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Bleach 2

[Shounen] Bleach Kon in Hana Omake (Starting at Part 2)

+ posted by uchipu as translation on Nov 7, 2006 07:13 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 2

This is the Kon in Hana Omake that's been featured a page here and there starting with vol 20 of the original tanko. However, I didn't add or trans the vol 20 portion of the tanko, because imo, it wasn't as funny as the rest of it, and to be honest, I didn't really have the time... but the quick recap of it is... that Hanatarou is a guest on Kon's radio show, and during the process of the show, Kon takes over Hanatarou's gigai and goes to SS... That's where I pick up the transes...

The raw is a SendSpace mirror that you're going to have to d/l because this thing spans 20 some-odd pages and I don't have the time nor patience to u/l every page and post them. Sorry. But if you need other mirrors I'll create them. Also the raw is courtesy of www.rawmanga.com The raw tanko's they have are complete raw tankos, up to and including these little omakes. Which means that as soon as I get around to it, I will trans and then u/l Chapter 0 the story of Bleach before vol 1 (special omake at the end of vol 23 of the tanko). I've already d/l the vol. Also that means that if any of you would really like me to trans something (short bio or any other omake included in the raw vol), let me know and I'll get around to it when I can.

UPDATED: RAW scans d/l link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qervfw

Pg 1
コン様の エロエロ尸魂界 征服チン道中
Kon-sama’s Perverted Soul Society Conquering Travels
Kon (in Hana): フフフ… ここが尸魂界か… どうれ…どの隊の 更衣室からのぞいてやるかな…
Fufufu… So this is Soul Society… Let’s see… Which division’s changing (locker) room should I peep in frist…?
?: あ おかえりなさい 山田七席!
Oh, welcome back. Yamada, 7th Seat!
Kon: おう!

Pg 2
Frame 1
?: ラジオの収録は もうおわったん ですか?
The recording for the radio is already done?
Kon: ンだよ うるせー 男だな… 男にゃ用は ねーんだよ! あっち行ってろ ボケ!!
Sheesh, what an annoying guy… I have no use for guys!! Go somewhere else, stupid.
あ? あんなモンとっくに おわったよ!
Oh? That thing was finished a long time ago!

Frame 2
?: そりゃ良かった 山田七席に 女性隊員から プレゼントを あずかって たんですよ!
That’s good. I was holding on to a present from the women members for you!
Kon: 何ィ!!

Frame 3
Kon: なんだよ~~ そういうことなら 早く言えよもォ~~
Oh really. You should have said so earlier.
なにかね~~ 自分のヌード写真 とかかな~~
What is it? Maybe nude picture of themselves?

Pg 3
Frame 1
?: サソリです
It’s some scorpions.
Kon: うおギャアアアア

Frame 2
Kon: お…おぼえてろ このヤロウ!!
Yo…You’ll pay for this!!
?: すいませーん サソリは お好きじゃないって 伝えときますー
I’m sorry. I’ll let them know that you don’t like scorpions.
…絶対山田七席じゃ ないけど 面白いから まあいーか… しかし ザコ敵みたいな 捨てゼリフ だなあ…
…That’s definitely not Yamada 7th Seat, but it’s funny so whatever… Anyways, that last line was something a minor villain might say…

Pg 4
Frame 1
Kon: チックショ~~~ 何だアイツ…!? イタズラとかのレベル 完全に超えてんぞ… どうかしてんぜ… …お!?
Dammit. What’s with that guy…!? That was way over the level of a prank… There’s something wrong with him… …Oh!?
Sign: 十一 十一番隊更衣室
11 11th Division Changing Room

Frame 2
Kon: ラッキーぃ! 更衣室 じゃあん!! いっちょここから のぞいてやる…
Lucky! It’s a changing room!! I’m just going to start peeking from he…

Pg 5
Kon: ぜ…

Pg 6
Frame 1
11th Div: 四番隊だァ!!!
It’s the 4th Division!!!
Kill him!!
Kill him!!
Kill him!!
Kon: ぎゃあああああああ
ナニナニ!? なんで男ばっか なの!? つーかなんで 目が合っただけで 殺せコール!? 何なんだよ こいつらー!?
What, what!? Why is it all guys!? More importantly, why are they yelling kill just over eye contact!? What are these guys!?

