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    Question Is AfO aware of Overhaul's quirk?

    I feel like if Compress, doesnt get his original quirk back, Shigaraki will just steal Overhaul´s and give it to him as a form of compensation, it sucks being compress right now and Shigaraki and co are showcasing some nakama development. I doubt that quirk will be given to a Noumo it´s a waste...
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    Predictions Villain Alliance Spy[update 28/07/2017]

    Hakagure is the spy look at that toy doll and it´s teeth it´s suspicious as fuck, and the ribbon in the pillow is super duper suspicious, that girl is definitely the spy. I wish we could´ve seen some of Class B´s rooms though, especially Monoma and Kendou´s
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    Chapter Magi 369 Discussion *FINAL CHAPTER*

    cool factor (maybe he wants to impress someone???)
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    Voting Round 2 Fairy Tail vs. One Piece

    Luffy one shots the FT verse bye!
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    Voting Round 2 World Trigger vs Mahou Tsukai no Yome

    WT might be on Hiatus but it still should win this round (at the very least!)
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    Voting Round 2 Dragon Ball vs. Berserk

    Guts one shots what a easy match for Berserk LMAO.
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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia 155 Discussion / 156 Predictions Thread

    It was also because they were afraid of the Stain Ideology being spewed by the Hype Media. So? That just means what I said, the villains are gonna have more recruitment available, because the heroes are growing to be a even tougher elite now, without AM, it will add more competitiveness to the...
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    Voting Round 2 D.Gray-man vs. Nanatsu no Taizai

    I started reading SBR last week, I´m not near 1 third and I already got to see why many praise it as the best jojo part (and I didnt even got to the juicy bits), the Race is super well done, Araki made the speech bubbles of the characters carry some crazy impact, right at the beginning, it´s...
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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia 155 Discussion / 156 Predictions Thread

    Most of the pros arent a threat Stain showcased with his one man streak, the only actual threats are the top 10 heroes and to be fair there are a few villains out there who can counter them one on one to a degree like Dabi and lets not even get started with the noumos because a few proper ones...
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    Seinen Vagabond by Inoue Takehiko

    But can I find it in the latest volume release? If so I will take the shot.
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    Seinen Vagabond by Inoue Takehiko

    Oh my god, this is gonna hurt me trying to catch up with it, now, sucks having to wait for a new chap, I guess I will wait to see if some new chap is posted in the next year or so, before trying to catch up beyond chap 21, otherwise I might feel salty. Is the author good on health terms? Kinda...
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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia 155 Discussion / 156 Predictions Thread

    you see this trend of the heroes being "too competent" = The villains wont be able to do anything, doesnt exactly come true, with the Stain case for example regardless of the heroes competence the media, made the villains win new recruitment, with Bakugou´s kidnapping while it´s true AFO got...
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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia 155 Discussion / 156 Predictions Thread

    The villains can only prosper with incompetence either by the media hypetards, the hero systems flaws or "X" hero making "X" mistakes, I really dislike a bit of how out of proportion this is getting, cant the villains win by I dont know, in a "You were good, but we were better this time" sort of...
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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia 155 Discussion / 156 Predictions Thread

    Mirio did it because of Deku, while Mirio was painfully aware Overhaul was gonna use his quirk deku didnt, worse case scenario Deku would blow up and Mirio would escape solo, best case scenario Deku would blow up or be severely injured while Mirio manages to escape with Eri, the problem at the...
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    Voting Round 2 Naruto vs. Tokyo Ghoul

    But it should to a degree at least until we got to see the 3 other villages, which I honestly thing it should´ve come sooner. Sasori vs Kankuro balanced that out, honestly the need for the ninja antics was very focused on the series, even in Shippuuden Kishi couldnt just overlook, it and he...