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    Supply: Signature Calling all talented sig makers!

    I'm not exactly sure if I'm good enough but still I offer my help. Just PM me.
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    Naruto Volume 43 (Ch. 390-402) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 401 Discussion / 402 Predictions This is true. But there is also another way. Look at Naruto, he has the surname of his mother - Uzumaki. The reason could be that his parents wanted that he made his own way, protected from the fame of his father and with his own power and wisdom...
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    Shoujo Kaikan Phrase by Shinjo Mayu

    Re: Kaikan Phrase by Shinjo Mayu Discussion^ woow this is really a late reply, sorry well i like him because i want to have a man like him but this is imposible :( handsome, dark, tall, blue eyes, sweet in his way, strong, independent and he wold do anything for his love and loyal *hoping*
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    Josei Midnight Secretary by Ohmi Tomu

    well, well and i thoght there wasn't any topic with midnight secretary and kyouhei *love* haha this manga is more for smut-romance-supernatural lovers than actin-horror-supernatural lovers. well exept me. i'm both, lucky me. midnight secretary is a great manga with great story as well art
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    Movies The Movie Thread!

    Re: Indiana Jones 4 ahh I want to watch that movie. can't wait *read to run to the cinema* All Indiana Jones movies are great, fenomenal, super, nova like movies. i really hope that this one is even better *eyes sparkling full of hope*
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    How did you get your username?

    the blue of the layout --> water ---> aqua + ria = aquaria easy isn't it ^^
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    Slovenian Community

    Morala sem odpreti ta topic. Če imajo hrvaško govoreči svojega, zakaj tudi ne slovensko govoreči ^^ no ja. kako ste vsi? ali je kaj novega? ;) vem da nisem edina, zato pridite in govorite z mano, prosim
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    Language What Languages do you know?

    The ones I can speak are: Slovenian, English, German, Italian (Some phrases), Spanish (Some phrases), Chinese (Some words), Japanese (Some words) The ones I can understand: Slovenian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Some), Japanese (Some), French (Some) The ones I can read...
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    Where Do You Come From?

    Slovenia, not telling you where ^^
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    Archived Introduction Thread - Part 1

    Re: Introduction Thread Hello! My name is Aquaria and I come from Slovenia! I have two older brothers, a cat (Sakura) and a rabbit (Nežek). I live with my mother, my uncle and my aunt. I love to cook and to bake. I'm a fan of music, books, art, mangas, animes, good movies and series, sport...
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    How did you come across MangaHelpers?

    Re: How did u come across MANGAHELPERS!?!?!?!? I was searching for Naruto / One Piece scans and Translations!
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    Life 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1) I'm 21 years old 2) I'm from Slovenia 3) I'm a women 4) I have dark brown hair 5) I have blue green eyes 6) I love manga/anime 7) I love the nature, animals and plants 8) I didn't finish my school 9) I live in a house 10) I want to see the world 11) I want to buy manga/anime 12) I...
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    Shoujo Kaikan Phrase by Shinjo Mayu

    Re: Kaikan Phrase by Shinjo Mayu Discussion^ It's Sakuya!