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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Übel Blatt 6.2

Junge Blatter Young Blade I

+ posted by linuxnewb as translation on Apr 15, 2009 10:08 | Go to Übel Blatt

-> RTS Page for Übel Blatt 6.2

I got carried away and spent all night translating. Any pointers would be awesome. After reading njt's article, I focused less on a literal translation and focused more on carrying the meaning/story.

Pg. 27
Old lady: これはこれは。。。何と立派な攻城 櫓。。。
These.. These are.. such imposing siege towers...

What on earth are soldiers doing heading this way?

Soldier: バレスター砲台伯が
Barestar’s main army

Is going to punish Jullas Abllas as it has become the Hero Killer’s home.

Old lady: さすがは七英雄のお一人バレスター様。。。
As one would of expected from one of the Seven Heroes. Barestar-sama...

何とご 立派な。。。

Captain: 村長ご厚意に感謝する
Village chief, thank you for your kindness.

Let’s depart!

Pg. 28
Junge Blatter 若葉 I
Junge Blatter Young Blade I

Pg. 29
Koinzell: くそ。。。

This barrier!!

Pg. 30
Angry chick: 今度こそ。。。
This time, for sure...

Koinzell: ぐつ。。。

Pg. 31
Glasses guy: 結界が。。。!?
The barrier, what happen!?

Pg. 32
Koinzell: アト!!!

Pg. 33
Blonde kid: この間の仲間の。。。!
It’s her again!

Black hair guy: あの 傷で。。。
That injury...

Angry chick: けなげな。。。
You are brave...

Angry chick: それでも。。。
Even though you are injured...

Since you can’t say why you pick up your sword for that traitor...

It won’t be able to go easy on you!

Pg. 34
Angry chick: 本当に。。。

Angry chick: しぶとい逆賊ですわ!!
You are so stubborn!!

Ato: くそ。。。!

Pg. 35
Koinzell: 君は僕と一緒だと。。。
You’re like me...

You can’t focus on fighting the enemy.

Pg. 36
Ato: そうだ。。。彼らは。。。
That's it...

Ato: ケインツエルの敵じゃない。。。!!
Don’t focus on Koinzell’s enemies!!

Koinzell: くそ。。。

That barrier is gone, but

Koinzell: まだ体が重い。。。
My body still feels heavy...

Pg. 37
Koinzell: アトの。。。

Koinzell: 戦い方が変わった。。。!?
Her fighting style changed!?

Ato: 敵を見て戦う。。。
Focus on the enemy...

Ato: これでいいのか?
Is this good?


Blonde kid: なんで。。。?
What’s going on?

Blonde kid: あのケガなのにこの子前より。。。
Even though she is injured, she has...

Become stronger than before!?

Pg 38.
Koinzell: この子は
This girl..

Koinzell: あの一言だけでこんなに。。。!!
From just a single pointer, she has gotten better!!

Koinzell: なんて。。。素直な子だ。。。
She learns very well..

Koinzell: 師匠。。。

Koinzell: グーリエ師範代。。。
Ms. Gleaa...

Koinzell: あなた達が僕にくれていたであろう想いを。。。
It seems that the teachings you guys gave to me...

Now for the first time, I am able to give it to someone else...

Pg. 39
Angry chick: くつ。。

Angry chick: このままでは。。。!
At this rate, we aren’t going to come out on top!

Black haired guy: 戦い方を変えるぞ!
She changed her fighting style!

Black haired guy: あまり気は進まないが。。。
We aren’t making much progress...

Ato: あぐうっ!!

Pg. 40
Koinzell: アトッ!

Black haired guy: ケガ人をいたぶるのは好みじゃないが。。。
I don’t like tormenting an injured person, but...

But unless we aim for the enemy’s weak spot now..

We won’t be able to win!

Pg. 41
Angry chick: 。。。また。。。

Angry chick: あんな目を。。。!
That look in his eyes!

Angry chick: 何なんですのこの人物は。。。!?
What is with this guy!?

He is not acting like the way a traitor should

Pg. 45
Ato: あぐっ。。。

Ato: かはっ

Koinzell: ア。。。アト!!
A… Ato!!

Pg. 46
Angry chick: これは一体。。。
What on earth is this...

Angry chick: 何事ですの!?
What is going on!?

Black haired guy: 砲台伯の代官共か。。。!?
Are those deputy officers back with the main army!?

Those two, where did they go!?

Pg. 47
Ato: ケインツエル。。。僕。。。は
Koinzell... I...

Ato: ちゃんと戦えてた。。。?
Did I fight well?

Ato: 僕。。。認められるような
I... Did it so that you would recognize me…

Koinzell: ああ。。。
Yes, yes you did...

Pg. 48
Ato: よかった。。。
Thank goodness...

Koinzell: ア。。。アト。。。
A... Ato...

Koinzell: まだだ。。。!
Not yet!
Koinzell: まだだアト。。。
Ato, not yet...

I’m not satisfied yet, there is more for you to do!!

Pg. 49
Koinzell: アト。。。僕に。。。 君の成長見せてくれ。。。
Ato... Let me see you grow up...

Koinzell: 僕が 育てる。。。!!
I’ll train you!!

I will.. guide you!!

君に。。。僕の命を 分け与える。。。だから。。。
For you... I will give you some of my life... So live...

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#1. by menino ()
Posted on Apr 15, 2009
finally somebody was interested for this great manga., tkz linuxnewb
#2. by Pomax ()
Posted on Apr 15, 2009
"これはこれは。。。" is more of a "well won't you look at that" kind of observation, not to be confused with something like "こっ…これは…", which is more of a frightened expression like what you translated it as. これはこれは is really just the old lady looking at the situation and musing to herself. I'd go with something like "my, my, won't you look at those imposing siege towers" instead.

I'd also try not to break up the translation rigidly per subbubble, so take the whole sentence バレスター砲台伯がならず者共の巣窟となっているあの自由都市を懲らしめるんだ, translate it, and then chop it up intelligently over the two bubbles instead.

- Pomax
#3. by [Noche] ()
Posted on Apr 15, 2009
Thank Youu
#4. by linuxnewb ()
Posted on Apr 23, 2009
Thanks for the heads up pomax.

And you guys are welcome.

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