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Naruto 341

De Vruchten Van Training

+ posted by Goji as translation on Feb 7, 2007 20:59 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 341

This text is based on Pocketmofo’s translation.
Deze tekst is gebaseerd op de vertaling van Pocketmofo.

Page 1 & 2/ Pagina 1&2:

Cover Text: The god of lightning and the god of wind—wrapped in turbulence the legend unfolds.
Cover Text: De god van de bliksem en de god van de wind, omgeven door turbulentie ontvouwt de legende zich.

NARUTO 341: “The training’s results...!!”
Naruto 341: “De resultaten van de training…!!”

Page 3/Pagina 3:

Kakashi: Go, Naruto.
Kakashi: Ga, Naruto.

Naruto: Ossu (Yes!)
Naruto: OK!

Kakuzu (mental): I should probably switch to a long-range mode…
Kakuzu (in gedachten): Ik zou beter in mijn “verre bereik” modus overgaan…

SIDETEXT: Kakuzu transforms…!!
Zijtekst: Kakuzu transformeert…!!

Page 4 (no text) / Pagina 4 (geen tekst)

Page 5/ Pagina 5:

Chouji: Ewww
Chouji: Ieeeuw

Ino: …

Yamato: He didn’t just change his form, he’s also charging up himself with chakra…
Yamato: Hij heeft niet alleen zijn vorm veranderd maar hij is ook zichzelf aan het opladen met chakra…

Kakashi: Likely to prepare himself against Naruto’s jutsu.
Kakashi: Waarschijnlijk om zichzelf te beschermen tegen Naruto’s jutsu.

Naruto: Kagebunshin no jutsu!
Naruto: Kagebunshin no jutsu! (Schaduw Kloon Techniek)

Page 6/ Pagina 6:

Kakuzu (mental): There it is…
Kakuzu (in gedachten): Daar is het…

Page 7/ Pagina 7:

Naruto: Alright! It’s ready!
Naruto: Oké! Het is klaar!

Naruto: Keep going!
Naruto: Blijf gaan!

Page 8/ Pagina 8:

Naruto: !

Chouji: He jumped!
Chouji: Hij sprong!

Kakuzu: Ignore the kagebunshin diversion coming from behind.
Kakuzu: Negeer de kagebunshin afleiding die langs achter komt.

Kakuzu: The aim is just the one original.
Kakuzu: Ik moet mij op de enige originele concentreren.

Kakuzu (mental): If I just crush that technique then there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Kakuzu (in gedachten): Als ik gewoon die techniek verpletter dan moet ik nergens bang voor zijn.

Page 9/ Pagina 9:

Ino: Like I thought, he’s seen right through it.
Ino: Net zoals ik dacht, hij heeft het doorzien!

Page 10/ Pagina 10:

Kakuzu: What…a kagebunshin!?
Kakuzu: Wat… een kagebunshin!?!

Page 11/ Pagina 11:

Kakuzu: ! He…he mixed the original one in with the diversion!
Kakuzu: ! Hij… hij verwisselde de orginele met de afleiding!

Naruto: Got ya!!
Naruto: Hebbes!!

Page 12 & 13 (no text) / Pagina 12 & 13 (geen tekst)

Page 14/ Pagina 14:


Page 15 (no text, just big explosion) / Pagina 15 (geen tekst, alleen een grote ontploffing)

Page 16/ Pagina 16:

Ino: Kyaaaaaa!

Page 17/ Pagina 17:


Page 18/ Pagina 18:

Kakashi: The number of hits is extraordinary. I can’t see it even with the sharingan.
Kakashi: Het aantal keer dat die jutsu raakt is ongeloofelijk. Ik kan het zelfs niet zien met mijn sharingan!

Kakashi: What a jutsu…
Kakashi: Wat een jutsu…

Naruto: He he…alright…I did it…
Naruto: Hehe… yes… ik heb het gedaan…

*Akatsuki falls!
* Akatsuki valt!

*Next time: Everyone, their fight with "Akatsuki" over, returns home! *Center color too
*Volgende keer: Het gevecht met Akatsuki is gedaan, iedereen keert naar huis!
*Met gekleurde middenpagina’s !

Enjoy it you guys! ~Goji

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#1. by Sarmad ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2007
Nice as always ;) :thumbs

Not so much dialogue though :D
#2. by Goji ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2007
Hehe, I know, few lines are easily translated. :D
I'll check on yours if when you post it!

btw, thx for the comment Sarmad! ^^
#3. by ShgnLW ()
Posted on Feb 15, 2007
nice, but I see that you translate the sentences very literary, maybe you can add some "own words" to some sentences to make it more "excited" :)

Just some advise of an old translator
#4. by Goji ()
Posted on Feb 15, 2007
Yes I know... but that isn't always as easy as it seems...

At first I wanted to make "free" translations, but then I thought that maybe some ppl wouldn't appreciate that. So I sticked with the more litteral ones.
Although I definitely agree that some sentences are translated rather litteraly/rigid.

I'll try my best to improve my translations! It's always nice to get some feedback from fellow Dutch-speakers! ^^

Thx for the comment. :amuse
#5. by foxybrown ()
Posted on Mar 5, 2007
there a lot of ducth people in london what does "who gaat het" mean
#6. by Metatron ()
Posted on Mar 18, 2007
it means "how are you?"
#7. by Goji ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2007
Quote by foxybrown;325401:
there a lot of ducth people in london what does "who gaat het" mean

It's "Hoe gaat het?" ;) and as Metatron says; it means: "How are you?". ^^

And what the hell happend to all of my translations!!! There are some weird

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