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    Chapter New Prince of Tennis Chapter 328, 329 and 330 Discussion

    Wow. That was a good character build. Now Bismarck does look like a good challenge.
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    Anime Game of Future: Hyoutei vs Rikkai

    Jirou lost his purpose in the series when Marui appeared.
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    Discussion Mser Tier list

    What is a "Wok"?
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    Game Prophet League Ver 2 [Final Tournament SFs]

    We should continue this :) About the ongoing match, i think it's a win for Japan. And i expect a S1 with Volk vs Byodouin (i hope!) ... I'm not much interested about Volk vs Tokugawa, i see him in the final team with Ryoma.
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    Discussion NPOT Plot threads that went no where

    1- The existence of the 11-20 players was only an excuse to show how the middle school players increased their level, and narrowed the gap with the high school players. 2- I agree, the Duke game was a missed opportunity. But perhaps Konomi decided to omit it, to surprise in the semifinal, the...
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    Art Npot Character Sheets

    ohh yes i should fix that! >.< thanks! (Updated) Seigaku Colors
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    Art Npot Character Sheets

    Half squares represent 0.5 I thought about it a lot, but for example with players like Tristan, who has a 7 on everything, it makes him seem tremendously powerful. And the truth is not the best player so far in the series. Anyway, the design of the cards is still under development, I do not...
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    Art Npot Character Sheets

    Hi! I tell them that I am developing some character sheets. What is taking me the longest is coloring them, since there are more than 100 at the moment. It is still in development, but it has a game mechanic. I will be sharing the updates. The reference statistics are the official ones. For...
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    Theory Final Tournament Line-up Discussion/Predictions

    I see very likely that Kirihara will face Siegfried. It would be nice for him to defeat a TNK user. I don't see it strange that he plays doubles with Atobe, although it would be a rare couple. I think Atobe will play Irie. In some way or another Kirihara has a guaranteed match, either now or in...
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    Chapter New Prince of Tennis Chapter 310, 311 and 312 Discussion

    In terms of chapters. This is the longest match ever right?
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    Game Prophet League Ver 2 [Final Tournament SFs]

    Hope so. But they are dead. A close pro and a tenimuhou are too much for them. Likewise, we already saw Nioh beat the best doubles in the series. I hope Konomi surprises me.
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    Game Prophet League Ver 2 [Final Tournament SFs]

    ohh come on people, get involved: c Tezuka wins 4-6 , 6-4, 7-6 (al least 10 points on Tiebreak, like 11-9) It's either that or a canceled game. (Possible extra game: Franksteiner vs Oshitari) I don't know if I can still predict the other games since the series started. But I predict...
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    Game Prophet League Ver 2 [Final Tournament SFs]

    Can't we keep predicting anymore?
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    Game Prophet League Ver 2 [Final Tournament SFs]

    Mmm Sanada loses 6-2, 3-6, 4-6