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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 519

The King's Disposition

+ posted by ulrilra as translation on Nov 28, 2008 20:10 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 519

---Page 01---

Chapter 519: "The King's Disposition"

CP9's Independent Mission Report Volume 26: "CP9's Next Generation in Training"

---Page 02---

Box: Third Daughter Marygold. "Hebi Hebi Fruit" Model: King Cobra

Background text: 2 Snakes!!

Box: Second Daughter Thunder Sonia. "Hebi Hebi Fruit" Model: Anaconda

Girl: Kya~~~! What impressive forms!!

Girl2: This is the very proof that they defeated the monster Golgon and obtained her power!!

Girl3: The cursed sisters are still wonderful!

Luffy: Cursed? // What are they saying...? // Didn't they just eat Devil's Fruits?

---Page 03---

Crowd: Execution!! // Execution!! // Execution!! // Execution!!

Thunder Sonia: Ufufufu.

Luffy: ...

Hancock: Kill him!! Thunder Sonia!! Marygold!! / For the crime of entering this island!! For the sin of insulting us!! // Show him the "art" of our death penalty!!!

Thunder Sonia: Ufufufu...Perhaps I should drink all the fluid from his body?

Marygold: Perhaps I should strangle him to death?

---Page 04---

Luffy: Good! // They're not breaking...!! // Just wait here! Sorry, you guys became like this because of me!! // This is like the time me and Robin were turned to ice by Aokiji. // 'Cause you might be able to get turned back to normal!! / If Chopper was here he'd be able to check on you right away, but...

Thunder Sonia: Shouldn't you be worrying more about yourself than others right now?

Luffy: Shut up. I'll do what I feel like!!

Girl: ...That man...Is he going to save Margaret and the others...!?

Girl2: No way...He's about to be executed...!!

Luffy: Anyway, // I just have to beat you guys up, right!?

sfx: *knuckles cracking*

---Page 05---

Girl: !!

Girl2: Pfff!!

Luffy: !

Girl3: No way!! / Ahahahaha!!

Girl: What did he just say!?

Girl2: He thinks he can defeat the Sisters!!

Girl3: To make people laugh at his own execution...! // He's funny!! Men are funny!!

Luffy: ? // That's all I have to do, right?

Marygold: Yes...That's it. Ufufu. // If you still haven't given up on your life, then you should know, // you'd better not fall into the space between the audience seating and the battle stage. // I don't mind if you do fall, but...you'll be impaled by the spikes below.

Luffy: ...

---Page 06---

Hancock: Now then...Let's begin...!!

Crowd: Execution!! / Execution!!

Marygold: Take this and this and this!!!

Luffy: !! / Wah!!

---Page 07---

Girl: Take him out~~~!! Marygold-sama~~~!!!

Marygold: Puh!!

Luffy: What!? // !!

sfx bubble: Juwah~~!!

Luffy: Poison!!? // That's dangerous!!!

---Page 08---

Marygold: It's lethal poison!! / Too bad!!!

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no!!

Marygold: !

Luffy: Stamp!!!

Marygold: Fuhn!!

sfx bubble: Boiiing!!

Luffy: !!? // Uoh!! It bounced back!!! // Gegh!!!

---Page 09---

Luffy: !!? // Huh...!? It hurts...!! Why!? // I'm rubber!!

Girl: Look! He's all bluff after all!!

Girl2: But it's true that men can stretch!! Interesting!

Luffy: Gehoh! / What happened!? Did I stop being rubber!? / As if that could happen! // Why did a blow hurt me!!? // Wah!!

---Page 10---

Thunder Sonia: That's mean, Mary!

Luffy: Uh!!

Thunder Sonia: Playing all by yourself...!!!

Luffy: Ugyagyagyagya!!! // Why does it hurt!? Even though I'm rubber!!

Thunder Sonia: Ufufu... // (So you have an ability too...)

Luffy: Damn!!!

Thunder Sonia: But you can't use Haki. // Those who come from outside this island wouldn't understand...That's why you're weak. // A kick with the right foot.

Luffy: Eh!?

---Page 11---

Luffy: !!?

Thunder Sonia: Ufufu.

