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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 2

Bleach 275 - United Front 2 [Red and White]

+ posted by Nes Mikel as translation on May 19, 2007 02:21 | Go to Bleach

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Better late than never. >.<


Sidetext: Renji and Uryuu - the two men who have their abilities sealed by the Espada Szayelaporro. What is their plan?

Ishida: ...Abarai.


Ishida: How long
Ishida: Can you hold him off for?

Renji: I'm sorry, but...
Renji: I'd say 20 seconds at most.

Ishida: I see...


Ishida: That will do!

Ishida: Let's go!!

Szayelaporro: ...Hmph.
Szayelaporro: You guys, don't interfere.

Szayelaporro: They thrill me.
Szayelaporro: They're going to attempt something despite their situation. I would like to see what they will do with my own eyes.


Sidetext: They both live in different worlds, and that will probably never change. But for now, they stand together...

BLEACH 275 - United Front 2 [Red & White]


Peshe: Foooooo

Peshe: ooooooooo

Peshe: oooooooooooooooo

Peshe: ooooooooF!!!

Peshe: Gah...
Peshe: It doesn't hurt... it doesn't hurt, dammit...!

Peshe: That Uryuu... jumping out by himself like that... I can't make a comedy duo just by myself...! No use making a fool out of myself otherwise...
Peshe: ...I mean, think about it. Just now, you could've said that "I wasn't making a fool out of myself, but instead that's your idiocy showing" or something...

Tiny Sidetext above Peshe's horns: Can't see...

Peshe: !


Peshe: That's...
Peshe: Dondochakka!!!

Peshe: That guy... so he was with Renji all along!!
Peshe: But what's with him!? He only got mixed up in a battle and he gets to strike such a hilarious pose!? Dammit!!!


Peshe: But... now that I found him, I guess that means I have to help him...
Peshe: Please... please no one notice me...

Peshe: Don't worry, Peshe! You can do it! Nobody would even pay attention to a small fry like me!!
Peshe: Not like I am small fry, though!

Peshe: But geez... nobody is paying attention to me at all... I'm getting kind of sad...
Peshe: I wish... someone would take notice of me just a little... just a little...

Dondochakka: PEEEESSSSSHHHH!!!


Dondochakka: Wh-where yansu are you Peshe~!? You came for me, yansu~!?
Dondochakka: To... to... to save me~!?

Dondochakka: I was scared, yansu~!!
Peshe: I-idiot! Dondochakka! Don't be so loud!

Peshe: They'll notice...

Peshe/Dondochakka: ...N......
Peshe/Dondochakka: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Peshe: Wha...
Peshe: What happened!?


Szayelaporro: ...Hmph.
Szayelaporro: And here I was wondering if you'd try something new...


Szayelaporro: But in the end, all you can rely on is your brute strength!!!

Szayelaporro: How idiotic.


Szayelaporro: !


Szayelaporro: ................
Szayelaporro: ...What are you trying to pull?

Szayelaporro: Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't swing that way.

Renji: (mumbling something)

Szayelaporro: ...Hey. Say something, you-
Renji: ...Heh.

Renji: It's true that the difference between you and me with just shikai is great...
Renji: And I don't think I have a advantage over you even if I force you to resort to close-quarter combat...

Renji: ...But.

Renji: Even if the difference between our strength is great...


Renji: If you eat a blow at point blank range.
Renji: It'd hurt a little, no?

Szayelaporro: !

Renji: I've always been bad at kidou since the start...
Renji: Heck, I've always been scolded by the instructors by creating unwanted explosions.

Renji: ...Now then. How about we find out
Renji: To see who the tougher of the two?

Renji: Hadou No. 31
Renji: Shakkahou




Szayelaporro: Bwah!!

Szayelaporro: Cough...
Szayelaporro: Cough...

Szayelaporro: Dammit...!
Szayelaporro: A mere shinigami, ridiculing me like this...!!

Ishida: ...Just like I expected.


Szayelaporro: !

Ishida: If you were attacked by Abarai, and even if that attack succeeds or fails, I theorized that you'd retreat in the opposite direction of Abarai.
Ishida: The distance, too.

Ishida: You're the type of person who likes to look down on your opponents.
Ishida: You have a habit of retreating just outside of the opponent's attack range after you were attacked.

Szayelaporro: ...So what?
Szayelaporro: You also seem to have a habit of liking to stand behind people's backs.
Szayelaporro: And you thought you'd actually win because of that?

Ishida: ...Yeah.

Ishida: That's exactly right.


Szayelaporro: No way...
Szayelaporro: I've sealed all spiritual pressure emanating from your weapons...

Ishida: All it means
Ishida: Is that there's some things in the world you have yet to understand.

Szayelaporro: ..................!
Ishida: Here, let me put it in simple terms so even you would understand.


Ishida: Hasta Aqui (It's over).
Ishida: Szayelaporro Grantz.

Szayelaporro: D......
Szayelaporro: Dammmiiiiittt!!

Sidetext: Because together... they will win!

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#1. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
To tell the truth.... I was waiting for your trans! Wonderfull as ever!!! Thx a lot n_n...

#2. by bax ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
Thanx a lot :amuse
#3. by riekie ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
ahh great trans nes mikel...what a great episode! and can't even think of what will happen in the next XD
#4. by ibra87 ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
Thanks, a really great translatio.
#5. by Silhouette ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
thanks a lot for the translation
#6. by coby0 ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
thanx for the translation

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