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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 519

One Piece Chapter 519

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 25, 2008 16:02 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 519: The Nature Of The King
CP9's Independent Report Vol 26: The next generation of Cipher Pol, in training!

[insert text: The two snakes!!]
[scroll: Youngest Sister Marigold / Hebi Hebi no Mi / Model / King Cobra]
[scroll: Middle Sister Sandersonia / Hebi Hebi no Mi / Model / Anaconda]
Kuja: Aaaahhh~~~~!♡ Such wonderful forms!! // This is the mark of the true strength... / ...of the warriors who defeated the monstrous Gorgons!! // The cursed sisters are so wonderful~!♡
Luffy: Cursed? // What're they going on about...? // These guys obviously just ate Devil Fruits...

Kuja: DEATH! // DEATH! // DEATH! // DEATH!
Sandersonia: Ufufufu...
Luffy: ..................
Hancock: Now take him!! Sandersonia, Marigold!! / Intruding upon our island!! Insulting our persons!! Show him the folly of his crimes... // ...by giving him the ultimate punishment!!!
Sandersonia: Ufufufu... Shall we swallow him whole?
Marigold: Or shall we squeeze him to death?
[TN: Something tells me neither of those would be particularly effective...]

Luffy: All right! // You're not cracked at all.....!! // You guys just wait right here! I'm real sorry you ended up like this for my sake!! // But just like when Aokiji turned me and Robin into ice... // ...there might still be a way to turn you back!! / If Chopper was here, I'd get him to take a look at you right away, but...
Sandersonia: Don't you think you should be worrying about yourself right now, not them?
Luffy: Shaddup! I can do what I like!!
Kikyou: ............That man... does he actually mean to save Margaret and the others...?!
DoWeKnowThatGirl'sName?: Impossible... he's been sentenced to death......!
Luffy: Anyway... // I just have to beat you guys up, right?!!

Kuja: !! // Pfft...!!
Luffy: !
Kuja: Oh, dear!! / Hahahahahaha! // What is that little man saying?!! // He actually thinks he can defeat the Sisters...!! // Playing for laughs even after being sentenced to death... // ...How funny! Men really are funny!!
Luffy: ? // That's right, yeah?
Marigold: Yes... I suppose so. Ufufu... // ...But if you still hold vain hopes of staying alive, I should warn you... // I'd avoid falling in the gap between the stalls and the arena if I were you. // Fall if you wish... but the depths are lined with blades.
Luffy: .........

Marigold: Now... let us begin...!!
Kuja: Death! / Death!
Marigold: Take this, and this, and THIS!!!
Luffy: !! / Whoa!!

Kuja: Take him out~~~~~~~~~~~!! Marigold-sama~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: What's that?! // !! // Poison?!! // That's dangerous!!!

Marigold: And it's deadly!! / Too bad for you!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...
Marigold: !
Luffy: STAMP!!!
Marigold: Hah!!
Luffy: ?!! // Whoa!! It bounced straight off!!! // Unghh!!!

Luffy: ?!! // Ow...?!! It hurts...!! But why?! // I'm made of rubber!!
Kuja: See?! It was all just talk!! // But it looks like men really do stretch...!! How funny!
Luffy: *cough* / What's going on?! Am I not rubber any more?! / No, that's impossible... // So why are blows like that hurting me?!! // Agh!!

Sandersonia: Come on now, Mari...
Luffy: Unghh!!
Sandersonia: Don't keep him all to yourself...!!!
Luffy: Aannnghhhhhh!!! // Why the heck does it hurt?! I'm made of rubber!!
Sandersonia: Ufufu... // So you too... have a Fruit ability.
Luffy: Dammit...!!!
Sandersonia: But you cannot use Haki, can you? // Almost all foreign men are like that... and that's why they're weak. // A right-legged kick...
[TN: Okay, the thought has occurred to me before, but that settles it... this is TOTALLY related to Mantra.]
Luffy: Huh?!

Luffy: ?!!
Sandersonia: Ufufu...
Luffy: She read what I was going to do...!!! // ?
Sandersonia: Heavy Slam!!!
[TN: The "Heavy" is a play on words; it sounds like "Hebi", the Japanese word for "snake". And indeed, it's given the kanji for "snake".]
Luffy: Ughhh!! // So attacks like that don't work... just like normal! // Gomu Gomu no...!!!

