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  1. One Piece Chapter 1031 Discussion

    He's pulling his weight by taking on the 3/4th strongest enemy in this arc. Nothing will satisfy you no matter what sanji does or doesn't do. This is evident by your detracting of trying to use "baker" as a slur. If you don't like the character.....fine....just leave it at that. If you gotta...
  2. Chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 332 Discussion

    Didn't realize she's so the last panel it makes her look at least 8 feet tall and probably 400lbs.
  3. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1029 Discussion

    I never understood Sanji's siblings being referred to as emotionless....when they demonstrate a wide range of emotions. Anger, frustration, humor, joy, etc The better description would be a lack of sympathy/empathy.....but even that wouldnt work completely if you consider his sister helping him.
  4. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    Not a sword swipe from Queen. He's mostly a robot but he ain't coming from that unscathed. I doubt very much that Queen's strength with a sword is no better than a grunt. Franky got battered and bloodied by punches after the time skip. He's still got fleshy vulnerabilities.
  5. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    Oda has not taken away sanji's uniqueness. Sanji wasn't known in particular because of his Skywalk or speed, nor will he be known in particular from having a toughness upgrade now. He has from the very beginning till now been unique for not using his hands to fight, and relying on kicks. This...
  6. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    I doubt it. Kuma retained enough of his own self, goodness, and honor for Zoro's request. Kuzan is generally a good dude who worked in a corrupt government and he knows it. Cp-O are loyal dogs to the elders,government, and especially the nobles. Lucci fits right into the mold. No way...
  7. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    Exactly! BB was less concerned about CP-O and more about his location being known and having Akainu and some other admiral and vice admirals(like Garp) possibly showing up. Why stay in that location? It would be foolish.
  8. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    First, we don't know how big CP-O really is.....and it likely existed before Lucci joined. They obviously trusted it greatly for a long time. Cp0 is officually strongest INTELLIGENCE pool, not the strongest physically. Part of their members is a bird and spandam. Secondly, those elders aren't...
  9. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    He still realized that it was more than just a way to turn invisible. It helped him tank physical attacks. Secondly, just because page 1 knew of the ability to turn invisible it didn't mean he knew a way to overcome it. It also doesn't mean that 99.9% of Kaido's forces were aware of it...
  10. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    I feel that this type of power up would be more suited to happen in the "year of sanji" and involving drama and certain situations with the Vinsmokes. Here? It just feels convenient and random with some plot armor. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he could get a much needed power up. However, I...
  11. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    Luffy fully healthy would wreck Lucci. No way Lucci could be at the same level of luffy when luffy has gone through multiple power up and fought against cracker, big mom, kaido, etc
  12. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1023 Discussion

    The point I was making was not if he was comparable in strength to commanders, but why isn't he one? He's the first born son and right hand man to big mom. If he requested to be a commander, big mom would have given it to him.....with a likely warning of the consequences of failure. Big Mom is...
  13. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1023 Discussion

    In line with this..... Imo, Perospero is not a commander, despite having an ability useful in a fight, for one simple reason. It's because he doesn't want to be. He wants to be the new leader of the BM pirates and likely feels that to become a commander would be a step down from attaining...
  14. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1023 Discussion

    As far as why his clothes don't burn....its manga. It would be surprising if his clothes did burn because of the fire. Lol He might as well wear shorts if it were to make sense.
  15. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1023 Discussion

    "Unwavering willpower" is often in the same league as "the power of friendship". At least with a lineage/history it can be explained more than "I want this win more than you" and "I have no reason for this power".