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Eyeshield 21 276

Eyeshield21 276th down

+ posted by andy3004 as translation on Apr 4, 2008 23:30 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 276

Pg. 1:
An incident-filled journey to Osaka... reconnaissance mission over Teikoku

Suzuna: "Listen Osaka! We have arrived with full power.."
Monta: "...for our Teikoku campus study-tour!!"

Pg. 2:
Monta: "So they here they dwell? The strongest team in the whole country, Teikoku Alexanders...!!"
Sena: "I feel kinda nervous about this..."

Sena: "Well y'see... this looks like a frightening place and we better pull out... If we enter without
invitation we might...
Imaginary Teikoku Guardsman: "You dirty spy!"
Suzuna: "Stop it, stop it. Why do you always imagine people discharging guns at you?
... Ah well, it's probably THAT PERSONS fault."

Monta: "Hey! How gettin a reservation for this place just now."
Sena: "What do want to do...?"
Suzuna: "No problem anymore. There's someone coming. EXCUUUUSE ME! Do you know
where the American Football club is located?

Pg. 3:
Karin: "Ah - actually I am just heading for the American Football club for the morning training. You
see, currently I am one of the players...

All: "Good morning Karin!"

Player 57: "Mooorning!"
Karin: "Oh please noes... a simple hi is more than enough"
Player 11: "Good morning!"
Karin: "Please..."

Sena: "What the..."
Monta: "Incredible!"
Suzuna: "A female player...!"

Player: "Good morning, Yamato!"

Yamato: "Hey! You are surely Deimons..."

Senas imagination:" ...spies who came here to plan countermeasures for the Christmas-bowl! (pistol sounds: *bang* bang*)

Pg. 4:
Yamato: "I'm glad that you made it all the way from Tokyo. I Yamato Takeru of the Teikoku Alexanders. Nice to meet you."

Sena: "Wow... what strength..."
Yamato: "Hey, someone hurry up and bring our guests something to drink!"

Yamato: We welcome everyone who wishes to learn about us. There is nothing the Teikoku Alexanders need to hide.

Heracles: "And heeeres me! Hera Kureji of the Teikoku Alexanders. But people call me 'Heracles'! Let's start with a tour
thru the school building.

Heracles: "And me will be your tour guide, buddies!"
Monta: "A true Kansai person."
Sena: "The real Kansai material."
Karin(?): "Ah not quite. It's just Hera's character."

Pg. 5:
276th down: Study tour at Teikoku Campus!
Sideline: "Here is the highest peak in the world of high-school American football. An assault on the true power behind the veil of
the strongest Teikoku."

Pg. 6:
Sena: "What an great locker room."
Suzuna: "Urgh - it reeks of sweat..."
Monta: "Wow... I remember this.. and this from my former baseball club!"
Yamato: "Hahaha... Well, there are 211 people using this room. On my first day, I started here too."

Sena: "Huh?"

Book title:"Teikoku Alexanders - The complete play-book."

Monta: "Oooh! Look, Sena... th... this is..."
Sena: "No no noo! We never should have seen this."
Hiruma (in Senas imagination): "Those cards contain all of our playing moves. Let nobody see them, even over your dead body!"

Pg. 7:
Yamato: "Ah. If you're interested in Teikokus play-book, please accept this as a souvenir!"
Sena & Monta: "WHAAAA...!?"

Sena. "Argh! It's huge!"

Monta: "Uhm... just a second. In baseball, one would never show an enemies team their signs and strategies."

Monta: "Do you mean that you consider yourself so strong, that even if you let Deimon have your play-book,
we will lose anyway? Is it that what you think?"

Sena: "...Monta"

Pg. 8:
Yamato: "No...it's not as if I was handing out any 'secret' to you. The book contains more than 1000 plays. So it lists
about each and every possibly strategy in American football.

Karin: "When a player joins the Alexanders, he starts in the 6th force. And as long as doesn't memorize all those
plays, he's not allowed to proceed into the 5th force."

Heracles: "And do you know what! This guy, Yamato, advanced right into the 1st force on a single day!"
Yamato: "And of course after me came Taka."
Monta: "Taka?"

Heracles: "So no let us advance to the place of the 1st force. Yeeah! This is their locker room!"

Monta: "OOOOOOH!"
Sena. "Wow. Each has his own room!"

Pg. 9:
Karin: "Ah you see, it was made specially for us, because.... uhm..."

Heracles: "It's only natural that the 1st force receives higher rewards. Hahaha! But for us high-schoolers,
the real reward something different... You cannot squeeze the value of a buck out of a cent, after all.

