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Tough 315 (1 comments)
Tough 315:

Pg. 1:
"Shapes change. Time changes. Oneself changes. Remaining an unchanged winner is difficult..."
Phantom Joe:
"That man threw away his affection for women and his love towards his brothers. His heartlessness made him go to the extremes of martial arts, so that he would be claimed the strongest of Nadashinkageryuu, and become feared as the "Devil
to surpass all devils."

315th MATCH - Kusakabe Jouichirou
A shocking defeat...
Phantom Joe:
"But now that devil has fallen. Useless, unconscious and with his belly split open he lies on the ground."

"I... I cannot believe this."
"Kiryuu has lost." ... Read More " "
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Pg. 1:
An incident-filled journey to Osaka... reconnaissance mission over Teikoku

Suzuna: "Listen Osaka! We have arrived with full power.."
Monta: "...for our Teikoku campus study-tour!!"

Pg. 2:
Monta: "So they here they dwell? The strongest team in the whole country, Teikoku Alexanders...!!"
Sena: "I feel kinda nervous about this..."

Sena: "Well y'see... this looks like a frightening place and we better pull out... If we enter without
invitation we might...
Imaginary Teikoku Guardsman: "You dirty spy!"
Suzuna: "Stop it, stop it. Why do you always imagine people discharging guns at you?
... Ah well, it's probably THAT PERSONS... Read More " "
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Eyeshield 21 246 (4 comments)
Announcer: Kid... has been broken by Gaouh!

Sideline: Seibu, desperation!?

Ushijima: Hey... Tetsuma

Other Player: Uhm...

Riku: Tetsuma...!


Spectators: Oooh! The god of destruction Gaouh vs. the invincible steam-
train Tetsuma!

Riku: This is the first time I see Tetsuma act out of his own will...

Riku: I have to trust his block and rush through...!!

Announcer: Both are charging at each other with full speed!
It's a battle of superior power. Who will win this!!?

Gaouh: How interesting. Come, Tetsuma Joe!!!

SoundFX: CRUSH!!!

And, then there remained.....
246th down
'The name honoured high upon the gravestone'

SoundFX: ... Read More " "
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Eyeshield 21
Rushing ahead, towards victory.
224th down HUNGRY


Sena: Aaah... Gaou - he is again charging thru!!

Announcer: Kid succeeds with another super-fast pass. Seibu Wild Gunmen
advance 5 yards!

Kid: .....

Riku: Hey!... Kid...?!

Kid: He just touched me with his little finger and...

Riku: A bruise....

Kid: He ain't surprised anymore... and he gets faster and faster

Kid: If my fast-draw doesn't come out yet another 0.1 seconds earlier,

Sena: What the heck - this looks more and more like pro-wrestling
Toganou: In each play it's life or death... jeez, this ain't a martial arts
contest, ain't it?

Kid: I'll just let Gaou Rikiya plunge through in each... Read More " "
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Eyeshield 21 241 (9 comments)
241st down - Bouquets for all enemies
Sidenote: 'It's a tribute for those who are about to depart..."

Monta: 'Ugyaaah! My body still feels pain MAX!"
Sena: "Yeah - we're all somewhat a mess on the day following a match."

Sound FX: "*SPARKLE*
Mamori: "I will do all the washing, so please get some rest, all of you."
Sena: "No... I want to take care of this one here myself."
Sena: "After all, the match against Shin and the other Oujous was something special."

Sena: "Now that it's over, my gear seemes to be more than just something that needs some washing. I want to see every single patch of dirt, until it is finally... Read More " "
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Shimatta.... I was too late...
But anyway, here's the translation I've worked on during the past hour.
Enjoy, minna-sama:

Eyeshield 21

Pg 1:
Catchline: "Will they fly or will they go straight through?"
235th down - The two wings of the devil.

Pg 2:
Catchline: "What will happen, happens now!!"

Announcer: "Uoooh! Only 1cm to the goal-line. 1 CENTIMETER!!"

Pg 3:
Sena: "It's just 1cm... if we break through Oujous defense,
we can reverse the score and win.

Sena: "Yet this 1cm looks like a scary endeavour, though..."

Mamori: "Yes... the closer they get to the goal-line, the more
efficient Oujous top defense line gets...

Mamori: "...because the space they... Read More " "
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