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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Eyeshield 21 235

Eyeshield21 235

+ posted by andy3004 as translation on Jun 1, 2007 22:40 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 235

Shimatta.... I was too late...
But anyway, here's the translation I've worked on during the past hour.
Enjoy, minna-sama:

Eyeshield 21

Pg 1:
Catchline: "Will they fly or will they go straight through?"
235th down - The two wings of the devil.

Pg 2:
Catchline: "What will happen, happens now!!"

Announcer: "Uoooh! Only 1cm to the goal-line. 1 CENTIMETER!!"

Pg 3:
Sena: "It's just 1cm... if we break through Oujous defense,
we can reverse the score and win.

Sena: "Yet this 1cm looks like a scary endeavour, though..."

Mamori: "Yes... the closer they get to the goal-line, the more
efficient Oujous top defense line gets...

Mamori: "...because the space they need to defend gets smaller
and smaller."

Onihei: "They have only two choices to break through. A final
Devilbat Dive, or a pass to Monta."

Kid: "What will they do?"
Torakichi (whispering): "The opposite! Exactly the opposite
what Onihei predicts."

Kid: "Let us know what will happen, Onihei! C'mon, speak up!!"

Pg 4:
Sena: "Monta... where should we aim for? Let's try to keep them
puzzled until the very, very last moment.

Monta: "Yo! Let's keep Shin and Sakurabas attention on both of us!

Pg. 5:
Shin: "Come, Eyeshield 21! Go ahead and fly together if you want,
because I have someone by my side too!"

Sakuraba: "Sena... Monta... I may not be a genius like Shin,
but if we're talking about 'flying high' I will never lose!
Up in the sky there is noone who can beat me!"

Pg. 6:
Announcer: "Time left is 1 minute 15 seconds! This is Deimons
final, their ultimate attack!!"

Sakuraba: "He.... he's going to hand the ball to Sena!

Takami: "Is he only faking it... will he send Sena right trough,
or will he pass to Monta!?"

Pg. 7:
Odawara: "Hohohooo! So in the end your Devilbat Dive has

Sakuraba: "Sh..."

Sakuraba (remembering Shins words): WHATEVER HAPPENS - never
take your eyes of Raimon Tarou!!

Pg. 8 :
Sena (thinking): "In the middle of the Devilbat Dive...."

Pg. 9:
Sena (thinking): "...pass the ball to Monta!"

Hiruma: "Hehehe! Didn't I tell you? The two midgets will fly

Sena: "Gaah!"

Announcer: "Uooh! The ball is out of control!"

Monta: "Never mind! I will catch it whereever it flies!"

Pg. 10:
Announcer: "Sakurabaaaa!

Monta: "Sakuraba... his hands reach higher than mine..."

Torakichi: "Yes! Get it!!"

Torakichi (remembering): "After seeing you performing that super
catch for the first time, I always wanted to become a
phantastic player like you!

Pg. 11:
Sena: "He does the same Devil Backfire like Monta...!"

Torakichi: "Sakuraba! You can do it! You are the Number 1! You can
do everything!!"

Torakichi: "You got height! You can do the overhead catch! Nobody
is able to beat you!"

Sakuraba: "Just watch, Torakichi"

Sakuraba: "I remember the promise we made when you gave me
that wristband! I will reach the finals!"

Sakuraba: "I will do everything to reach the finals... and I
will never break down again!"

Sakuraba: "I am the Nr. 1 Receiver!!!"

Pg. 12:
Monta: "Just like Shins tackle... I'll stretch one of my
arms as far as possible..."

Pg. 14:

Honjo: "IMPOSSIBLE. Nobody can control a ball this way..."

Monta: "Yes... I cannot control this
ball... But this is the only way not to lose against
your superiour height."

Monta: "Sakuraba... Your a perfect receiver... In the end
the result of our battle... lies in the hands of god...!"

Pg. 15:

Pg. 16:

Announcer: "Ohohohohmy.... it's only 1 minute 10 left!
Deimon Devilbats succeded in a violent turnover! It seems
the match has been decided!"

Onihei: "Deimon has won this match!!"

Odawara: "Deimon.... won...?"

Pg. 17:
Odawara: "Oujou... lost"

Odawara: "But the Christmas Bowl.... "

Odawara: "The final match..."

Odawara: "Everything...."

Odawara: "lost.... gone.."

Odawara: "No!"

Odawara: "NOO!"

Pg. 18:

Pg. 19:
Catchline: "A desperate howl!"

Hiruma: "Listen! This ain't over yet!"

Shin: "A game is decided once the clock ticks down to zero.
You should be well aware of this!"

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Posted on Jun 1, 2007
Thanks for the translation andy. :thumbs
#2. by qwan3356 ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2007
Thanks for the Trans!
#3. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2007
OORAAA!! It rocks to have more than 1 translation of Es21!! THANK YOU!!! *bow* ^___^

Btw, on page 14, that's not Onihei speaking, that's Tetsuma! =D
#4. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
another trans! Thank you :)
#5. by bax ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
Thanx a lot :)
#6. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2007
Big thx for trans :D It;s sure good to have one more trans of E21 :D

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