Sign: "The Founder Of American Football - Walter Kamp"

Heracles: "It's pride"

Pg. 10:
Heracles: "The pride we feel, because we have made it to the top, to the 1st of force of the Alexanders.
This is our biggest reward!"

Heracles: "I started in the 6th force, and advanced up to the 3rd after one year. I did fall back to the 4th....
But this year I made it from the 2nd to the first force. It may well be that I will fall back again - every day
is a fierce struggle."

Sena: "Incredible. The ace-players from the whole country join this place, but there is such fierce
contest even among them.

Monta: "Using all their powers to be the strongest of all... Those people really undergo the absolutely
MAX training."

Pg. 11:
Heracles: "Teikoku believes in the survival of the fittest. It doesn't matter if you a first or a third-grader.
You're not required to use 'keigo' when speaking to your 'senpai' *)
**Translators notice: It is common in Japanese schools, that the students in their earlier years (so called
'kouhai') have to address the elder students ('senpai') in a respectful way. Japanese has a wide collection
of special 'formal' and 'respectful' words, and talking to someone using these words is 'keigo'.

Heracles: "Only Karin just wasn't able to really get used to it, right?"
Karin: "I am terrible sorry, Mr. Heracles, but..."

Heracles: "And Yamato all but forgot about 'keigo' after he returned from America. He's one who quickly
adapts, y'see."

Sena: "A...America?"

Ibarada: "YAMATOOOO"

Ibarada: "You really think I am lower than some stupid woman? SHIT! Then just meet me on the field and try to
stop me! Come over here, you bastard!

Karin: "Mr. Ibarada... pleaaase..."

Pg. 12:
Yamato: "Fine! I'm happy to accept this challenge. But..."

Sena: "What the heck am *I* doing here...??"

Yamato: "...you will play with a complete line of the members of th 4th formation. On our side, it is only me and Sena.
If you manage to complete a single long-pass, victory is yours, allright?"

Heracles: "WOW! A tag-team of the real and fake Eyeshield 21!"

Pg. 13:
Ibarada: "SET HUT!!"

Yamato: "So, please Sena... show me your real powers!"

Pg. 14:
Sena: "He runs right through them like a flowing river..."

Sena: "There is no question. This is the man who played for Notre Dame. The legendary Japanese Ace-runner.

Sena: "Eyeshield 21!!"

Pg. 15:
Player 24: "What the...."
Player 09: "I cannot move..."

Yamato: "I'm just blocking the line. And nothing more..."

Yamato: "He will go 1 on 1 with Ibarada. And I got a front row seat to watch his skill...!"

Ibarada: "ROSE WHIP!"

Pg 16:
Suzuna: "Yeah! Sena!"
Monta: "Did ya see that, Teikoku!!"

Pg. 17:
Karin: "Uh... Taka... this ball might hit..."

Monta: "It's that 'Taka' guy... he looks somewhat...."
Suzuna: "Did you meet him before."
Monta: "No... I didn't... but still..."

Sena: "Yamato.... Real Eyeshield 21..."

Sena ( in Monta & Suzunas imagination): "I will win! I will conquer your throne!)"

Pg. 18:
Sena: "I... I am terribly sorry. I lived this lie for so long and took your name and..."
Yamato: "No no! Sena, your moves are greater than I expected!"

Yamato: "I look forward to facing you at the Christmas-Bowl. It will be the decisive
battle on who is the strongest runner in this country."

Yamato: "Yamato Takeru vs. Kobayakawa Sena. The winner shall be the real Eyeshield 21...!!

Pg. 19:
Sena: "Such self-confidence. Such eloquence. He speaks friendly words and truly and honestly means them.
And he is utterly confident never to lose, come whatever may.

Sena: "Whereas me, some time ago, was so utterly weak..."

Sena: "But now... I may not know how strong Yamato really is, but..."

Sena: "No... no way. The one going to win, WILL BE ME!"

Sideline: "Proclaiming war on the 'real' one"

Fin: "Eyeshield 276th down. Next episode: More of Teikokus secrets...? Opening page color-spread included.

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#1. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Apr 4, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#2. by belle_chan ()
Posted on Apr 4, 2008
thank you!
#3. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Apr 4, 2008
#4. by black_crow ()
Posted on Apr 4, 2008
Thank you:XD
#5. by bradz22 ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
thank you. my jaw just dropped from the sheer awesomeness of this chapter. eyeshield 21 definitely is one of the best mangas today.
#6. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2008
awesome! Thanks, dude! ^__^
#7. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2008
#8. by  ()
Posted on May 24, 2008
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Posted on Jun 2, 2008
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