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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 347

Naruto 347

+ posted by Pazuzu as translation on Mar 22, 2007 11:02 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 347

Oh Suigetsu, you so silly.

As usual, HANDS OFF unless you're Inane, Zarosaki or Cez.



Text: A prison Orochimaru left behind, from which water is released. And an unusual man appears from this flow.

Suigetsu: I'm first, so...
Suigetsu: Who are the rest, then?

Sasuke: Two to go...
Sasuke: I'm taking Juugo from the north base and Karin from the south base.

Suigetsu: Oh, really?

Sasuke: What?


347: Diversion..!!

Suigetsu: Oh dear...I really don't like those two at all...
Suigetsu: I really don't believe I can get along with them...

Text: Suigetsu appears...!!

Suigetsu: Heh...


Sasuke: No need for you to get along especially well.
Sasuke: Just work with them.

Suigetsu: Well, you did save me,
Suigetsu: I suppose I can work with them if you say so...

Suigetsu: But I don't know what to make of the one who's chosen those two...Sasuke.
Sasuke: Oh, just stop blathering.
Sasuke: Put on clothes and let's go.

Suigetsu: Haha...
Suigetsu: You really do talk like you're in charge...


Suigetsu: Let's make our relationship extremely clear, shall we?
Suigetsu: Hmm?

Suigetsu: Just because you defeated Orochimaru doesn't put you in charge here...
Suigetsu: Everyone was after him.
Suigetsu: Someone would have taken him out sooner or later...


Suigetsu: Orochimaru liked you, otherwise you'd be locked up, not by his side.
Suigetsu: You simply had more chances to kill him than the rest of us.

Sasuke: ...Your point?
Suigetsu: Right now, I have the advantage.


Suigetsu: Haha, just kidding.
Suigetsu: Your heart didn't skip a single beat there.
Suigetsu: It really wasn't just a fluke that you beat him...that's reassuring.

Suigetsu: I've heard that you were strong from quite some time ago.
Suigetsu: You were in the team that defeated my senior, Momochi Zabuza, weren't you?

Suigetsu: I'll go with you.

Suigetsu: But before getting the other two,
Suigetsu: I have a little detour I'd like to take, if you don't mind.


Naruto: So you finally got Kage Bunshin down...

Sakura: Huh? What's going on?

Naruto: Alright! Now let's see how much better you've gotten!
Naruto: Come on!

Konohamaru: You're on, Naruto-niichan!!


Konohamaru: Oiroke: Onna no Ko Doushi no Jutsu!! (Double Knockout Girls!!)

Naruto: Whoooooa!!!!
Naruto: What a game plan!!


Konohamaru: How's that, Naruto-niichan?!
Konohamaru: That was two girls about to..

Konohamaru: Gyah!
Sakura: No need to go any further...

Sakura: Is this all you two do when you meet up?!
Sakura: Huh?!

Naruto: No...this jutsu can work as a diversion...
Naruto: And you could call it a...serious battle between two people...

Sakura: Don't even think about going any further!
Sakura: You pair of pervy ninja!!
Sakura: Diversion?
Sakura: You're the only ones who'd fall for a jutsu like that!!


Konohamaru: Oiroke: Otoko no Ko Doushi no Jutsu!! (Double Knockout Guys!!)

Sakura: Kyaaaaa!!
Sakura: What a game plan!!

Sai: Ah..
Sai: It's me and Sasuke-kun.


Sakura: Oh!

Naruto: Don't do creepy things like that!
Konohamaru: Ow!

Sakura: Y-yeah...
Sakura: Don't just do useless jutsu like that.
Sakura: You should practice more useful...

Sakura: Hey...what?!
Sakura: No, no! That's not what I'm into at all...

Konohamaru: Hm...
Konohamaru: Looks like you're just like us after all...


Suigetsu: What's up, Sasuke?


Sign: Great Naruto Bridge

Sasuke: Hmph...

Suigetsu: Sasuke.
Sasuke: It's nothing. Come on.

Sasuke: Here, Suigetsu.


Suigetsu: I'm amazed it's somewhere like this...

Suigetsu: Zabuza-sempai, this is mine now.


Suigetsu: It's heavy...
Suigetsu: The great beheading sword of the demon Zabuza, of the Village of Bloody Mist.

Sasuke: Think you can handle it yourself?


Suigetsu: The swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist are passed down from generation to generation...
Suigetsu: And I started my training hoping to be one of those, so...

Suigetsu: I might even be able to beat you with this.

Suigetsu: Anyway, if you're planning to recruit Juugo,
Suigetsu: I think this might come in useful.

Sasuke: Hm.

Suigetsu: ...Well then, let's go for the nearest one, Sasuke.


Man: Gyahhh!!

Woman: Just because Orochimaru's dead doesn't mean you can go and get in OUR way!

Woman: This chakra...it's...
Woman: C-could it be...

Text: Sasuke and Suigetsu make their way towards this woman who speaks Orochimaru's name. Who is the next to join...?!

Preview: Who is Sasuke after, and what is she after?! Next, "A New World"!!

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#1. by juUnior ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2007
thx Pazuzu for fast translation :D
#2. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Mar 22, 2007
Thanks for your speedy translatioN!
#3. by TayuyatheNorthGate ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2007
Thank you very much for the quick translation~ <3
#4. by Goji ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2007
Nice trans! Thanks! :amuse
#5. by eni (MH's Socialworker ٩( ᐛ )و ♡)
Posted on Mar 22, 2007
Yatta! Thank you here too^^;;

(Didn't you want to keep your old avy here. I'll miss it ;___; )
#6. by KatouYue ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2007
Thanks for the translation!
#7. by Tamerlane (=D)
Posted on Mar 22, 2007
Thank you for the translation. I was really happy to see one up so fast after looking at the RAW.

#8. by Zaloof ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2007
thx for the trans
#9. by Pazuzu ()
Posted on Mar 22, 2007
Quote by eni;340131:
Yatta! Thank you here too^^;;

(Didn't you want to keep your old avy here. I'll miss it ;___; )

It disappeared with the old forum. =/
#10. by theshizzle ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2007
#11. by destinator ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2007
Rare to see you posting here...but thanks a lot for the translation ^^
#12. by bax ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Thanx Paz :kkthumbs

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