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Naruto 382 (20 comments)
OK, I don't care what anyone says, this fight is the best thing of Part 2 in a LONG time. This chapter is so ridiculously moving. I love Jiraiya.



382: The Real Choice!!

Text: Jiraiya finally unveils the secret...and is attacked by Pain!

Jiraiya: Yes! I know who Pain really is!


Jiraiya: I have to...tell them who Pain is...

Toad: *garbled, I believe Jiraiya can't hear him clearly*


Jiraiya: Damn!
Jiraiya: At this rate...

Jiraiya: No...
Jiraiya: It's all going fuzzy...

Jiraiya: Am I...
Jiraiya: to die here?

Jiraiya: To fail?


Jiraiya: Being a shinobi is not abut how you live, but how you die...

Jiraiya: A shinobi's life is evaluated not by how they lived, but by what... Read More " "
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Naruto 380 (16 comments)
Best chapter in a very, very long time. I loved this.



380: That Face...!!

Text: The true face of a god...that is the collected face of these six with the "eyes". Thus, Pain Rikudou appears!


Text: Among the six...!!

Jiraiya: You...that face...
Jiraiya: You're Yahiko...?

Pain: Ah yes, him.
Pain: He died a long time ago.

Jiraiya: What is this...
Jiraiya: Yahiko died...
Jiraiya: And those eyes...


Pain: You see Yahiko's face in me.
Pain: Indeed, only my old teacher would see that.

Pain: But Yahiko is dead.
Pain: All that is here is Pain.

Jiraiya: Enough riddles!
Jiraiya: Why do you have the Rinnegan?!

M Toad: What be happening, Jiraiya?
Jiraiya: One of those... Read More " "
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Naruto 376 (12 comments)
Wow, been a while. But as soon as I saw those toads speaking Okayama-ben, I knew that as the dialect crusader I had to translate this.

Notes: I've chosen to translate their Okayama-ben into a country Irish accent. A country old-person Irish accent, so don't take it that young people speak like this now. >_>
Also, Jiraiya speaks formally and without contractions to the toads to reflect his respectful manner of speech.
M Toad = Male Toad
F Toad = Female Toad
G Toad = Great Toad




Toad: Jiraiya, when will you ever be turnin' into Sennin Mode on your own?

Jiraiya: I am still nothing compared to the two of you.

Text: Jiraiya enters...Sennin Mode?!

Pain: Orochimaru,... Read More " "
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Naruto 347 (12 comments)
Oh Suigetsu, you so silly.

As usual, HANDS OFF unless you're Inane, Zarosaki or Cez.



Text: A prison Orochimaru left behind, from which water is released. And an unusual man appears from this flow.

Suigetsu: I'm first, so...
Suigetsu: Who are the rest, then?

Sasuke: Two to go...
Sasuke: I'm taking Juugo from the north base and Karin from the south base.

Suigetsu: Oh, really?

Sasuke: What?


347: Diversion..!!

Suigetsu: Oh dear...I really don't like those two at all...
Suigetsu: I really don't believe I can get along with them...

Text: Suigetsu appears...!!

Suigetsu: Heh...


Sasuke: No need for you to get along especially well.
Sasuke: Just work with them.

Suigetsu: Well, you... Read More " "
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Naruto 340 (10 comments)
Gyahahaha, translation powah!
As usual, this is only for Inane, Zarosaki and Cez. Any others who use it in their scanlations shall feel the destructive force of Yog-Sothoth.



340: A Hazardous Bridge

Naruto: Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken...
Naruto: I'll finish it with this!


Chouji: I'll cover you!

Yamato: No! Don't get too near Naruto!
Yamato: You'll get caught up in it!

Kakuzu: So this is the power of the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki...
Kakuzu: A truly monstrous jutsu.




Naruto: Gyahhhh!

Kakuzu: Dam-...



Chouji: Huh?

Ino: ...well?
Ino: Did he win?

Yamato: It failed.

Kakashi: He really is a completely unpredictable ninja.
Kakashi: Yamato!

Yamato: OK!


Naruto:... Read More " "
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