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Fullmetal Alchemist Special : Akatsuki no Ouji

Akatsuki no Ouji

+ posted by dokuganryuu as translation on Aug 18, 2009 03:05 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

Missing some Text from the special. Need a little help getting that text. Once done, I will be able to finish translating and polishing it up.
Full Metal Alchemist Akatsuki no Ouji (Prince of the Dawn)
Page 1/Prologue
That’s Why!
Box : ?
Chibitan: This brutal white and black cat was accompanied by (?)
Funny Man:これのどこが猫だ!
Funny Man : What part of that is a cat! (Cat looks more like a monster panda)
Chibitan:  WHAT! My picture is hard to follow you say!?
Box : ?
Al : すいませんこういう猫を連れた女の子を捜してて。。。
Al: Excucse me, So we are looking fo the girl who took the cat.
Old Man:さあ。。。見ないわねえ
Old Man: Hmm…Never seen it.
Radio: 臨時ニュイスをお伝にえします
Radio: Transmitting the news in Special Broadcast.
Radio cont: (Most of the box can’t even read)
Page 2
Radio: Claudio, The First Prince of Aerugo (Not certain on spelling of country)、His highness has decided to visit.
Paper Boy: 号外号外!!南部国境戦は休戦だ!!アエルゴから平和の使者が来るよ!!
PB: Extra, Extra!! Immediate suspension on hostilities with the Southern Country!!Peace diplomats are coming!!
TXT Box: アメストルスの南方に位置するアエルゴー
TXT Box: Aerugo is located just south of Amestora.
Cont.: 西国は国境をめぐり衝突を繰り返してきた
Cont: The Western country has restarted their attacks.
Cont: とくに現在の第二次南部国境戦はアエロゴ政府がイシュヴァール内戦に加担したとされる件が根を 深くしている
Cont:  As for the second matter, It is believed that Arugo's involvement in regards to the Civil War in Ishbal has created deeper resentment.
Cont: 少数民族イシュヴァール人を扇動し物資の提供で内乱を支援しながら最後には彼らを見捨てたアエ ルゴ...
Cont: Aerugo had instigated the minority within Ishbal with promises of goods but abandoned them.
Page 3
Txt Box: その経緯から今回の訪問にあいても遺恨を持つイシュヴァール残党によるテロが懸念されている
Txt Box: It is feared that remnants of the Ishbal terrorists will continue to attack.
Scar: 信じるというのか
Scar: Do you believe?
Scar: この…呪われた歴史を…
Scar: In this accursed history…
TXT:殿下は特別車両に乗り換え明朝には (Missing text)
K Bradley: (Too blurry for me to read)
K Bradley:
Lisa Hawkeye: すでに市街各地で進行中です。
Lisa Hawkeye: It has already been progressing well in various towns.
Armstrong: みなのもの!誠心誠意まことの筋肉をもってお迎えすrのであるぞ!
Armstrong: Everyone! Flex your muscles with true sincerity!
Men that scare me: はいっアルックス様
Men that scare me: Yes, Alex-sama!
Page 4
Shopkeeper: (Can’t read)
Man: (Can’t read)
Man eating hot dog: 街中ずいぶんうかれてるな
Man eating hot dog: The city is growing extremely noisy.
Cook: おりゃそーだよ!
Cook: That’s true!
TXT: 休戦になったおかげで家族が帰ってくるしゅ!イベントが沢山あるから俺ら(Can’t make out)人は万々(Can’t make out)だしね
Man waving: (Can’t read)
TXT : テロの心配はあるけどそれを除けば皆大(Can’t read)びさ!
Falman: へぇ…皆ねぇ…
Falman: Everyone….
PG 5
Roy: クラウディオ。リコ-アエルゴ…
Roy: Claudio. Riko-Aerugo.
Annoying women: ちょっと見た見た!?アエルゴの王子!見たー!超カッコよくない!?
Annoying women: Ahh, I only saw a bit!? Aerugo’s Prince! I saw! Isn’t he super cute!?
Roy: …
Roy: …
Annoying women who became even more annoying: 玉の腰よー!結婚するならこういう男よねー!あたし新しい(Can’t make out)買いに行こうかんー!
Translation of above:
Roy: …久しぶりにを着けてくれそうた
Roy: It’s been a long separation.
Lisa: 皆クラウヂィ殿下の(Can’t make out)れを心得ちにしております
K. Bradley: そう
K. Bradley: Hmm!
Lisa: (Can’t make out)の王子人、々は彼こそが戦いの闇を照らす暁の光である。。。と
PG 6
K. Bradley: 昇る太陽はいじれ地に堕ちて沈む定め。この国の何を照らすか…見せてもらおう
Trans: Ruling countries come and go like the rising sun. And what of this country, does it shine? Won’t you show us…
TXT: うわー何この人だかり!こんなの初めて見た!
Trans: Wow it’s corwded! This is the first time I have seen it like this!
AL: 楽しそうなイベントがいっぱいあるね!
Trans: Aren’t there a lot of events here!
Chibitan: チャンスだば!オレの融資を世界に見せてやろーじゃねぇか!
Trans: Here’s my chance! To show off my skills to the world!
Al: (Can’t make out)コンテストもあるんだって
Chibitan: あいつが飛びつきそうなイベントだな…
Trans: That guy might skip the event.
Longhaired woman: これがアメストリス…
Trans: So this is Amestris…
Pg 7
Lh woman: 待って、兄さん
Trans: Wait for me, Onii-san (Brother).
Text: (Can’t make out)
Txt: (can’t make out)
Military: まもなくアメストリスに入国します。クラウディオ殿下。
Trans: We will be entering Amestris soon your highness, Claudio.
Text at top : ?
Tex in Middle : ?
Text at bottom : ?
Prince: もう、逃げられはしない。
Prince: You can’t run away any longer!

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I am still missing text. If someone could supply the missing parts, then I would be able to continue with the translating.

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