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  1. Chapter One Piece 634 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 634 Discussion / 635 Prediction → Next Chapter on Aug.17 spoilers please im deaying chapter please
  2. Chapter One Piece 629 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 629 Discussion / 630 Prediction we have falling in oda s trap he whant us to think that luffy dident make big progresse than in the real action he will show us what he really can do and we all will go wtf
  3. Chapter One Piece 629 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 629 Spoiler Discussion epic cross punch brook ability is awsome and robin shows potentil
  4. Chapter One Piece 627 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 627 Discussion / 628 Predicition big twist = monky d dragan
  5. Chapter One Piece 618 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 618 Discussion / 619 Prediction Thread nice chapter hoidy and vvd one hit ko prouved that there will be another villin and this arc will be long
  6. Chapter One Piece 608 Discussion / 609 Prediction Thread

    Re: One Piece 608 Spoiler Discussion Thread http://www.imagebam.com/image/adfab0110965303 http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101104120328/onepiece/images/5/52/Kaido_portrait.png do thay look alike
  7. Chapter One Piece 597 Discussion / 598 Prediction Thread

    Re: One Piece 597 Spoiler Discussion whene i saw the cover gold d roger and wb it look ,like a hinte for a new age becaus they are frome the old age and its a good way to end the old one piece with that cover
  8. One Piece Mega Convo Thread, the 2nd Chapter

    Re: One Piece 586 Discussion / 587 Prediction hay gays the feirst crew mate to come back is nami if you dont bilive mi watch the last episode of the anime ....
  9. Chapter One Piece 582 Discussion / 583 Prediction

    what is the goldin weck evrybody is tolking about plez give me an anser buy the way luffy will learn haki soon sorry for the bad englich
  10. Chapter One Piece 581 Discussion / 582 Prediction

    Re: One Piece 581 Spoiler Discussion what about one of the supernovas become a shichibukai it would be cool
  11. Chapter One Piece 579 Discussion / 580 Prediction

    Re: One Piece 579 Spoiler Discussion shanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unthinkable and akainu ataking coby shows hem as bad gay
  12. Chapter One Piece 578 Discussion / 579 Prediction

    awsom shapter bb is not the strongest i thing one of the younko diserv this title
  13. Chapter One Piece 577 Discussion / 578 Prediction

    Re: One Piece 577 Spoiler Discussion about bb new abilitis in the last chapter oda chow us that bb still weak iven with darkniss powrs so he made hem tack wb abilitis