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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 519

One Piece Chapter 519

+ posted by Kikuna992 as translation on Oct 24, 2008 16:51 | Go to One Piece

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Pg 1

One Piece Chapter 519: Attributes of a King

Pg 2

Narration: Youngest sister Marygold. "Hebi Hebi no mi" Model King Cobra.
Narration: Second oldest sister Thundersonia. "Hebi Hebi no mi" Model Anaconda.

Crowd: Kyaa~! What a glorious sight!!
Crowd: This is the power they gained after defeating the Gorgon Monster, the symbol of a strong warrior!!
Crowd: The sight of the cursed sisters is also wonderful!

Luffy: Cursed?
Luffy: What the hell are they talking about...
Luffy: They obviously just ate a devil's fruit.

Pg 3

Crowd: Death
Crowd: Death
Crowd: Death
Crowd: Death
Thundersonia: Ufufufu
Luffy: ...

Hancock: Do it!! Thundersonia!! Marygold!! Make him understand his massive crime of entering the Island of Women!! And the crime of insulting me!!
Hancock: By enforcing the death penalty!!!

Thundersonia: Ufufufu... Should I swallow him whole?
Marygold: Should I constrict him to death?

Luffy: Ok!
Luffy: You haven't cracked...!!

Luffy: You guys wait here! I'm sorry you were turned into stone because of me!!
Luffy: Just like when Aokiji turned me into ice,
Luffy: Maybe you'll still be able to turn back to normal!!
Luffy: If Chopper was here, he could have examined you straight away.

Thundersonia: Instead of worrying about other people, maybe you should be concerned about yourself?
Luffy: Shut up. I'll do what I like!!

Woman A: ... That man... Is he trying to save Margaret and the others...!?
Woman B: Impossible... They've already been executed...!?

Luffy: Anyway!
Luffy: All I have to do is beat up you guys!!

Pg 5

Crowd: !!
Crowd: Pfu!!
Luffy: !
Crowd: No way!!
Crowd: Ahahahahaha

Woman 1: That boy just now!! What did he say!?
Woman 2: He thinks he can defeat the sisters!!
Woman 3: Trying to get some laughs, despite being given the death penalty.
Woman 3: So funny! Men are so funny!!

Marygold: -Seeing as you still haven't abandoned your life, I'll tell you.
Marygold: If I were you I wouldn't fall in the gap between the combat platform and the seats.

Marygold: You can fall if you want... But the bottom is covered by blades.
Luffy: ...

Pg 6

Marygold: Right... Lets start...!!
Crowd: Death
Crowd: Death

Marygold: There, there, there!!!
Luffy: !!
Luffy: Whoa!!

Pg 7

Crowd: Kill him~!! Marygold-sama~!!!

Luffy: What's that!?

Luffy: !!

Luffy: Its poison!!?
Luffy: That was close!!!

Pg 8

Marygold: Its deadly poison!! Unlucky!!!

Luffy: "Gomu Gomu No"!!

Marygold: !

Luffy: "STAMP"!!!
Marygold: Hmph!!
Luffy: !!?

Luffy: Whoa!! It rebounded!!!

Luffy: GMPH!!

Pg 9

Luffy: !!?

Luffy: O...!? Ouch...!! Why!?
Luffy: I'm made of rubber!!

Crowd: Look! Like I thought he was all talk!!
Crowd: But it seems that it was true that men can stretch!! That's so interesting.

Luffy: Cough. What the!? Am I not made of rubber anymore!? That's not possible.
Luffy: Why do the blows hurt!!?

Luffy: Whoa!!

Pg 10

Thundersonia: That's not fair Mary.
Thundersonia: Having fun by your self...!!!
Luffy: Umph!!

Luffy: Ugyagyagyagya!!!

Luffy: Like I said, why does it hurt!? Even though I'm rubber!!
Thundersonia: Ufufu...
Thundersonia: You are... have devil's fruit powers as well...

Luffy: Damn!!!

Thundersonia: -But you can't use Haki right.
Thundersonia: The majority of people from the rest of the sea are like this... That's why they're weak.

Thundersonia: A kick with the right leg.

Luffy: What!?

Pg 11

Luffy: !!?
Thundersonia: Ufufu.

Luffy: She read my movements...!!!
Luffy: ?

