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Bleach 278 (15 comments)

Grimmjow: .........Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra: ...What are you doing? Grimmjow...

Sidetext: The two stare each other down in front of their prey. And in the end...


Sidetext: I have overcome everything.
Sidetext: Now, I look forward!

Big annoucement at the bottom: Movie 2 coming out this December.


Ulquiorra: ...I'm asking you.
Ulquiorra: What are you doing.

Ulquiorra: Going through all this trouble healing the enemy that I defeated.
Ulquiorra: What are you trying to accomplish?


Ulquiorra: ...Are you not going to answer?

Ulquiorra: ...Very well.


Ulquiorra: But first and foremost, I have been ordered by Aizen-sama to take care of that woman next to you.

Ulquiorra: Give her to me.

Grimmjow: I... Read More " "
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Bleach 277 (10 comments)

Sidetext: In front of the fallen Ichigo, Grimmjow appears! What does he want!?

Nell: ...Ah... ah...
Nell: Sexta... Espada..

Nell: Grimmjow... sama...


Nell: Ah...
Nell: Ahh...


Grimmjow: ...Tsk.
Grimmjow: ...Just like I thought...

Nell: S...
Nell: Sto...




Orihime: ...Ku...
Orihime: Kuro... saki... kun...


Grimmjow: Fix him.


Sidetext: Our paths will never cross...

BLEACH 277 - Corrosion of Conformity


Lolly/Menoly: ...Ah...
Lolly/Menoly: Ahh...


Ulquiorra: ...What exactly

Ulquiorra: Happened here?

Nell: Ichigo... he...

Nell: Ichigo covered for Nell and he was hit directly with a Cero!!

Nell: Ichigo covered for Nell and he was even hit directly with a kick!!
Nell: Nell was only holding... Read More " "
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Bleach 2 (6 comments)
Better late than never. >.<


Sidetext: Renji and Uryuu - the two men who have their abilities sealed by the Espada Szayelaporro. What is their plan?

Ishida: ...Abarai.


Ishida: How long
Ishida: Can you hold him off for?

Renji: I'm sorry, but...
Renji: I'd say 20 seconds at most.

Ishida: I see...


Ishida: That will do!

Ishida: Let's go!!

Szayelaporro: ...Hmph.
Szayelaporro: You guys, don't interfere.

Szayelaporro: They thrill me.
Szayelaporro: They're going to attempt something despite their situation. I would like to see what they will do with my own eyes.


Sidetext: They both live in different worlds, and that will probably never change. But for now, they stand together...

BLEACH 275 -... Read More " "
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Bleach 274 (16 comments)

Sidetext: The released "arrow"!! Piece through that evil soul!!




Zaelapollo: Gah...

Zaelapollo's Fraccion: Za...
Zaelapollo's Fraccion: Zael. Apollo-sama!

Zaelapollo's Fraccion: Zaelapollo-sama!
Zaelapollo's Fraccion: Zaelapollo-sama!


Ishida: !


Zaelapollo: .......Kuha.


Zaelapollo: Fool! Did you think that arrow! Against me!
Zaelapollo: Did you think it would pierce? It would stab? It would work?
Zaelapollo: Did you honestly think that would actually happen!?


Zaelapollo: Why don't you find it odd
Zaelapollo: That I already know the name of the opponent you fought against!?

Zaelapollo: Your abilities
Zaelapollo: I already have them all... Read More " "
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Bleach 272 (20 comments)

Ulquiorra: It seems.

Ulquiorra: That I overestimated you.

Ulquiorra: Your evolution didn't meet my expectations after all.

Sidetext: The difference between the Cuarto Espada and Ichigo's powers are too great... what will the injured Ichigo do...!?


Ulquiorra: ...It's the end.


Ulquiorra: If you can still move despite your condition.
Ulquiorra: Then leave Hueco Mundo immediately.

Ulquiorra: If you can't move, then die.

Ulquiorra: Your journey


Ulquiorra: Ends here.
Ulquiorra: Shinigami




BLEACH 272 - Don't Kill My Volupture


Orihime: Kuro... sa... ki...

Orihime: kun...?

sfx: rattle, rattle (door opening)
Orihime: !

Orihime: ...Ulq...

Lolly: See? There.
Lolly: Told you the princess will be... Read More " "
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Bleach 270 (16 comments)

Sidetext: The one above, and the one below... they will now... move!


Sidetext: I will cut
Sidetext: Whoever stands in my way!

BLEACH 270 - WARning


Sidetext: The approaching twilight. Everything stained. These crouching people. What are their thoughts?


Sidetext: Just when Ichigo detects Rukia's fading spiritual pressure, a new enemy stands in his way! A member of the Espada, Ulquiorra!

Ichigo: ...You.
Ichigo: ...You're...


Ichigo: Ulquiorra...!

Ulquiorra: So you actually remembered my name.
Ulquiorra: Not that I remember ever telling you mine.

Ulquiorra: But let's put that aside for now.

Ulquiorra: Kuchiki Rukia is dead.


Ichigo: !

Ichigo: What...
Ichigo: Did you say...!?

Ulquiorra: To... Read More " "
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Bleach 269 (16 comments)

Sidetext: With everything on the line...




Arroniero (other personality): AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGH!

Arroniero (other personality): It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!
Arroniero (other personality): Help me! Help me Aizen-sama! Aizen-sama, Aizen-sama!

Arroniero (other personality): You told me! You told me! If I followed you
Arroniero (other personality): You would release me from all pain!

Arroniero (other personality): So why?
Arroniero (other personality): Why does this hurt so much!? It hurts!! It hurts so much!!

Arroniero (other personality): I DON'T WANT TO DIE! I DON'T I DON'T I DON'T I DON'T I DON'T I DON'T... NONONONONONONO! No...

Arroniero (other personality): Grugle (sfx)


Arroniero:... Read More " "
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Bleach 268 (6 comments)
Gah, I may have messed up. I posted on a different translation forum before I found this latest translation one... still getting used to this site, sorry.

I apologize for having to post this twice, but here ya go (if the mods may kindly delete the other one, much appreciated):


Arroniero: Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Text in black box: Kuchiki

Sidetext: The pierced Rukia, within the voice of the enemy laughing in the background, and...


Kaien: Kuchiki!

Rukia: Owww!!


Rukia: W-What was that for all of a sudden Kaien-dono!!
Kaien: That's because you wouldn't respond to me even if I called you or if I shook you!

Rukia: I could've gotten a cramp while sleeping!!
Kaien: So you were sleepwalking?

Kaien:... Read More " "
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