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Translations: One Piece 761 by cnet128 , Bleach 597 (2) , Gintama 511 by kewl0210

Bleach 560

Rages at Ringside

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 8, 2013 01:28 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Rukia and Renji descend from the sky! And they’ve been spotted by this sharp-sighted duo!]
Mask: Hmmm...... // I do not know who these people are, but they have fallen quite some way from here... // It is difficult to be sure whether I should go and investigate or not... / Would you agree, James?!!
James: Yeah! / But if you take care of that pair who have flashily fallen from the sky like shooting stars, it’ll make a star out of you too!
Mask: Away I go!! // Do not fall behind, James!!
James: Yeah!

Mask: !
Hisagi: Hold on... // Do you seriously think you’ve beaten us just because we went down for a count of three...?
Mask: Hmm...

Hisagi: !!
Mask: Indeed I do!

Mask: ?!
Kensei: ...Tch.

Kensei: Look at you, getting all beaten up before you even show off the fruits of your training. // What a pathetic Lieutenant.
Mask: Are you a comrade of these fellows?
Kensei: I’m that sleeveless kid’s Captain. // Captain of the 9th Division, Muguruma Kensei.
Mask: A Captain! How wonderful! // But I must ask you not to interfere! / Under ordinary circumstances, I would be most overjoyed to face such an opponent, but right now I must go and investigate that pair of super-flashy shooting stars!
Rose: ...Come, now. / Don’t be like that.

Rose: You have two Captains here ready to fight you. // If you’re after a chance to stand out, I’d say you have one right here.
Kensei: Don’t worry... // We won’t waste your time. // Bankai.

Kensei: Tekken Tachikaze!!!
Mask: Well, if you do insist!

Mask: I will end this within a count of 10!
[Rages at Ringside]
[Side text: This dropkick is the starting gong!!]

Mask: !
Kensei: ...The hell is this? // You’ve gotta be kidding me......

Kensei: That idiot got himself beaten up... // the likes of this guy?!!!

Mask: Uerghhh?! // Ougrhhh...
James: No way...! // Mister was forced to his knees by a single punch...?!

Kensei: Hurts, doesn’t it? // The ability of my “Tachikaze” is to cause the path of its slices to explode. / And in its Bankai form, “Tekken Tachikaze”, the strength of those explosions is concentrated into my fists themselves. // As long as you’re touching my fist... // ...the force of those explosions will endlessly continue to assault you.

Mask: Nguuuoooooohhhhhh!
Kensei: Time to blast off!

Rose: ...I guess there isn’t exactly much... // ...for me to do here.
James: N... / No way... // You can’t lose like this! Mister! // Misteeeeeer!!
Kensei: ...Aw, jeez. / Thanks to our enemy being such a dunce, now it looks like we’re the bad guys.

Hisagi: N... // No... // No... / Captain...!
Kensei: Hm? / Oh, you’re awake now, are you?
Hisagi: You have to... // ...take out that little one first, or else...!
James: Please get back up, SUPERSTAAAAAAAAAR!!!

Kensei/Rose: !!!

Mask: My letter is “S”! / I am “The Superstar” Mask De Masculine!!! // The cheers of my fans are all the strength I need!!!
[Side text: The Superstar responds to the call!!]

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