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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 513

One Piece Chapter 513

+ posted by Kikuna992 as translation on Sep 5, 2008 18:54 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 513

First Time actually writing down a translation but fluent in both languages so it should be accurate. Also please give me some advice, if you want, on how to make it easier to read from a readers perspective.

Pg 1
One Piece Chapter 513: Can't Save Them!!!

Pg 2

Ussop: Zorro... disappeared...!!!
Ussop:What the Hell did you do to Zorro!!! -Pant-
Ussop: A moment... He was just here a moment ago!!!
Kuma: ....

Chopper: -BUOOOOOO-
Robin: Chopper, don't exert yourself!!!
Luffy: ....!! Chopper....!! -Pant-
Sentomaru: WO!!!

Pg 3

Luffy: Zorro ~!!! Where did you go!!?

Rayleigh: I'd like to help them other there as well but...

Franky: Is he finally the real one...? He made Zorro vanish.
Nami: I'm certain of it... I've seen that power before.

Nami: At Thriller Bark, one girl... he made her vanish just like that and she never came back...
Franky: !!?

Pg 4

Nami: I wonder what on earth... happened to her...
Zombie in Flashback 1: Perona-sama!!?
Zombie in Flashback 2: Perona-sama disappeared!!!

Sentoumaru: Kuma-kou!! Why is he here!!

Luffy: Oi!! What did he do to Zorro!!? -Pant- ... -Pant-!! Where did you make him vanish!!!

Sentomaru:I am the man with the hardest mouth to open in the world. A human repelled by his paws, be it true or false, is said to fly through the sky for three days and three nights.
Luffy: -!-

Sentoumaru: Only he himself knows where to.
Sentoumaru: At least he won't be on this island... nor in any other place where you can go and meet him easily.
Sentoumaru: He might even be on the other side of the sea.
Luffy: !!!

Pg 5

Sanji: -Pant-, -Pant-

Sanji: ...!! Finally you've appeared... The real "Shichibukai"!!!
Sanji: The third one with the same appearance... What's going on!! -Pant-
Ussop: Where did you send Zorro~!!!
Ussop: -Pant- Say something!!! God Dammit-!!!

Ussop: He just casually stands there...
Sanji: !!

Sanji: Ussop watch out behind you!!!


Kuma: Don't get in the way.
All: !!?
Ussop: What!?

Sanji: He even made his ally vanish...!!! -Pant-
Ussop: !?

Sentoumaru: The bastard...
Sentoumaru: Even PX-1...!!!
Sentoumaru: What is he trying to do.

Sentoumaru: Oi Kuma-kou what are you doing to your ally!!!
Kuma: ...

Luffy: Run!!! All three of you~!!!
Unknown: Luffy.

Pg 7

Luffy: Everyone just run from here!!!
Luffy: Think about everything else after your safe!!!

Nami: But Zorro.
Franky: He just said think about that afterwards. Lets go.

Brooke: !!
Ussop: Lets go!! The beam only grzed me. I'll lend you a shoulder to lean on, so hurry.

Brooke: Watch out!!! Both of you~!!!

Ussop: Brooke!!!
Brooke: I'll save you!! even if I lose my life!!!

Pg 8

Brooke: Oh, I already die(d)...
Ussop: !!!

Ussop: Brooke~!!!!

Luffy: Brooke...!!!!

Sanji: Shit...!!! What am I doing!!! -Pant-
Sanji: Two of my friends, in front of me...!!!

Sanji: Go Ussop!!!
Ussop: Don't be ridiculous, we're going together!!!

Pg 9

Luffy: Run Sanji, Please Run~!!!
Sanji: You bloody Paw-bastard~!!!!

Sanji: !!

Ussop: !!?
Ussop: Sanji.

Sanji: ...!!
Sanji: !!

Ussop: Shit~!!! He's coming towards me~!!!
Sanji: ...!!
Ussop: Special "Gunpowder-star" Gunpowder-star"!!

Ussop: A

Pg 10

Ussop: !!
Sanji: Ussop~!!!

Sanji: Dammit!!!

