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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Kyoukai no Rinne 14

Rabbit Coup Confrontation

+ posted by dokuganryuu as translation on Aug 14, 2009 15:14 | Go to Kyoukai no Rinne

-> RTS Page for Kyoukai no Rinne 14

Very Rough Draft Translation. Some parts could not translate at all even with dictionary...
Chapter 14: Rabbit Coup/Hutch Confrontation
Page 112
A man of mystery like a bat appears suddenly, though there seems to be a connection between him and Rinne. Really!!!
Masato: I haven’t forgotten the grudge against you even once Rinne-kun. (Or) One day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t forgotten the grudge on you/between us Rinne-kun.
Sakura: Rokudou-kun, Who is this person?
Page 113
Rinne: The grudge depends on the story. (Or) The grudge changes with the Story./ The grudge depends on how the story is told (transliteration).
Masato: Fuu…(Evil Laugh)
Suzu and Tomoya: FIEND/DEMON/DEVIL?
Sakura: This devil has a grudge against Rokudou-kun!?
6 Years Ago at Demon Elementary School/Elementary School for Demons
Teacher: Everyone, Summer Vacation starts tomorrow. (In an annoying teacher voice)
Page 114
Side: 前号まで。That day、りんねの前で二年生の三波スズが霊に襲われる。霊の正体は、バイク事故に遭い、目が覚めないスズの恋人(?)レイジの生霊だった。どうやらレイジはスズが、自分の親友トモヤとつきあい始めたと思いこんでいるようで…その時、彼らの前に謎のコエモリ人間が現れた!!! (Trouble even translating this, but the kanji for the family name for Reiji, I couldn't even read. It looked like Mori/Mouri though.
Teacher: The Summer homework is to submit/send a soul on earth and send it to hell. (Laughing)
Students: Yes!/Will Do!/Okay!
Masato: I choose the soul of a lonely rabbit who was dying. Everyone seemed to have forgotten about you. In just a little bit more time the rabbit can be captured, at that time I had thought that.
PG 115
Rinne: You are not dead yet right.
Masato: WHOOOO!!!/Who's not dead!!!/Who are you talking about!!!
Rinne: 6th grade class 2, Rokudou Rinne. I am in charge of living things/beings/animals.
Sakura: Huh, You seem to be good/nice.
Rinne: My grandfather was still alive.
PG 116
Rinne: In those times, I use to buy Popsicles every day.
Masato: Don’t reminisce about those times./Don't remember stupid things.
Rinne: Little rabbit, not everyone (Or no one) has forgotten about you.
Rabbit: *Perks Up for the large carrot.*
Rinne: Here you go.
Masato: Whaaa! Why you! It was dying and in great pain!
SFX *Poof*
Masato: Take this, DEVIL FORK!
Rinne: Are you a Demon!? So be it!
Masato: Idiot, Am I suppose to flinch from a cross!?
GFX Muhuhuhu
Masato: That hurts!
Sakura: Um, What is the grudge?
Rinne: Because I was a kid at that time as well, I did not understand the concept of allowances.
Masato: Thankfully, It was just done 5 times. / It was sewed by five needles. (Not familiar with this phrase at all, but still guessing it was the first)
Suzu: That’s mean! Why was Reiji involved in something so foolish!?
Masato: Fuuu
Masato: My name is Masato (Kanji reads as Masahito though). You write it like Ma (Demon/Evil Spirit), Sa (Narrow), and To(Person). This guy is taking the place of the rabbit from that time. Sooner or later he will be taken to hell.
PG 119
Sakura: No
Suzu: Reiji!
Rinne: Running away ay!?/You think you can escape!?
Tomoya: They disappeared!
Sakura: They are running away through the Soul Road/Path!
Masato: Fuu. Eat it/Take that, DEVILS FIRE!
Rinne: Uh!
Rinne: This is bad! When the Haori is on fire, it is impossible to continue on. They got away.
Tomoya: Reiji is still alive?
Suzu:The soul/wraith was taken down to hell.
Rinne: When the time is prolonged with the separation from the body, it makes it more difficult to bring the soul/wraith back./The longer the soul is detached from the body, the more difficult it is to return it back.
Sakura:Huh!? Isn’t there urgency!?/Shouldn't we hurry!?
Rinne: It is important to return the soul as soon as possible.。However, Masato is trying to extinguish/corrupt Reiji’s Soul. Even while he is living/still alive, the soul is trying to turn evil./He is trying to turn the sould evil.
Reiji: Suzu, Tomoya, Y’all just met/associating together since I was hospitalized.
Suzu: How can you say that!? (In response to what Reiji just said which appears to be a lie)
Sakura: Now what?
Rinne: Don’t you think the person in question would return?/(Had to guess)
Suzu: Impossible, he won’t be leaving home./(Had to guess)
Rokumon: Eeh, Rinne are you going to work or bed!?/(Made a guess)
Rokumon: ええーーっ、りんね様タダ働きする気ですか!?
Rinne: It can’t be helped.
Sakura:Reiji is a victim of Rokudou-kun and Masato-kun’s problem/grudge (for more fluid sounding maybe using grudge).
Rokumon: How awful.
Sakura:Ah, I know. This is….
Rokumon: (Devil/Demon Bank) Aku-Gin Bank Card!!
Sakura: Masato-kun must have thrown it away/discarded it at/in the hospital room.
Rokumon: I think he is useless…He will be disappointed when he goes to pull it out./Make a with drawl.
Sakura: However the password is….
Rokumon: There is a memo/note with it!
Sakura: Is it a stupid trap?
Rinne: Fifty/Fifty. (Or) Possiblly/There is a possibility.
The following day 
In the class room: Stand. Bow.
Sakura: Rokudou-kun is gone…Where could he be at a time like this.
Suzu: Rokudou-kun!! Mamiya-san!!
Sakura: Aah, Minami Suzu-sempai!
Suzu: Reiji’s curse just started! (Or) Reiji’s curse just happened!
Sakura: Huh!?
Suzu: My lunchbox just became like this!
Sakura: Maa!!! (OR) Ohh!!!
Suzu: It is a bit unpleasant. (OR) It is a bit unsightly.
Sakura: How is Tadano Tomoya-sempai!?
Suzu: That is Tomoya’s Voice!
Student1: He suddenly fell!
Student2: Tire Tracks!? (From the bike)
Suzu: Tomoya!
Sakura: How mean Reiji-san. Of course, in order to be annoying./(そうか…こっそりイヤガラセするために…Original there only had to guess on second part of sentence.)
Suzu: You’re the worst!
Sakura: Huh?
Suzu: I don’t know if the demon/devil is responsible. Are you stupid!?
Sakura: Umm, Suzu-sempai…
Suzu: I really hate you! I never want to meet/see you again.
Suzu: Get a grip Tomoya. (OR) Get a hold of yourself. (Trying to get him to wake up from the floor)
Sakura: Reiji-san….
Reiji: I don’t want any of this!
Side: Though gracefully done, やる事なす事徹底して心が狭い!! 
Masato: Fuu, human fragile bonds. I will take Reiji’s Soul to hell…and then another one…there is a frightening trap set ahead.
However, after you use the bank card Rinne-kun…what a frightening trap.
Rokumon: How absurd.
Bottom Side: What a frightening enemy lays ahead, Rinne!?

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