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Naruto 342 (8 comments)
It took me a little while, but here it is! It will be improved as soon as I can make time for it, and I'll add SFX and page numbers as well. Just wanted to have something to post for now! Look forward to the final version! ^^

Oh, and this translation is for JapFlap only so please dont use it for any other scans...! :amuse


COVER/Page 1

Chapter 342: “King”…!!

Side: The view is always better from high ground! It's awesome! It's the best! Let's climb the stairs together, step by step!


Page 2

SFX: ザッ
Stepping on grass

SFX: スタスタ
Shaking... Read More " "
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Naruto 341 (7 comments)
Hey, everyone,

My translations is a little late this week, sorry about that. This scanlation is for JapFlap only. The reason I’m doing their translation is because WinterLion is on a break from translation, so please don't use it for any other scans.

Anyway, enjoy!


Cover (Page 1-2):

The wind god and the thunder god — wrapped in stormy winds, the... Read More " "
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Naruto 340 (11 comments)
340: 危ない橋
Dangerous bridge

Naruto: Fuuton rasenshuriken! This will settle it!

Now, the new jutsu makes its move (or something... :p)

SFX:... Read More " "
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Naruto 324 (23 comments)
ok, there are parts in this one that i dont understand, and some is too blurried out for my already not very good kanji knowledge to work properly. still, there seems to be a slight need here, so i'll give it a go for you guys! comments on the translation are appreciated too!


page 1

Kakuzu: With this, we got ourselves 3.500.000 ryou

Izumo: Why is captain Asuma...


Shikamaru: This... cant possibly be...?

Page 2

324: Shikamaru's analysis

Hidan: With this, my preparations are complete! Prepare yourself for some serious pain!

Such a fearful appearance... Akatsuki laughs!!

Page 5

Asuma: Gahhh...!!

Hidan: It hurts, doesnt it? Gahahahhaaaaa... Read More " "
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Naruto 310 (5 comments)
i was a little bored, and thought i'd provide this place with a swedish translation, waiting for something interesting to pop up... rightey-o, off to work!


Juni i Konoha. Byn, träden, ungdomarna - alla sprudlar de av energi (okej, sprudla ÄR ett galet ord. ge mig gärna ett bättre... :D)

Vad ska det bli av Sasuke? ...och Sai??


Naruto: また・・・・
Ännu en gång....
Jag kunde inte stoppa... Read More " "
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