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    Psyren Volume 8 (ch063-071) Discussion

    Re: Psyren 68 Spoiler Thread Informative AND servicey chapter, it looks? Sounds good. That undoubtfully will be interesting moment... Too bad she is like 9 in present, and they are on trips to the future only occasionally. So not that much way for Ageha+Marie pairing to be shown (liked that...
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    So why did you start reading Psyren?

    Hello to all Psyren fans here. I found Psyren by a pure chance, following random link on some manga archive site. When I saw the word PSI in the synopsis, I knew -- I am going to read this one (have a soft spot for psionics). And after reading through the first "trip" without even realizing how...
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    Chapter Bleach 355 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 355 Spoiler Discussion Thread Of all people to go down with entirely unheallable injuiry it is THAT Shirou-chan? Too good to be true! Even tru a big part of myself wants to dance like crazy and scream "YEAAAH!!! First gooddie finally died!!!111", I have to force myself to be...
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    Chapter Bleach 342 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 342 Discussion/343 Prediction Thread Well, Grimmjaw was not portrayes as incurably evil. Just savage. So, him butting in Ichigo-Ulqis fight won't ruin his character at all. Like, Kenpachi was Ichigo's enemy, then he helped the nakama, and that wouldn't ruin his character a bit...
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    Chapter Bleach 342 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 342 Discussion/343 Prediction Thread I said it earlier, but maybe it IS NOT the #10 Yummy, but someone else? Like, his big bro who happened to be in Aizen's Neo Espada? Envy, Greed... So, we eventually are going to see "Lust". I don't know if I realy want to see it, through. I...
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    Naruto Volume 46 (Ch. 423-432) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 432 Discussion/ 433 Predictions Thread ...So, the next chapter will be eiter didicated to Pain kicking Naruto over place, or would it be like Pain getting overconfident and preaching som high and mighty stuff only to see Naruto returning into that Battleload mode seemingly without...
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    Chapter Bleach 342 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 342 Discussion/343 Prediction Thread Most intriguing part of chapter was, in fact, Yammy not having his hollow hole where it should be. Simple drawing mistake or ?.. Maybe Yummy resieved some sort of power boost what lead to his hole disappearence / movin to another place? Maybe...
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    Chapter Bleach 342 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 342 Spoiler Discussion Thread Now it really obvious. Ulq is harboring (one-sided) feelings for Orihime, even if he himself denies them. That's why he is preaching about her being on Aizen's, his side as if trying hard to convince himself on it. Then, maybe previous chater's title...
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    Bleach Hangout Thread 2.0

    First, kendo is not only about holding your zan with two hands, it is a specific way of striking. From Ken-chan's side in that battle it was a stab rather when kendo strike. So, it was only Shikai Ichigo ~> no-evepatch Kenpachi. Besides, , and...
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    Chapter Bleach 326 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 326 Discussion/327 Predictions Fixed for Truth. This is Fraccion vs Capitan after all. Maybe Po thinks of destroying Kommamura quick before he uses his Capitan Powers...
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    Theory Predict the Future Arcs and Plot of Bleach

    Well, IF King's Palace is not in Hell (What? All we know is King lives in the demrnsion completely separate from both SS and Material World. Hell fits.) and this little gates waaay back at the beginning was not just for show, then I gonna bet on the Hell Arc after the "Winter War" / King's Realm...
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    Bleach Hangout Thread

    Isnt now Hitsu's bankai is pealt-less? I thought last time we seen it, pealts was nowhere... But that was really long ago, so I don't really remember.
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    Naruto will learn Hirashin/Teleport Jutsu on Myobokuzan

    How Naruto could use Hiraishin to get back in Konoha, Easy. Minato's old kunai(s). Where do you think they are stashed?
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    Naruto Volume 44 (Ch. 403-412) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 409 Discussions / 410 Predictions ... Can anyone translate the other names in the Frog Summoning Contract being shown in this chapter?
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    Chapter Claymore vol 15 (chap 78-83) Discussion

    Re: Claymore 81 Discussion / 82 Prediction Maybe, DoD egg? And Riful needs skilled yoki controllers to control the DoD?