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Übel Blatt 80 (0 comments)
Has already been scanlated by Geisha I am just adding it for my collection... O.o

p. 126

Rabaan: It seems an old friend’s daughter has come to visit me // I’ll introduce you tomorrow

p. 127

The Truth.

Rabaan: I see // Is that what you came rushing here to tell me? // Elseria?

Elseria: Yes, that's exactly it!

p. 128
Elseria: Lord Glenn was killed and the current political situation is unstable... // If the strongest military faction in Jebr, the House of Zefourea makes a bad move / The people of Jebr will suffer like before...

Elseria: Please I urge you...

Rabaan: That small little kid that used to play with Kveria has grown up wonderfully

Elseria: Now is not the time for stories!!

p. 129
Rabaan:... Read More " "
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Übel Blatt 79 (0 comments)
Has already been scanlated by Geisha I am just adding it for my collection... O.o

p. 103
Ato: That is Kveria's house... the house of Zeforea's mansion...

Ato: Since Glenn was killed. I'm sure the search for the traitor has intensified here in Jebr.

Ato: I don't think Kveria is a bad person, but... // Will it be alright if we just waltz in there?

Koinzell: I don't know...

Koinzell: For now, let's try going...

p. 104


p. 105

Soldier #1: What are you guys doing... // Go back where you came from!

Soldier #2: A battle is nearing. // We have no free time to deal with you!

Kveria: Let those two pass.

p. 106

Soldier #1: Kveria-sama!

Kveria: Those two are my friends.

Kveria: I'm glad you came, Koinzell, Ato.... Read More " "
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Übel Blatt 78 (1 comments)
Names are hit or miss for me: These are the names that came up and how I translated them, if you have a better one or know a definite source from the author, that would be awesome.

クヴェリア - Kveria

ゼフォーレア - Zefourea

イェブナレス - Yebnares


p. 79

Koinzell: So we need to go through that village

Ato: Yeah...

Koinzell: There's a place I want to reach... but it's going to be dangerous

Koinzell: I don't want to deal with getting caught in any "Rebel" hunt // so let's tread lightly.

Ato: Ok.

p. 80

Melodious Voice.

p. 81

Soldier: Hey!

Soldier: Where did you guys come from? You are not from this village.

p. 82

Soldier: Show me your face.

Ato: Koinzell..
Koinzell: Well... Read More " "
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Übel Blatt 6.3 (2 comments)
Any critiques are much appreciated, thanks!

Ubel Blatt Vol 6 Chapter 3

Pg. 53
Junge Blatter 若葉 II
Junge Blatter Young Blade II

Pg. 55
Ato: あっ。。。うぐ。。。うああ。。。

Koinzell: 頼むアト。。。
I beg you, Ato…

Koinzell: 耐えてくれ。。。
Please endure it for me…

Koinzell: 僕の血を受け入れてくれ。。。!
Please accept my blood!

Pg. 56
Pawn #1: はっ。。。ははははっ。。。

Pg. 57
Pawn #1: すげえ。。。すげえぞ。。。!
Incredible…Fucking Incredible…!

Pawn #1: 僕達今。。。自由都市を蹂躙してるぜ。。。!
We are overrunning Jullas Abllas now!

Angry chick:... Read More " "
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Übel Blatt 6.2 (4 comments)
I got carried away and spent all night translating. Any pointers would be awesome. After reading njt's article, I focused less on a literal translation and focused more on carrying the meaning/story.

Pg. 27
Old lady: これはこれは。。。何と立派な攻城 櫓。。。
These.. These are.. such imposing siege towers...

What on earth are soldiers doing heading this way?

Soldier: バレスター砲台伯が
Barestar’s main army

Is going to punish Jullas Abllas as it has become the Hero Killer’s home.

Old lady:... Read More " "
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Übel Blatt 5.8 (4 comments)
Any help is appreciated, one of my favorite manga, but it is getting so little love. My first translation of a manga, ever. Took a while, but I think I got most of it down. Quite a few parts that confused me though.

Ubel Blatt Vol 5 Chapter 8

Pg. 171
Der Heldmorder 英雄殺し VII
Der Heldmorder Hero Killer VIII

Koinzell: くそ。。。

Koinzell: この戦いは無意味だ。。。!
This fight is meaningless...!

Pg. 172

Koinzell: 彼らは倒すべき相手ではない。。。!
They are not the enemies we should be taking down.

Koinzell: アトを退かせてこの無駄な騒ぎを治めないと。。。
Ato has to retreat. I can't fight with her here...

Pg. 174

Blonde kid:... Read More " "
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