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  1. Thread for spoilers ( post-"scangap" discussions )

    I'm busy as hell. Sorry, but I'll be unable to contribute anything for an undetermined period of time. Here're some quick translations of some interesting bits of 186. But this chapter's pretty understandable even without the script, na? Page 1, where Agon's talking in his head to Sena...
  2. Theories Regarding Hiruma's Past...

    No, only Hiruma's "room" is a side room. The other rooms shown were the actual home rooms. It's the mangaka's way of saying, "I don't wanna show you where Hiruma lives." Wait for the parents. kekeke.
  3. Theories Regarding Hiruma's Past...

    The thing is, that's the club room's side room. >_> Hiruma's home is never actually revealed. And his parents... well, we'll see something in 167.
  4. Eyeshield 21 RAW Thread

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Discussion thread for F-M chapters

    I didn't mean quite that kind of discussion... :( You could pm a mod 'bout it, they're the ones with names in blue.[br]Posted at: May 08, 2006, 02:07:31 AM_________________________________________________[br]Posted at: May 11, 2006, 01:11:29 PM_________________________________________________I...
  6. while waiting for the es21 to be out

    It kicks much ass. Wewt. *USES IT*
  7. Thread for spoilers ( post-"scangap" discussions )

    Kekeke. I think Shinryuuji'll score another touchdown before this is over. Deimon? Who knows?
  8. Eyeshield 21 RAW Thread

  9. Discussion thread for F-M chapters

    Alright! Let's kick-start this thing back to life. Sena >>> Kakei. Deimon's next opponents are the Seibu Wild Gunmans! Hirubunny is made of win and gold. Seriously. Edit: Chapter 127 always gets to me. ;_; And... Next chapters... feature a bit of backstory for Kid. We even get to see his...
  10. Thread for spoilers ( post-"scangap" discussions )

    *cautiously picks his way through the English* No, Shin's speed at the beginning of the manga was 4.37. Ikkyu never states that Agon ever played seriously. He comments that it's the first time they've played with a full roster since last year. As in, it's the first time since last year that...
  11. Where to start

    Chapter 99 or 101, I can't quite remember which.
  12. Thread for spoilers ( post-"scangap" discussions )

    Shin was 4.36 last time I checked. Though Shin was said to hold the high school record, both Sena and Riku are first years, so it's plausible that not only Sena but Riku as well is faster than Shin. It's a distinct possibility that Agon might never have run in a properly recorded 40-yard dash...
  13. Eyeshield 21 RAW Thread

    Eyeshield chapters are always later than the more popular Bleach/Naruto etc. They'll probably come out sometime tomorrow.
  14. Thread for spoilers ( post-"scangap" discussions )

    *takes a deeeeeep breath* BLITZ! BLITZ! BLITZ! Looks like next chapter will be the deciding point on whether this match starts to lean towards Deimon or not.