Sanji: !!!

Nami: Ahh!!!

Nami: Zorro... Brooke, Ussop, Sanji-kun...!!
Nami: ...!! He made them all disappear!!!

Pg 11

Luffy: ...What the, what should I...!!!

Rayleigh: -Pant-... -Pant-... The situation over there is not looking good...!!
Rayleigh: I'd like to help them somehow but... One does not like to grow old. -Pant-
Kizaru: Your already holding off a Marine Admiral and your still being greedy.
Kizaru: For Gods sake... I'll get embarrassed.

Kuma: Your "Dark Lord" Rayleigh...
Rayleigh: !
Kizaru: !... Kuma...

Kuma: - - -...


Kuma: You expect me... to believe what your saying...?

Kuma: Its up to you...
Kuma: My situation is precarious to.

Kizaru: What the hell do you mean by this ... Kuma/

Kuma: On matter that do not concern the government, we (Shichibukai) don't have an obligation to be friendly with the Navy...
Kuma: Therefore I will not answer your question.

Pg 12

Luffy: You BASTARD~!!!!
Luffy: Gear "Second"!!

Kuma: ...

Franky: Whoa, he came this way!!!
Nami: Whoa!!

Franky: Move from there!!!
Franky: "Strong Right"
Nami: Franky don't!!!
Luffy: Franky~!!!

Pg 13

Robin: Wait Luffy, your doing what they want you to do!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu No!!!

Luffy: "Jet Pistol"!!!

Luffy: !!


Pg 14

Luffy: Franky~!!!
Nami: !!!

Luffy: -Pant-...-Pant...!!

Nami: Luffy!!
Luffy: !

Luffy: Nami!!!

Nami: Hel-

Nami: -p...

Pg 15

Luffy: Whaaaaa!!!


Chopper: BUOOOOO!!!

Luffy: -Pant-... -Pant-...
Luffy: Chopper, Robin...!!!

Pg 16

Luffy: Just stop it now~!!!

Chopper: BUOOOOO!!!

Luffy: Pleas stop~!!!

Chopper: OO...

Luffy: !!!

Pg 17

Luffy: Robin Run~!!!

Robin: !!
Robin: Luffy..


Luffy: -Cough-...
Luffy: -Ugh-...!!!
Luffy: -Cough-

Luffy: -Pant-...-Pant-...-Gasp-...-Gasp-...

Pg 18

Luffy: ...!! -Gasp-...-Gasp-...!!
Luffy: -Pant-...-Pant-...
Luffy: Ughh...!!
Luffy: ...What the hell am I...!!

Luffy: ...I CAN'T EVEN SAVE...!!! ONE OF MY CREW...!!!

Sentoumaru: ...So... your going to make him fly away and then thats it? I hope you have an explanation.

Kizaru: This is a massive problem.

Rayleigh: ...

Pg 19

Kuma: - We will never meet again...

Kuma: Good Bye

[Text]: "Grandline" Shabondy Archipelago, 12th Grove- On this day the Pirates lead by Monkey D. Luffy (continued)

[Text]: "The Mugiwara Pirates" were - Completely destroyed -


Phew that took longer than I thought!!!

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
OP definetly deserves more love then just one translator :)

Keep it up :thumbs
#2. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Wow ! This good .

Thx !
#3. by Kiavik ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Thanks a lot! Can you clarify this kuma phrase anyway?


Aohige_AP says "I'm endangering my position with this too."

Cnet says "Even I have doubts in this matter."

You say "My situation is precarious too."

So in the end he's saying that his position is in danger somehow? :)
I just wanted to know since it seems to be a very important phrase.
Anyway, many many thanks and keep up the good work :)
#4. by Kikuna992 ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Quote by Kiavik;1015384:
Thanks a lot! Can you clarify this kuma phrase anyway?


Yeh he's basically saying that he's putting himself in danger as well, by taking the actions he has taken/will take.
#5. by sylvira ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Thank you! :D It's nice to read raws with translations.
#6. by Kiavik ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Thank you very much for the prompt answer :)

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