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    HQ CLEAN Naruto ch382 p10

    okay second clean ive posted, this time its chapter 382 page 10, credits go to kylara for the RAW and HisshouBuraiKen for the Translation enjoy!
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    naruto ch380pg16-17 clean

    thanks. my first real attempt at a good clean. another coming soon but ive been busy and have been in cbf mode lately so maybe after christmas when i have spare time ill release a couple more :)
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    379_06 HQ clean

    lol. you spelt "cleaned" wrong or was that intentional. nice clean though, leave out the black next time for colourers :) and the second panel yahiko's mouth seems too thick, use a thinner brush there
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    380 cleans

    hey mist, page 16-17 here
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    naruto ch380pg16-17 clean

    heres a clean for naruto ch380pg16-17 hope you all like