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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bleach 269

Bleach 269 - The End Is Near

+ posted by Nes Mikel as translation on Mar 30, 2007 21:12 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 269


Sidetext: With everything on the line...




Arroniero (other personality): AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGH!

Arroniero (other personality): It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!
Arroniero (other personality): Help me! Help me Aizen-sama! Aizen-sama, Aizen-sama!

Arroniero (other personality): You told me! You told me! If I followed you
Arroniero (other personality): You would release me from all pain!

Arroniero (other personality): So why?
Arroniero (other personality): Why does this hurt so much!? It hurts!! It hurts so much!!

Arroniero (other personality): I DON'T WANT TO DIE! I DON'T I DON'T I DON'T I DON'T I DON'T I DON'T... NONONONONONONO! No...

Arroniero (other personality): Grugle (sfx)


Arroniero: ....damn it.

Rukia: ...ugh.

Text in black box: Do not die.


Rukia: *gasp*
Rukia: *gasp*

Text in black box: No matter what.

Text in black box: Do not die alone.


Rukia (sidetext): I know what true loneliness is.

Rukia (sidetext): The loneliness of being held captive.

Rukia (sidetext): And the happiness of knowing that I would be rescued.

Rukia (sidetext): And above all, I know the pain of knowing that my friends would be hurt in the process.

Rukia (sidetext): But don't worry, Inoue...

Rukia: I'm coming for you now...!


Sidetext: Onwards, onwards... but one by one, they fall...

BLEACH 269 - The End Is Near




Eyeliner Arrancar: That was Arroniero...

Eyeliner Arrancar: What shall we do, Halibel-sama?

Grandpa Espada: That brat. Dying such a pathetic death...


Lilinet: Boom!

Stark: GAH! BLARG!

Stark: Gaaaah! *cough* *cough* *cough*
Stark: Erg...
Lilinet: Ahahaha! Woke you up!

Lilinet: Hey!
Lilinet: 'sup, Stark?

Stark: ...............
Stark: ...So it was you, Lilinet...


Stark: ...Give me a break...
Lilinet: HEY!!!

Lilinet: Don't fall asleep!!
Stark: Blarg!
Lilinet: Wake up wake up wake up wake uppppp!!
Stark: Stop it, you idiot! Not my balls, not my- GAH!

Lilinet: .........
Lilinet: ...Arroniero was beaten, you know.

Stark: ...I know.

Lilinet: ...And you're alright with that?

Stark: ...What do you want me to do?
Stark: Hm?

Lumina/Belona: Za. E. L. Apollo-sama.
Lumina/Belona: Zaelapollo-sama!

Zaelapollo: Lumina and Belona.
Zaelapollo: What is it?

Lumina/Belona: Arroniero. Dead!
Lumina/Belona: Dead! Dead! Dead!

Zaelapollo: ...Oh my. You're right.
Zaelapollo: The report actually came in.
Zaelapollo: I was so preoccupied I didn't even realize it had arrived.

Zaelapollo: How very interesting.


Zaelapollo: Looks like they took each other out at the same time.
Zaelapollo: Isn't that admirable, Shinigami-kun?

Renji: ...What are you talking about...?

Zaelapollo: What I'm saying is that a member of the Espada and one of your comrades killed each other off at the same time!
Zaelapollo: Congratulations! An admirable feat!

Renji: ...We'll see about that.

Zaelapollo: You still don't understand? I'm telling you, it's useless to keep that false hope of yours.
Zaelapollo: We even have the name of the shinigami who died.

Zaelapollo: Her name was "Kuchiki".
Zaelapollo: Sound familiar?


Zaelapollo: Such a predictable response. You really are interesting, you know that?

Zaelapollo: However, I told you this already, didn't I?
Zaelapollo: With shikai alone, there's no way you can injure an Espada like...


Zaelapollo: me...

Renji: ...Quit yer yappin...


Renji: Get out of my way...!

Zaelapollo: ............
Zaelapollo: ...Hah.


Ichigo: ..........!
Ichigo: ...Rukia...!?

Ulquiorra: So you actually realized.

Ulquiorra: I had thought that you were a simpleton who only knew about power.

Ulquiorra: But it seems that you have a degree of finesse within you.




Ichigo: ........You...
Ichigo: ...You are...

Ulquiorra: ...It has been a while.

Ulquiorra: Shinigami.

Sidetext: The reunion!!

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#1. by Tamerlane (=D)
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
Wooo thank you so much for this! I was just getting ready to download the RAW too. Perfect timing.

#2. by Magical Poof ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
Thank you for the uber fast translation! (;_; RUKIA!!!!)
#3. by Nognir ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
Ichigo is totally f@@@ed up if he has to fight Ulquiorra... I wonder if Renji stands a chance against Zaeruappolo or if that pacman hollow can help disable the bankai seal...

Now there are only 3 left to fight... What if Sado and Rukia become able to fight once again?

[tammy]Added spoiler tags for you.[/tammy]
#4. by Luckas ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
#5. by Zaloof ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
thx for the trans
#6. by Aladar ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
Thanks, I'm glad that thanks to mangahelpers' great translators, I can read Bleach sooner then from HQ raw :)
#7. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
thank you so much! :)
#8. by bax ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
Thanx a lot :kkthumbs
#9. by destinator ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
Thanks so much for the trans. This week we would have been lost without you... <333!
#10. by Silhouette ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2007
Thanks a lot Nes ^^
#11. by notBowen ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2007
Great trans, especially Ulquiorra's line
#12. by Ichimaru Gin n Tonic ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2007
thanks for the translation, Nes Mikel! :thumbs
#13. by Kanzar ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2007
Ah~ So fast! *huggle*
#14. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Mar 31, 2007
thanks a lot
#15. by coby0 ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2007
thanx for the trans
#16. by bloodrage ()
Posted on Apr 3, 2007
thanks for that man really great

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