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Kyoukai no Rinne 15 (0 comments)
Title (Page 3 from Rena-chans scan)
Chapter 15: No place for the Soul to Return
Vertical: Masato’s Showtime Revenge!
The Grudge since the Rabbit Coup is enacted
Page 1 (Page 4 from scan…will just be going in order 1-etc. from here on out)
Sakura: Rokudou-kun!
Are you gone!?
What a bother, and I was in a hurry…
Rokumon: Sakura-sama?
Sakura: Rokumon-chan, What perfect timing.
SFX @ Bottom: Waa!
Side of Page: Masato’s trap to destroy the human bonds! But Sakura tries to stop the attempts to drive away Reiji’s Soul!?
Page 2
Sakura: What the demon blew in could be trouble however I don’t know, what Reiji already hates!
Reiji: Suzu you stupid!!
Sakura: Reiji-san.
Page 3
Text at Side: From the... Read More " "
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Fullmetal Alchemist Special : Akatsuki no Ouji (0 comments)
Missing some Text from the special. Need a little help getting that text. Once done, I will be able to finish translating and polishing it up.
Full Metal Alchemist Akatsuki no Ouji (Prince of the Dawn)
Page 1/Prologue
That’s Why!
Box : ?
Chibitan: This brutal white and black cat was accompanied by (?)
Funny Man:これのどこが猫だ!
Funny Man : What part of that is a cat! (Cat looks more like a monster panda)
Chibitan:  WHAT! My picture is hard to follow you... Read More " "
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Kyoukai no Rinne 14 (0 comments)
Very Rough Draft Translation. Some parts could not translate at all even with dictionary...
Chapter 14: Rabbit Coup/Hutch Confrontation
Page 112
A man of mystery like a bat appears suddenly, though there seems to be a connection between him and Rinne. Really!!!
Masato: I haven’t forgotten the grudge against you even once Rinne-kun. (Or) One day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t forgotten the grudge on you/between us Rinne-kun.
Sakura: Rokudou-kun, Who is this person?
Page 113
Rinne: The grudge depends on the story. (Or) The grudge changes with the Story./ The grudge depends on how the story is told (transliteration).
Masato: Fuu…(Evil Laugh)
Suzu and Tomoya: ... Read More " "
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