pirate Empress Boa Hancock

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Margaret: Disliking "Frills", what strange creatures "men" are...!!
Luffy: Well... yeh, whatever thanks for taking them off anyway.

Luffy: Anyway, I'm going to go now. I can't relax until I find my crew.
Margaret: You are so restless.

Luffy: Just like me... if they're all alive, that's fine!!
Luffy: As long as we're alive, we can fight as many times as we want...!!!

Luffy: I'm going to surpass every single on of them!!!

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Luffy: UOOOOOO~!!!
Luffy: Right then, I'm going to go to Shabondy Archipelago standing on my hands!!!
Luffy: THis way I'm going to become strong!!!

Luffy: Oh yeh can you give... Read More " "
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One Piece 515 (4 comments)
Hello again. Hope your finding my translations useful!

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One Piece Chapter 515: Adventure on the Island of Women

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Narration: This is a Nation of Women, in which men are prohibited, "Amazon Lily"
Narration: Although some people who go abroad return, pregnant,
Narration: Curiously, all the children who are born are female.
Narration: In the high mountain surrounded by a deep jungle,
Narration: A large hole gapes open...

The crowd: Everyone, today, we've got Seaking meat!!

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Narration: The village is constructed like a fortress around which the nation is established.
The crowd: How would like some fruits, freshly picked from the jungle!?

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Narration: Of course, workers,
Narration:... Read More " "
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One Piece 514 (4 comments)
Note: Luffy is referred to as "her" in this translation by the women because they, have never met a man before.

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One Piece Chapter 514: "Karada-Kara-Kinoko-Ga-Haeru-Dake"


Narration: Shabondy Archipelago, No. 41 Grove.

Duval: mm
Rider 1: The Mugiwara-youngmasters are really late Duval-sama~
Rider 2: Maybe they've been stopped by their pursuers~...
Rider 2: I heard there is great turmoil at the port.

Duval: In that case be even more alert!!
Duval: We can't let this ship be taken by some idiots in the chaos.
Duval: Defend it well until the Coating Craftsman arrives!!!
Duval: "Rosy-Life-Riders"!!!
Riders: Yes!! Dubasome!! (Duval+Handsome)

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Narration: No.1 Grove... Read More " "
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One Piece 513 (6 comments)
First Time actually writing down a translation but fluent in both languages so it should be accurate. Also please give me some advice, if you want, on how to make it easier to read from a readers perspective.

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One Piece Chapter 513: Can't Save Them!!!

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Ussop: Zorro... disappeared...!!!
Ussop:What the Hell did you do to Zorro!!! -Pant-
Ussop: A moment... He was just here a moment ago!!!
Kuma: ....

Chopper: -BUOOOOOO-
Robin: Chopper, don't exert yourself!!!
Luffy: ....!! Chopper....!! -Pant-
Sentomaru: WO!!!

Pg 3

Luffy: Zorro ~!!! Where did you go!!?

Rayleigh: I'd like to help them other there as well but...

Franky: Is he finally the real one...? He made Zorro vanish.
Nami: I'm certain of it...... Read More " "
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