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Kyoukai no Rinne 15

No place for the Soul to Return

+ posted by dokuganryuu as translation on Aug 20, 2009 20:56 | Go to Kyoukai no Rinne

-> RTS Page for Kyoukai no Rinne 15

Title (Page 3 from Rena-chans scan)
Chapter 15: No place for the Soul to Return
Vertical: Masato’s Showtime Revenge!
The Grudge since the Rabbit Coup is enacted
Page 1 (Page 4 from scan…will just be going in order 1-etc. from here on out)
Sakura: Rokudou-kun!
Are you gone!?
What a bother, and I was in a hurry…
Rokumon: Sakura-sama?
Sakura: Rokumon-chan, What perfect timing.
SFX @ Bottom: Waa!
Side of Page: Masato’s trap to destroy the human bonds! But Sakura tries to stop the attempts to drive away Reiji’s Soul!?
Page 2
Sakura: What the demon blew in could be trouble however I don’t know, what Reiji already hates!
Reiji: Suzu you stupid!!
Sakura: Reiji-san.
Page 3
Text at Side: From the period of one week Rinne must dispel the grudge over the Spirit, Masato is sending the soul of Reiji all the way to his homeland of Hell! If the spirit is not returned to the body soon, it will be taken to the depths of hell. Reiji however believes in the simple lie that Masato concocted about his girlfriend and best friend. Their personal relationship is at its breaking point.
Sakura: Let’s go apologize to Suzu-sempai and Tomoya-sempai.
Together, let’s go and give it to them.
Reiji: I don’t wanna.
They betrayed me in their own way!
Correlation Chart (わかり易い図)
Presently Reiji’s Soul (レイジ現在生霊)
Suzu Boyfriend/Girlfriend(スズ恋人)
Tomoya Best Friends(トモヤ親友)
Tomoya Classmates(トモヤクラスメースズ)
Reiji: They hid their relationship from me!
Sakura: That’s a complete lie.
If you keep it up like this Reiji-san…
Page 4
Sakura: You will not be able to return to your body!
It is the truth, you will die…..
SFX: Whistle
Sudden shock
Reiji: This is!
Suzu and Tomoya kissing!!
Sakura: Hmmm!?
Page 5
Sakura: !
Masato: Fuu. (Evil Laugh)
Sakura: Masato!!
Masato: Reiji…
This world is already the wrong place for you.
Page 6
Text at left side (These are character profiles, add at the end)
Sakura: No, No, that is impossible. Where in the world is there a person who would be fooled by this fraudulent picture.
The sign board in the background is reversed (pointing at picture)
The height is also off, and it is clearly fabricated.
Reiji: It is already all over.
Sakura: Huh? (Probably thinking he is the biggest idiot)
Rokumon: It is just a waste, Sakura-sama.
The curse has already been misprinted on his forehead.
Once even if the demon’s spell,
Reiji’s heart being distorted, is the cause of this.
Page 7
Masato: Fuu.
Stop your yapping…
Devil Credit Card Cutter!!
Sakura: Huh!?
Page 8
Left Side (Character Profile…Go to end of story)
Masato: I won’t forgive any person who gets in my way.
Wait, Reiji!
Sakura: Aaah!!
Page 9
Rokudou: Mamiya Sakura!
Page 10
Rokudou: What do you guys think you were doing! When I am not around…
Sakura: Rokudou-kun
Rokudou: Masato is a freighting guy who will not give breaks for women or especially children.
Sakura: Yeah, I understand now.
Masato: Rinne-kun, I had thought that you had run away since I did not see you come out.
Page 11
Rokudou: I went to buy something.
Bristletail tri paper!
Page 12
Sakura: Ah, The devil’s curse disappeared.
Rokumon: This is Reiji’s forehead and heart returining back to normal.
Masato: You are too soft Rinne-kun.
Even here I will restore Reiji、the language that he used to his girlfriend and bestfriend、the will to reattach is nill. He will not be returning to his human relations.
Page 13
Reiji: That’s right…
Those two hate me.
Please let Suzu know…that I am throwing it away.
Rokudou: What!?
Sakura: What are you throwing away!?
Masato: Fuu.
He seemed to not regret leaving the world.
Page 14
Sakura: Reiji-san has gotten himself into a tight spot.
Rokudou: Thck,
Rokumon and Mayami Sakura, go under tohether.
Rokumon: Understood Rinne-sama.
Sakura: Rokudou-kun!
Masato: So then Rinne-kun. Like I promised, Reiji’s soul has been sent to hell.
Page 15
Suzu: What!?
Reiji’s spirit has….
Tomoya: Has been sent down to hell!?
Sakura: Once he became like that…
Reiji: Let Suzu know about this.
That I found out it was necessary to throw it away.
Sakura: Do you not think this is true!?
Suzu: Don’t know…
It is just that the day that Reiji had the accident was my Birthday.
Page 16
Sakura: Birthday….
Something...Was he trying to hand something…When I met Reiji-kun for the first time、That is what I thought.
At that place, what was it that he had lost and was unknown.
The precious thing wasn’t it was it.
The more he went to look for it, the more he became a spirit…
Because of Rokudou-kun…
Page 17 (Last page)
Side Text: Rinne is following to the heart of where the devil was raised, HELL!!
Rokudou: This is bad…Reiji has begun to lose his regrets to this world…Returning him to his body will become even more difficult.
Masato: Fuu, Come and pursue Rinne-kun.
I will have you pay for the grudge long ago!!

Character Profiles:
Page 6
Rokudou Rinne. Grandmother is a Shinigami. Grandfather is a Human. His current job is to bring spirits to the great wheel and attend his first year of high school.
Mamiya Sakura. For a time, she had strayed off into another world. Since then, this girl has been able to see spirits.
Page 8
Rokumon: His job is to Support Shinigami as a black cat. This black cat has a contract with Rinne.
Masato: This person with a fearsome heart is a Devil. He was routed by Rinne when they were children, and this entire time, has had a grudge against him.

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