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    Sir's Australian Lessons Class

    I heard you needed this, so here you go:inu
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 923 Discussion / 924 Predictions

    Source: apforums Credits: ScotchInformer Tentative schedule for the next few weeks, to be taken with a grain of salt.
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 903 Discussion / 904 Predictions

    Mildly important notice on the schedule for the next weeks. Thanks Erinyes :)
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    Voting Round 3 Marian Cross vs. Sanji Vinsmoke

    The long red hair of his opponent might be a little confusing for Sanji himself, but certainly not for you voters :stare It's indeed weird how similar they are to each other in design, suit, beard, smokers and all. Just that Sanji is the better cook - and husbando.
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    Voting Round 2 Kuki Urie vs. Sanji Vinsmoke

    We'll have to see if the pre-marriage Sanji:erosanjiwill be the same post-marriage. I kinda doubt it, but until then, Sanji is the best heart-shaped eyes, nosebleeding husbando around :love
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    Voting Round 1 Judar vs Sanji Vinsmoke

    Sanji is just the perfect husband. He has a steady job and even though it is risky at times, provides for his family and friends, cooks for and defends them. Even though the marriage with Pudding was forced and she wanted to kill him, he respected and complimented her. Even though his mother in...
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    Nomination Round Husbando Wars 2017 Nomination Thread

    I nominate Vinsmoke Sanji from One Piece
  8. Dr. Stone Volume 1

    Dr. Stone Volume 1

    Dr. Stone Volume 1 - Stone World Chapters 1-7 2017/07/04
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    Art Dr. Stone Volume Covers and Official Art Thread (Latest Volume #20)

    Dr. Stone Volume Covers Thread (Latest Volume #1) Latest Cover Stone World Chapters 1-7 2017/07/04
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    Hangout Dr. Stone Hangout Thread

    This manga is so weird. It never had many named people, most if not all on protagonist level. And the new arc doesn't exactly help there either. I can fully understand how this is outright boring to some. Actually I'm surprised it even gets the chance for a second arc/volume.
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    Contest Manga Awards Prediction Game

    I have my bets on Nanatsu no Taizai with 5 awards
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    Hangout Dr. Stone Hangout Thread

    And now we completely ran out of named characters. I didn't think the fighter would come into play that fast, but it makes sense. I don't think it will take long for the girl to come back, but unless they find other females, Taiju got some competition. And there's one more person to feed. But I...
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    Hangout Dr. Stone Hangout Thread

    Experienced writer and an outstanding artist aside, I don't think this manga will go anywhere. It does of course need time to develop, but it seems overly empty. We have 3 named characters so far, 4 if you want to include the celebrity highschooler. And a setting that doesn't give any urgency...
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    Dr. Stone - Chapter 1 Summary

    The Setting At the beginning, there is the crisis. Dr. Stone doesn't hide this driving moment, it throws the reader right into a world where everyone turned to stone. Certainly something that can be shown off very well in colour. But wait, the story itself needs to backtrack a little bit. And...
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    New Manga - Dr. Stone

    In the upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, a new series will debut: Dr. Stone! The sci-fi action adventure manga written by Inagaki Riichirou (Eyeshield 21) and illustrated by Boichi (Sun Ken Rock), centers around two boys. One strong and good hearted, the other smart and visionary. Together...