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Translations: One Piece 856 by cnet128 , Gintama 625 by kewl0210

Übel Blatt 5.8

Der Heldmorder Hero Killer VIII

+ posted by linuxnewb as translation on Apr 12, 2009 22:56 | Go to Übel Blatt

-> RTS Page for Übel Blatt 5.8

Any help is appreciated, one of my favorite manga, but it is getting so little love. My first translation of a manga, ever. Took a while, but I think I got most of it down. Quite a few parts that confused me though.

Ubel Blatt Vol 5 Chapter 8

Pg. 171
Der Heldmorder 英雄殺し VII
Der Heldmorder Hero Killer VIII

Koinzell: くそ。。。

Koinzell: この戦いは無意味だ。。。!
This fight is meaningless...!

Pg. 172

Koinzell: 彼らは倒すべき相手ではない。。。!
They are not the enemies we should be taking down.

Koinzell: アトを退かせてこの無駄な騒ぎを治めないと。。。
Ato has to retreat. I can't fight with her here...

Pg. 174

Blonde kid: 惜しい!!
I almost had him!!

Black haired guy: あれお避けるか。。。
He avoided that?

Pg. 175
Blonde kid: でももう時間の問題よダリステ
Whatever it is just a question of time. Dariste ???

Blonde kid: 彼の仲間が乱入してくれたおかげで。。。
Thanks to his comrade’s interference...

Blonde Kid: 彼の動きを読みやすくなった。
His movements are easy to read.

Blonde kid: 彼は。。。

Blonde kid: 向こうが気になって仕方がないみたいだ。。。
Starting now he must be anxious that there is nothing he can do...

Pg. 178
Glasses guy: お嬢さまっ!!
My lady!!

Ato: ぐうっ!!

Pg. 179
Ato: くそ!!

Pg. 180
Koinzell: アト!!

Ato: こんなんじゃ駄目だ。。。!
I can’t be useless!

Ato: ケインツエルが見ているんだ。。。!!!
Koinzell is watching me...!!!

Koinzell: 退くぞアト!
Retreat Ato!

Koinzell: 一旦戦いを終わらせるんだ!!
Stop the fight for a moment!!

Pg. 181
Koinzell: 聞こえて。。。
Listen to me

Koinzell: アト!!!

Pg. 182
Koinzell: アト。。。

Koinzell: そんな。。。浮ついた戦い方を見せられて。。。
This can’t be happening... She fights on restlessly in order to prover hersef to me..

Koinzell: 僕が喜ぶとでも思っているのか。。。!
Thinking that I would enjoy it...

Ato: 強いところを見せなきゃ。。。!
I must show him my strength

Pg. 183
Blonde kid: 捕まえた!

Ato: ぐあっ!!

Pg. 184
Koinzell: アトっ!!!

Pg 186.
Scream: ケインツエル!!

Pg. 187
Little girl: わっ わっわっ。。。
Ah, ahh, ahhh!

Annoying girl: うわーっ

Angry chick: まだお仲間が!?
He still has more comrades!?

Hot chick: ずらかるわよ!
Let’s get out of here fast!

Annoying girl: ケ。。。ケインツエル。。。その格好。。。!?
Ko... Koinzell, how is she doing?

Pg. 188
Blonde Kid: ああ逃げられた。。。
Ahh, they escaped...

Angry chick: いいえ。。。逃げられはしませんわ!
No, he can’t escape anywhere.

Blonde kid: エルツエン!
The elf scent!

Glasses guy: はい

Glasses guy: 彼の“匂い”はもうわかっています。。。
We already have his scent...

Glasses guy: 歴史ある自由都市をこれ以上。。。
More importantly, never in the city's history...

Glasses guy: 軍隊の包囲や屋根を踏み鳴らしての不粋な戦いで騒がすのもよろしくありません。。。
Has there been such a large army surrounding it.. Ready at any moment to charge in...

Pg. 189
Angry chick: すぐに見つけ出して
Find them immediately

Angry chick: 何もかも終わりにしてさしあげますわ。。。!
Do whatever it takes to end this!

Ato: んあ。。。う。。。

Annoying girl: アトさん!

Pg. 190
Ato: ケインツエル。。。

Koinzell: 故郷に帰れ
You should return home…

Koinzell: アト

Pg. 191
Annoying girl: ケインツエル。。。!?

Koinzell: 未熟者に近くを飛び回れては
Your running around like a novice near me

Koinzell: 僕の戦いの邪魔になる!
Is hindering my fight.

Ato: ケインツエル。。。

Pg. 192
Crazy guy: それで貴様らは
You fucking idiots

Crazy guy: グレンの配下に言いくるめられて引き下がったというのか!?
Explain to me why you withdrew to Glenn’s subordinates?

Scared dude: は。。。

Retarded dude: ですが。。。相手の一人はラハンクレーブ選帝侯の息女でして。。。
Because one of them was the daughter of the imperial elector Rahnclave…

Crazy dude: 選帝侯の娘だと。。。?
So what if she is an imperial elector’s daughter?

Crazy dude: くそ。。。グレンめ。。。グレンめ。。。!!!
Fucking Glen!!!

Pg. 193
Crazy dude: 畜生。。。グレンめ。。。あいつがあの自由都市造らせているあの飛竜母艦。。。
Damn it... Glen... That bastard is making me use the flying dragon mother ship.

Crazy dude: あれを僕が横取りしようとしているんだと思い込んで邪魔をし始めたんだ。。。!!
They dare get in my way? I’ll teach them a lesson by taking over that damn city!

Crazy dude: 畜生!!僕の 領邦だぞ!!
Shit!! This is my territory!!

Crazy dude: なぜあの自由都市も。。。グレンも
How dare that city and Glenn…

Crazy dude: ぼくの領邦で 好き勝手しやがる!!
Do whatever they please in my territory!!

Pg. 194
Crazy dude: 自由都市を。。。
The city..

Crazy dude: 落とせ!!
Rip it apart!!

Pg. 195
Ato: ツエル。。。

Ato: ケインツエル。。。

Annoying girl: アトさん。。。

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#1. by [Noche] ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2009
lol the naming of the characters in ur translations r funny[hot chick, crazy dude] :D, but thx for the translation, this is also one of my favorite manga, glad to see it finnally getting some attention.
#2. by mangafool ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2009
keep it up hopefully you'll get a team together anything is possible here
#3. by Cheezit ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2009
Agreed one of my favorite manga's too i would do some typesetting if it was cleaned.
#4. by linuxnewb ()
Posted on Apr 15, 2009
Well Blah and Null stepped it up a notch so thats good. I am going to keep just plugging away at it though to get better. Thanks for the comments and thanks.

As for the names, I forgot their names cause I haven't read it in a while. heh.

Was kind of hoping someone more experienced in translating would chip in a bit so I can get better, but I suppose they are all busy. I'll go talk to null and see whats up.

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