Luffy: She read my move...!!! // ?

Thunder Sonia: Snake slam!!!

Luffy: Fugeh!! // This type of hit doesn't work. It's normal! // Gomu gomu no...!!!

---Page 12---

Luffy: Gatling!!!

Thunder Sonia: Snake dance!!

Girl: Incredible movements! With the power of her Haki, there's no attack Sonia-sama can't avoid!!

Luffy: What's going on!? // She's reading all my attacks!!

Marygold: Don't forget there's two of us. // Snake stake!!!

Luffy: Dofuh!!!

---Page 13---

Luffy: Ugh... // !!!

sfx bubble: *crashing*

Luffy: Wah!! // Ah! // Too close!!! // Hah...Hah...

Hancock: ...

---Page 14---

Hancock: It's hard to even talk about this man. // He's laughable.

Girl: Hebihime-sama tucked her hair behind her ear~~~!

Girl2: How far does her wonderfulness go!?

Luffy: Shut up, you dumb lady.

Hancock: Hah...I can't take it anymore~

Crowd: Hebihime-sama~~~!!!

Girl: He insulted Hebihime-sama again!!!

Girl2: Unforgivable!! Hurry and kill him!!!

Hancock: Sonia!! Mary!!! / Make haste and end that man's life!!! So I'll never hear his disrespectful talk again!!

Girl: Hebihime-sama is "looking down on him" too much!!!

---Page 15---

Marygold: Then we'll end the fun here...

Thunder Sonia: Let's grant the convict "despair" and "death"...

Luffy: !! // Hey!! What are you doing!!! Don't touch them!!! // What'll you do if they break! I owe them my life!!!

Thunder Sonia: I'm going to break them. It's too bad for this girl, but since it will serve to punish you...

Luffy: Don't joke around!! // This is between me and you!!!

---Page 16---

Marygold: You're the only one who thinks that...!!

sfx bubble: *squeezing*

Marygold: This is a public execution. // Just be quiet and watch...!! The wound to the heart that ane-sama suffered can't be healed with just you!!

Margaret: Hebihime-sama is admired by everyone in this country. She's strong and sublime and the most beautiful person in the world.

Luffy: ...!! // That girl admired you!!

Thunder Sonia: Ufufu. Everyone in this country does. So I think they'll be satisfied with this.

Luffy: Of course they won't!! Are you stupid!?

Thunder Sonia: Such vulgar words..."3"..."2"...

Girl: Margaret!!

Thunder Sonia: "1"...!!

sfx bubble: Hyuu!

---Page 17---

Luffy: I SAID STOP!!!

Thunder Sonia and Marygold: !!?

---Page 18---

Crowd: Kyaa!!

Girl: The warriors are fainting!!

Girl: ...!!? Could this be...!!

Luffy: So you'll listen to me after all! / You guys CAN be reasoned with~~~!! Nahahaha!

Thunder Sonia: ...

Girl: ...Just now...!!! / That was the "Haoushoku" Haki...!!!

Girl: No way!! / Only one in a million people is capable of using it...The Haki of the chosen ones!!!

Girl: ...!!!

---Page 19---

Thunder Sonia: I've never seen a person aside from ane-sama who could use it...!!!

Marygold: This kid...He possesses the "King's Disposition" to stand above others...!!!

Hancock: Just like me...He possesses the "Haoushoku"...!!? What's going on here!! // He's not just a normal kid? That guy...!! // But it seems he hasn't mastered it yet...

Luffy: What are you guys babbling about. / I get it now that you guys are strong.

Girl: Just who is that guy...!!?

Luffy: ...From here, // I'll fight with everything I've got!!!

Everyone: !!?

Background text: Now, full throttle!!

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Nov 29, 2008
Again, a few places are too focused on keeping it just like the manga. Sometime being to literal, too close to the manga can ruin the flow. Even though it's understood, it sounds awkward and defeats the purpose that you're trying to do, which is portray what they are saying in a way that is close to the original while still giving your target audience what the author was trying for.

Luffy: !!? // Huh...!? It hurts...!! Why!? // I'm rubber!!
Again, check out stephen's trans :)

If you need further advise in what I mean then let me know :3

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