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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Übel Blatt 79


+ posted by linuxnewb as translation on Nov 9, 2009 03:56 | Go to Übel Blatt

-> RTS Page for Übel Blatt 79

Has already been scanlated by Geisha I am just adding it for my collection... O.o

p. 103
Ato: That is Kveria's house... the house of Zeforea's mansion...

Ato: Since Glenn was killed. I'm sure the search for the traitor has intensified here in Jebr.

Ato: I don't think Kveria is a bad person, but... // Will it be alright if we just waltz in there?

Koinzell: I don't know...

Koinzell: For now, let's try going...

p. 104


p. 105

Soldier #1: What are you guys doing... // Go back where you came from!

Soldier #2: A battle is nearing. // We have no free time to deal with you!

Kveria: Let those two pass.

p. 106

Soldier #1: Kveria-sama!

Kveria: Those two are my friends.

Kveria: I'm glad you came, Koinzell, Ato. Please come in...

Ato: Koinzell...

Koinzell: Yeah...

Koinzell (thinking): This place too...

p. 107

Koinzell (thinking): What is going on? // Even though Glenn was killed...
This place doesn't even look like they are searching for the traitor at all...

Kveria: .... // I wonder where I should begin...

p. 108

Kveria: For a long time, the house of Yebnares governed over Jebr. We, the house of Zeforea, was one of the chief vassals... // The houses that now fight over the land were originally a military faction that served under the the house of Yebnares who worked hard to make everyone equal.

Kveria: But, 20 years ago... // The head of the house's son, Kfer became a "lance of betrayal"
The house of Yebanres was regretfully destroyed by the hands of it's own subordinates

p. 109

Kveria: The chief vassals who lost their lord became scattered... // After that, Jebr returned to fighting each other again...

Kveria: And a few years ago, for the sake of the stability of Jebr a few of the influential military factions' leaders // decided that they would accept as their lord, Glenn, who up until then had been rejected.

Kveria: My Brother by himself also.... // ...

p. 110

Kveria: A long time ago, this land was magnificent // It was filled with peace as everyone pledged their loyalty to one lord. // They had strong spirits, which protected Jebr, which qualified it to be the front gate of the imperial capital.

Kveria: Because it was all before I was born, I only know about it through the old songs from the elders....

Kveria: What is it that you seek // by asking about the house of Yebnares? Koinzell.

p. 111

Koinzell: I wanted to know about an old friend. // A friend from Yebnares wanted me to do him a favor.

Koinzell: It is a story that if I told anyone, I would be killed so I can't tell you...

Kveria: I see...

p. 112

Kveria: Yebnares's direct descendant.... // Kfer, the Lance of betrayal, his wife has a child that is alive.

p. 113

Kveria: When I was young // There was a mother and child living in a room detached from this mansion...

Kveria: They were definitely...

Brother: Kveria!!

Kveria: B... Brother...

p. 114

Brother: Don't you dare speak of that detestable house's name!!

p. 115

Brother: Dear guests...

Brother: I am Kveria's brother... // The head of the house, Rabaan Zeforea. I'm terribly sorry about showing you such an ugly sight.

Koinzell: It's fine...

Rabaan: It is an important tradition for the people of Jebr to welcome visitors. // Travelers, let me welcome you.

Koinzell: Thanks....

p. 116

Glasses: It looks like there is going to be a big battle soon...

Daliste: Apparently the knights of the seven lances are going around talking every military faction into it // This doesn't look good...

p. 117

Elseria: And it is all because of Glenn's death...

Elseria: We must hurry!

p. 118

Rabaan: It seems that Kveria has completely locked herself up in her room.

Rabaan: Kveria's reason for telling you the story about "that house", I don't know... // I also mistakingly raised my voce

Rabaan: Thanks to all the turbulent changes recently in Jebr, it seems I got all worked up // Sorry.

Koinzell: It's fine...

Rabaan: No. // Allow me to explain to you...

Rabaan: Because you seem to be the cause of all this

p. 119

Rabaan: You // are the rebel who killed Lord Glenn.

p. 120

Rabaan: The knights of the seven lances told me what you looked like... // Besides, the way you carry your body... Its not something just anyone can do...

p. 121

Rabaan: Because of you // Jebr, is now falling apart and killing each other

Rabaan: I don't know the reason, but...

Rabaan: You have given me quite a problem.

Koinzell: What do you plan on doing with me? // Capture and give me to the knights of the seven lances?

p. 122

Rabaan: Fight you, and make my men die pointlessly?

Rabaan: If I were to fight the mighty warrior who killed Lord Glenn // There is no telling how many of my men would die...

Rabaan: Its useless. // It will just be pointless bloodshed.

Koinzell: You are quite coolheaded.

p. 123

Rabaan: I... // have no hate.

Koinzell: As you said... // The cause of Jebr's turmoil is me.

Rabaan: As for hatred...

Rabaan: We, the people of Jebr, have hated each other for the last 20 years // Enough already...

p. 124

Rabaan: We have been imprisoned by these emotions for too long // Blood must not be spilled any longer!

Rabaan: Please relax // I didn't tell my men anything about the you guys. I want you guys to act as my guests until the end.

p. 125

Rabaan: However... It has been a long time since I saw my sister's face light up like that...

Rabaan: Please make yourself at home. // As Kveria's friends, let me welcome you.

Rabaan: In the northern mountain, there is separate house with a hot springs as well where you can rest up.

Rabaan: At any rate // there are a lot of visitors today...

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