Luffy: GATLING!!!
Sandersonia: Snake Dance!!
Kuja: Ah, how beautiful!♡ There's no attack that Sonia-sama can't dodge with her Haki!!
Luffy: What's going on?! // She's reading all of my attacks!!
Marigold: Don't go forgetting you're fighting two opponents, now! // Heavy Stick!!!
Luffy: Unghhh!!!

Luffy: Owww... // !!! // Aahh!! // Ah - // Not good!!! // *pant*... *pant*...
Hancock: ............

Hancock: The phrase "his bark is worse than his bite" must have been invented for this one... // How disappointing.
Kuja: Aaahhh~!♡ Hebihime-sama put her hair behind her ear~~~~~~!♡ // Her beauty simply knows no bounds!!
Luffy: Oh, shut up, dumbass.
Hancock: Ahhh... I can take it no longer...
Kuja: Hebihime-sama~~~~~!!!
Kuja: Speaking that way to Hebihime-sama again...!!! // Unforgivable!! Death to that man!!! Now!!!
Hancock: Sonia!! Mari!!! / Tear the breath from that man's lungs this instant!!! So that he may never again speak such disgusting words!!!
Kuja: Hebihime-sama is looking down on people too much!!!

Marigold: I suppose playtime ends here, then...
Sandersonia: Let us bring despair and death to this little convict...
Luffy: !! // Oi!! What are you doing?!!! Don't you touch them!!! // What if you break them, huh?!!! Those guys saved my life!!!
Sandersonia: Of course I'll break her. Not that I like doing this, but... since it will be a fitting punishment for you...
Luffy: Stop screwing around!! // This battle is between you and me!!!

Marigold: You are the only one who thinks this is a "battle"!! // This is merely a public execution. // Now you just sit tight and watch...!! Perhaps you will have some idea how our sister must feel!!
Flashback!Margaret: Everyone in this land looks up to Hebihime-sama! She is powerful, and wonderful, and the most beautiful woman in the world!
Luffy: ...!! // That girl looked up to you guys, dammit!!
Sandersonia: Ufufu... As does everyone in this land. And thus she would be happy to go to this fate!!
Luffy: Like hell she would!! How stupid are you?!!!
Sandersonia: Ah, such coarse language you use. Three......... Two.........
Kikyou: MARGARET!!
Sandersonia: One......!!

Everyone: ?!!

Kuja: Aaaahhhh!! // The warriors are passing out!!
Kikyou: .........?!! ...Could it possibly be......?!!
Luffy: Hey, you actually listened to me...! / Maybe you guys have some sense after all!! Hahahahah!
Marigold: .........
Sandersonia: .........
Ran: ......Just now......!!! / That was a "Sovereign Haki"...!!!
[TN: The word used here is "Haoushoku", literally, "with the tone of a conquering king". Can't really think of any good English equivalent, so I'm going with "Sovereign" for the moment. Any other ideas?]
Daisy: No... it can't be! / Only one in a million people can use that... it's the Haki of the chosen!!!
Kuja: ...............!!!

Sandersonia: I have never seen anyone other than our sister who can use that power......!!!
Marigold: ...This child... he possesses the "Nature of the King", the power to stand above others.........!!!
Hancock: He has the same power as me...?! The Sovereign Haki.........?!! What is the meaning of this?!! // Is he not a mere brat after all.........?! This boy......!! // Although... it seems he has no control over it...
Luffy: What're you guys babbling on about? / I get it already - you guys are tough.
Hancock: Just who is this boy...?!!
Luffy: .........From here on out... // I'll fight at full strength!!!
Everyone: ?!!
[insert text: No more holding back!!]

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
Thank cnet
#2. by Frapà ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
Finally, here it is ;P Thanks as always Carlos
#3. by Haynes ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
Thanks Carlos =)
#4. by zidane ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
thank you very much cnet...
#5. by Cipo ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
Nice =D
Thank you soo~ much
#6. by Phat ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
thanks :D
#7. by TheChosenOne ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
Thanks a lot, Carlos. :)
#8. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2008
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Posted on Oct 26, 2008
#10. by Assymilum ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2008
Thanks! :amuse
#11. by Helltroll ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2008
thx for the trans!
#12. by jackamabob ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2008
thank you cnet
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