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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 382

Naruto Chapter 382

+ posted by Pazuzu as translation on Dec 14, 2007 10:08 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 382

OK, I don't care what anyone says, this fight is the best thing of Part 2 in a LONG time. This chapter is so ridiculously moving. I love Jiraiya.



382: The Real Choice!!

Text: Jiraiya finally unveils the secret...and is attacked by Pain!

Jiraiya: Yes! I know who Pain really is!


Jiraiya: I have to...tell them who Pain is...

Toad: *garbled, I believe Jiraiya can't hear him clearly*


Jiraiya: Damn!
Jiraiya: At this rate...

Jiraiya: No...
Jiraiya: It's all going fuzzy...

Jiraiya: Am I...
Jiraiya: to die here?

Jiraiya: To fail?


Jiraiya: Being a shinobi is not abut how you live, but how you die...

Jiraiya: A shinobi's life is evaluated not by how they lived, but by what they accomplished before they died...

Jiraiya: ...when I think about it, my life has been nothing but failures.


Jiraiya: Constantly rejected by Tsunade...

Jiraiya: Unable to stop my friend...

Jiraiya: Unable to protect my master and student...

Jiraiya: When I look at everything the Hokages have done...
Jiraiya: my life seems like a waste...


Jiraiya: I wanted to die like the Hokages did.

Jiraiya: Our stories are decided by the bonds we hold at the very end.

Jiraiya: Nothing wrong with failing! I carried on with the belief that all of these ordeals just made me stronger.
Jiraiya: And instead...

Jiraiya: I would even out all of these failures with some great accomplishments.
Jiraiya: Then die as a fine ninja!

Jiraiya: ...That's what I'd planned...
Jiraiya: But...those bonds...this is how I die...?


Jiraiya: The Great Toad told me his prediction of "one wh would change the world".
Jiraiya: And the one who would be responsible for whether it brought peace or destruction.

Jiraiya: And it seems that I failed yet again...
Jiraiya: I couldn't defeat Pain, or stop Akatsuki...

Jiraiya: I'm pathetic...
Jiraiya: The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya? Hah...

Jiraiya: What a worthless story...

Minato: No, not at all!


Minato: I think it's a great story.

Minato: It's all based on your own adventures,
Minato: so it's kind of an autobiography.

Jiraiya: Well, yeah...
Jiraiya: But it didn't sell at all.
Jiraiya: I think next time I'll go back to the winning formula of erotic novels.

Minato: What I really liked about the hero of this is that he never gave up, not ever...
Minato: He's just like you, isn't he?


Jiraiya: Haha...you think?

Minato: And...I've been thinking.
Jiraiya: Hm?

Minato: I'd love if my own child...
Minato: could be a shinobi just like this character.

Minato: So, do you mind
Minato: if I pilfer the hero's name?

Jiraiya: Hey, are you sure about that?
Jiraiya: I actually thought of it while I was eating ramen...


Kushina: Naruto.
Kushina: It's a great name.

Jiraiya: Kushina...


Jiraiya: Haha...
Jiraiya: So that'd make me his godfather?
Jiraiya: Are you sure you want that?

Minato: I couldn't think of a better person.
Minato: You're such a great ninja with amazing ability...
Minato: There's no other shinobi like you.

Jiraiya: Ah...

Jiraiya: Yes...
Jiraiya: I named him...


Naruto: I WILL be the Hokage!!
Naruto: And I'll be better than all the ones before me!
Naruto: I'll never go back on my word...
Naruto: That's my way of life.


Jiraiya: You know, Naruto, you're just like that hero.

Jiraiya: You lived right up to Minato and Kushina's hopes and dreams...

Jiraiya: But as for me...

Minato: I couldn't think of a better person.
Minato: You're such a great ninja with amazing ability... There's no other shinobi like you.


Orochimaru: The true measure of a shinobi is whether he can master all of the jutsu in the world.
Orochimaru: It's just like the word says.
Orochimaru: A ninja is one who uses ninjutsu.

Jiraiya: That's not what decides a great ninja...
Jiraiya: You still don't understand?

Jiraiya: A ninja is one who endures through anything and everything.

Orochimaru: Well, we all have our opinions.

Jiraiya: I'll tell you something...
Jiraiya: The true measure of a ninja
Jiraiya: isn't how many jutsu he has...


Jiraiya: What matters is...

Jiraiya: an indomitable spirit.

Jiraiya: I will never go back on my word. And I will never give up...
Jiraiya: If that's your way of life...

Jiraiya: Naruto, I'm your master.
Jiraiya: So, I'm not going to just whine and complain.

Jiraiya: Because...


Jiraiya: Ggggg....!!

M Toad: Jiraiya-chan?!

Jiraiya: The pupil's way of life should be the master's too!
Jiraiya: Isn't that right...Naruto...

M Toad: He willed himself back to life?!

Pain: Your heart stopped, did it not?

Jiraiya: Right!


M Toad: Guh...

M Toad: Yes! I understand everything!

Jiraiya: I won't give up... That was the choice I had to make!
Jiraiya: You were the one in the prophecy, Naruto, it was you.
Jiraiya: So I leave everything up to you!

Text: A bloody curtain is drawn on this hero's tale. With his last words, "I won't give up", he makes his choice and passes his hopes and dreams to his final student, Naruto!!

Preview: Jiraiya dies...and what will Konoha do with this information?
Next, "Spread of Darkness"!!

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks very much pazuzu!!!!!
#2. by Borgenstrand ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
Thanks! :D
#3. by pirate-hitman:L ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks! How nice...Jiraiya named Naruto
#4. by nizsu ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
the story is too sad Y_Y
#5. by dandy65 ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
#6. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
#7. by Pia-chan ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks a lot ^^
#8. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
Paz - Please put this in spoiler tags until a non-spoiler raw comes out - until then, it's still technically a spoiler.
#9. by Slashout ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
I read the trans already even if I can't find the raw, maybe I shouldn't have, the story would have been so much better if I read it with the drawing.
So sad :(.
#10. by zidane ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thx dude!

edit: and for the RAW, just see look on the spoiler-thread...
#11. by Phat ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks :D
#12. by MadaraUchiha1 ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
#13. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks for the trans!
#14. by Spartan-Sensei ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thx for the translation!!

btw while reading it i had "Sadness and Sorrow" from OST1 playing
it matched the feelings in such a nice way :D
#15. by onefjeff ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
Thanks for the translation
#16. by Emmanra ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
Thanks P it's a good trans.
#17. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
i really cannot believe this!!but,thanks yah pazuzu!!
#18. by BLACKU2 ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks very much pazuzu!!!!!
#19. by lordHokage ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
Thanks a lot. :)
#20. by niphredil ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
thank you for the translation, Pazuzu

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