Thundersonia: "SNAKE SLAM"!!!
Luffy: Umph!!

Luffy: These attacks don't have an effect just like normal.

Luffy: "Gomu Gomu No"...!!!

Pg 12

Luffy: "Gatling"!!!
Thundersonia: "Snake Dance"!!

Crowd: What movement! There are no attacks which Sonia-sama can't avoid using her Haki!!

Luffy: What's going on!?

Marygold: Don't forget there are two of us.

Marygold: "SNAKE STICK"!!!
Luffy: DMPH!!!

Pg 13

Luffy: Ouch...
Luffy: !!!


Luffy: A
Luffy: That was close!!!

Luffy: Pant... Pant...

Hancock: ...

Pg 14

Hancock: This man is not a strong as his talk.
Hancock: I laugh scornfully at him.

Crowd: Kya~! Snak Princess-sama tucked her hair behind here ear~!
Crowd: Her beauty know no bounds!!

Luffy: Shut up you idiot.
Hancock: Ha... I can't take it.
Crowd: Snake Princess-sama~!!

Crowd: Hurling abusive language at Snake Princess-sama again!!!
Crowd: I can't forgive him!! Please kill him quickly!!!

Hancock: Sonia!! Mary!!!
Hancock: Kill that man as quickly as possible!!! So that he will not be able to use abusive language ever again!!!
Crowd: Snake Princess-sama! She's looking down on him too much!!!

Pg 15

Marygold: Then let's stop messing around...
Thundersonia: Let's give the convicted "despair" and "death"...

Luffy: !!

Luffy: Oi!! What the hell are you doing!!! Don't touch them!!!

Luffy: What will you do if they break. They're my life saviors!!!

Luffy: I'm going to break her? I feel sorry for her- But this will become a punishment for you...

Luffy: What the hell are you talkign about!!
Luffy: This is a fight between me and you isn't it!!!

Pg 16

Luffy: !!!
Marygold: You're the only one who thinks this is a duel...!!
Marygold: This is a public execution.

Marygold: Just watch silently...!! The wound that my sister received in her soul does not even come close to comparing with this!!

Margaret FB: Snake Princess-sama is a woman who everyone in the country admires. She is strong and proud and the most beautiful in the world.
Luffy: ...!!

Luffy: She admired you!!
Thundersonia: Ufufu. Everyone in the country is like that. That's why I think she will be satisfied!!

Luffy: There's no way that's true!! Are you an idiot or something!!!

Thundersonia: I don't like rude words..."3"..."2"...

Woman A: Margaret!!

Thundersonia: "1"...!!

Pg 17


All: !!?

Pg 18

Crowd: Kya~!!
Crowd: The warriors are fainting!!

Woman A: ...!!? This can't be...!!

Luffy: What the, you guys listened to me. You guys are quick to understand~!! Nahahaha.
Thundersonia: ...
Marygold: ...

Kuja Pirates: ... That was...!!! "The Kings Colour" Haki...!!!
Kuja Pirates: No way!? The one which only one person in a hundred thousand can have... The Haki of the chosen!!!
Kuja Pirates: ...!!!

Pg 19

Thundersonia: I've never seen a human who can use this apart from sister-sama...!!

Marygold: ...This person... Has the "Kings Attribute", which allows him to stand above people.

Hancock: The same as me... "The King's Colour"...!!? How can it be!!
Hancock: He... Isn't he just a brat...!!

Hancock: But he doesn't have control over it...
Luffy: Stop twittering away... What's going on. I now know you guys are strong.
Crowd: Who on earth is he exactly...!!?

Luffy: From now on
Luffy: I'm going to fight with all my strength!!!


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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
#2. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#3. by night_wolf ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
thanks for the translation dear. wish u could have done it earlier. :)
#4. by Cipo ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
Thank you
#5. by thefolenangel ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
Quote by night_wolf;1082326:
thanks for the translation dear. wish u could have done it earlier. :)

yeah so this way some ppl won't have to steal translations.
#6. by moonster x ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
thank for the translation
#7. by Phat ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
thanks :D
#8. by TheChosenOne ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
Thanks a bunch, kikuna. :)
#9. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
#10. by laisen ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
Thanks. XD
#11. by Assymilum ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
#12. by KnuckleheadedNinja ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2008
#13. by jackamabob ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2008
Thank you for the translation.

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