Frame 2
Kon: はっ まてよ! よく考えりゃコイツだって 死神だ!! もしかしたら 斬魄刀で戦えばけっこう イケるんじゃねーか!?
Oh, wait! When I think about it, this guy (Hana) is a shinigami too!! Maybe if I fight with a zanpakutou, it might not be so bad!?

Page 7
コン様の エロチン2
Kon-sama’s Erochin 2
In the Gense at that time…
Hana (real): こ…ここは? ぼくは一体… そ…そういえば!!
Wh…where am I? What am I… Th…that’s right!!
Howan, Howan, Howaaaan

Pg 8
Kon: やったぜ ザマーミロ!!
Yeah. Take that!!
Hana: そ…そうだ…! なんでだか知らないけど コンさんが僕のギガイを のっとって大爆笑してて… 僕はそのまま 気を失っちゃったんだ…
Th…That’s right…! I don’t know why, but Kon-san took over my gigai and burst out laughing and… I lost consciousness then…
たたた大変だ!! コンさんを さがさなきゃ!! なんかすごく あぶない予感がする!! 僕もあぶないし 僕の尸魂界での評判も あぶない予感がする!!
Th…thi…thi…this is bad!! I have to look for Kon-san!! I have a really bad feeling about this!! I have a bad feeling, I’m in danger and so is my reputation within Souls Society!!

Pg 9
Premonition Dead On
Kon: うわああん よ… よるな コノヤロ~~
Uwaaaaaan. Do…don’t come near me, bastard.
11th Div: ギャハハハハ!!ムダムダ!! どんなに振り回しても オレ達のキズが治るだけだぜ!!
Gyahahaha!! It’s pointless!! No matter how much you swing it around, it only heals our wounds!!
美少年に なっちゃうヨ~~
We’re going to turn into bishies
Just kidding!!

Pg 10
11th Div: ギャハハハハ
まいったネ こりゃ
This isn’t good.
ヒイイ~~ 治されちゃう~
Hyyyyy. He’s healing us.

Pg 11

Pg 12
11th Div: な…何だ今の…!?
Wh…what was that…!?
何しや がった…!?
What did he do…!?
Text: 説明しよう! 瓠丸は傷を治すたびに 刀身の赤いゲージがたまり、満タンになると『朱色瓠丸』に 自動解放して1回だけ ためた傷を全部吐き出す すごい攻撃ができるのだ!!
I’ll explain! Everytime Hisagomaru heals a wound, the red gauge on the blade starts filling up. And when the gauge becomes full, it turns into “Akeiro Hisagomaru” and automatically releases the stored wounds in an incredible attack just once!!
This is the “Akeiro Hisagomaru”(Shikai)! It’s small!!
ちなみにゲージが 少なくても 「満たせ!瓠丸!」の かけ声で 解放できるのだ!!
On a side note, even if the gauge is low, it can be released using the cry “Fill it! Hisagomaru!”

Pg 13
Frame 1
Kon: フハハハハ!!! いける!! 何だか知らんが 勝てるぞコレで!!
Fuhahahahaha!! Not bad!! I don’t know what this is, but I can win!!

Frame 2
Text: そして「朱色瓠丸」の 時は 治療じゃなく ふつうに敵を 攻撃することが できるのだ!! 
And when it’s “Akeiro Hisagomaru” it can attack normally instead of heal!!
11th Div: ひいっ…

Pg 14
Frame 1
Text: でもゲージがたまってない時の 「朱色瓠丸」は超弱いぞ!
But, when the gauge hasn’t been filled, “Akeiro Hisagomaru” is extremely weak!
Be careful!!
Kon: くたばれい!!!
11th Div: ひッ!!

Frame 2
11th Div: …え?

Frame 3
Kon: …え?

Frame 4
Kon: え?

Pg 15
Frame 2
Kenchan: さっきの見てたぜ ガキ… 中々やるじゃねえか…!
I was watching earlier, kid… You’re not bad…!

Frame 3
Kon: え… えへへ… あの… ど… どうも…?
Eh… Ehhehe…Umm…Th…Thanks…?
Kenchan: ちィっと 俺と 遊んでけよ
Come play with me a bit.

Pg 16
Frame 1
Kon: ギャアアアアアアアアアア
Nanao: 何かしら… 随分 さわがしい…
What is it… It’s really rowdy…

Frame 2
Kon: ヒイイイイイイ
Nanao: …っと、こんなことに 気をとられてる 場合じゃないわ
…Oh, I can’t be paying attention to this stuff.
会長! どこ行かれたんですか かいちょーーっ!!
President! Where did you go, President!!

