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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 341

NARUTO 341: 修業の成果

+ posted by lee-nus as translation on Feb 9, 2007 20:31 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 341

Hey, everyone,

My translations is a little late this week, sorry about that. This scanlation is for JapFlap only. The reason I’m doing their translation is because WinterLion is on a break from translation, so please don't use it for any other scans.

Anyway, enjoy!


Cover (Page 1-2):

The wind god and the thunder god — wrapped in stormy winds, the curtain on the legend of their battle opens.

NARUTO 341: 修業の成果
The training’s pay-off…!!

Page 3:

カカシ「いけ ナルト」
Kakashi: Go, Naruto!

Naruto: Yessir!

角都 (遠距離戦闘タイプに変えた方がいいな・・・)
Kakuzu: Switching to long-range mode is probably better…

SFX: ボコココ・・
Bokokoko (Mouth expanding/tentacles coming out)

角都 (うぐっ・・・)
Kakuzu: Ugh…

Kakuzu transforms…!!

SFX: ズゾオオオ
Tentacles coming out

SFX: スゾヨゴッ
Tentacles stretching out

Page 4-5:

SFX: ズズズズン
Tentacles moving

チョージ 「うわっ」
Chouji: Uwaahh…!

イノ 「・・・」
Ino: …

ヤマト 「体型を変えただけじゃなくチャクラもかな練りこんでる・・」
Yamato: Not only did his form change, he’s building up his chakra too…

カカシ 「ナルトの術に対応するためだな」
Kakashi: Preparing himself against Naruto’s jutsu, huh…

ナルト 「影分身の術!」
Naruto: Kagebunshin no jutsu! (Shadow Clones Technique!)

Page 6:

SFX: バソ (should probably be バン)
Forms hand seal

SFX: ババ
Forms Rasengan with multiple strikes

角都 (きたな・・)
Kakuzu: Here it comes…

SFX: ダッ
Speeds off

Page 7:

ナルト 「よし!できたァ!」
Naruto: Okay! It’s ready!

SFX: シュン
Windy Rasengan sound

SFX: ダダダダダダ

SFX: バッ
Speeds off

ナルト 「続けぇ!」
Naruto: Keep going!

Page 8:

ナルト 「!」
Naruto: !

SFX: バッ

チョージ 「とんだ!」
Chouji: He jumped!

角図 「後ろの陽動の影分身は無視だ。」
Kakuzu: I’ll ignore the kage bunshin diversion behind me.

Kakuzu: My target is just the original one.

角都 「あの術さえつぶせば怖くない」
Kakuzu: If I just crush that jutsu, I have nothing to worry about.

Page 9:

イノ 「やっぱり読まれている!」
Ino: He’s seen through it after all!

SFX: ズオオ
Tentacles stretching out

SFX: ズン
Tentacles hitting ground

Page 10:

SFX: ボン
Bunshin disappears

角都 「何~~~~?! 影分身だと!?」
Kakuzu: What the… A kage bunshin!?

Page 11:

角都 「!」 「こいつ・・陽動の中にオリジナルを!」
Kakuzu: ! This guy…! He mixed the original up with the diversion!

ナルト 「当たりィィ!!」
Naruto: Gotchaaa!!

Got ya!!

Page 12-13:

SFX: ガッ

Page 14:

角都 「ぐっ」
Kakuzu: Guh!

SFX: ブブン
Multiple hits

Page 15:

SFX: ズン
Whirling sound

Page 16:

SFX: ゴゴゴゴゴゴ
Multiple hits

角都 「キャ!!」
Ino: Kya!!

SFX: ズズオオオ

SFX: ダッ
Hits ground

Page 17:

SFX: ズオオドド
Slits / rips / tears to pieces

Kakuzu: Guhhgyoooo!! *strange*

Page 18:

SFX: バラバラ

カカシ 「攻撃回数がケタ外れだ。写輪眼でも見切れない」
Kakashi: The attack frequency is amazing. Not even with the sharingan could I see it.

カカシ 「なんて術だ・・・」
Kakashi: What a jutsu…

Page 19:

SFX: ダッ
Hits ground

ナルト 「へへ よし・・ やった・・」
Naruto: Hehe… Allright… I did it…

Akatsuki collapses!

Next: The battle with Akatsuki is over, and everyone returns home! Center color.

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#1. by qwan3356 ()
Posted on Feb 10, 2007
Thanks Lee-nus!
#2. by destinator ()
Posted on Feb 10, 2007
Only one comment? What a shame...

Thanks for the translation Lee and I never knew you trans for Japflap xD
#3. by lee-nus ()
Posted on Feb 10, 2007
thanks guys! ^^

@des: nah, i posted it late last night, and i guess ppl dont usually go back to check other translations. i havent even read the others myself yet... ^^ anyway, i dont normally translate for japflap. i was merely asked to do it in WL's absence, which is quite an honor... xD
#4. by Eagle ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2007
Amazing translation, thanks lee-nus ;)
#5. by lee-nus ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2007
thanks eagle! ^^

btw, i subscribed to the forum, but... well... here goes:

i open my email account a few hours later, check my junk mail, press the 'empty' button out of old habit, and at the very same moment i realize that one of the emails in my junk mail is the verification email from japflap... so, what do i do now? xD my user name is the same there, if there's anything you can do about it... *_*
#6. by kyubisharingan ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2007
naisu!!!!!!! LEE-NUS-KUN!!!!!
#7. by lee-nus ()
Posted on Feb 13, 2007
heheee, sankyu! ^^

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