Pg 17
Frame 1
Sir K.O.N’s EC3
Text: (あらすじ)コンin花太郎絶体絶命。
(Summary) Kon In Hanatarou, Life or death situation.
Kon: 息止めろ俺! 死ぬまで 止めろ!!
Stop breathing! Stop until I die!!

Frame 2
Hana: コーンさーん…

Frame 3
Kon: こ… この声は!!!
Thi…This voice is!!!

Pg 18
Frame 1
Hana: コンさーん…!!
Kon: は… 花太郎!!! しかも俺の パーフェクトボディまで!!!
Ha…Hanatarou!!! And with my perfect body too!!!

Frame 2
Kon: YOSSHAAA!! これでヒョイッと元のボディに 戻っちまえば… 不幸は全て 奴の元へ!!!
And if I return to my original body quickly… All the misfortune will go to him!!!
?: あれ? 何してるんですか? 山田七席
Oh? What are you doing? Yamada 7th Seat.

Pg 19
Frame 1
Text: 四番隊女子
4th Division Ladies.
Ladies: キャーーー!! ぬいぐるみなんか 持ってるー!!
Kyaaaaaah!! He’s holding a stuffed animal!!
So cute!!!

Frame 2
Girls: きゃあ きゃあ
Kyah, kyah.
Kon: 何イイイイイイ!!!?

Frame 3
Kon: お…俺大人気!? ちくしょう…!! 今まで1回もそんなこと なかったじゃねーか…!!
I…I’m really popular!? Dammit…!! This has never happened even once before…!!

Pg 20
Frame 1
Kon: 許せん…イヤ 大チャーーーンス!!
Unforgivable… No, big cha–––––nce!!

Frame 2
Kon: ここでハチョーンと 入れ替わって… 幸福よ俺に 不幸よ貴様に!!
If I just switch right here… The good fortune to me, and the bad to you!!

Frame 5
Hana: コンさん!!!

Pg 21
Frame 3
Text: コン

Frame 5
Hana: くくくくくくくく 草鹿副隊長!!!
Kukukukukukuku Kusajishi Vice Captain!!!

Pg 22
Frame 1
Yachi: なんだ これ?
What’s this?
Kon: ピピピピ ピーーンチ!! 俺と俺のボディ!!!
Pipipipipi pi–––––nch!! Me and my body!!!

Frame 2
Hana: ま…まって下さい 草鹿副隊長!! どうでしょう! その玉をぬいぐるみの口に 入れてみては!?
P…please wait, Kusajishi Vice Captain!! How about it! Why don’t you try putting that ball inside the stuffed animal’s mouth!?
Kon: おお!! ナイスフォロー 花太郎!!
Oooh!! Nice follow, Hanatarou!!

Frame 3
Yachi: なんで?
Hana: え!? えっと… そ… そうすれば…
Huh!? Ummm… S…So that…
Kon: たのむぜ!! うまいこと 言えよ!!
Please!! Say something good!!

Pg 23
Frame 1
Hana: おもしろいことに なりますよ!!
You’ll see something fun!!
Kon: 何だそりゃ!?
What the hell is that!?

Frame 2
Yachi: わーーい!
Kon: ええッ!? …って おごッ!?
Whaa!? …Ogoh!?

Frame 3
Kon: ぶっはーーーーーー!!

Pg 24
Frame 2
Yachi: アッハ! 犬まんじゅう!!
Aha! Dog bun!!

Frame 3
Kon: イヤ ちがっ… ていうか 犬まんじゅうって 何!?
No, that’s not… I mean wth is a dog bun!?

Pg 25
Kon: ああッ!! やめて! 食べないで!! つーか何!? 犬まんじゅうって食えるもんなの!? やめてー!! アタマから 食べないでー!! せめて尻… ギャアアアアアア
Aaah!! Stop! Don’t eat me!! I mean what!? A dog bun is something you can eat!? Sto––p!! Don’t eat me from my head!! At least start at my butt… Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Nanao: あ、いたいた会長 何してんですか 会議始まり ますよーー
Oh, there you are President. What are you doing? The meeting’s going to start.
Text: 完?
The End?

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