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    Your Favorite Character in Eyeshield 21!

    Raimon Tarou, bebe. I don't think there could be any other character in the entire series as amazingly adorable as him. Spread the monkey love, yo!
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    Better to read clean Edited Manga or just half clean(only layers)

    For the purpose of graphic design, I of course prefer it already cleaned up for me. Sure, i could do clean up myself but it's just so tedious when other people could've done it for me to begin with. But that has nothing to do with the reading portion I guess. I'll settle for anything as long as...
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    Most Memorable/Favorite Scene?

    Re: Most Memorable Scene? Am I a total loser for thinking that Orihime has three of the most beautiful scenes I've ever scenes in the entire series? It just seems so out of character for her to be so amazingly deep for a character that seems so shallow. It's made me grow to love her more than I...
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    Bleach FAQs and Simple Q&A's

    Re: What about people that die outside of Japan? Oh my god. A topic that's actually very amusing AND not insanely out of character. My happiness knows no bounds. I've always thought that there HAS to be some sort of understanding in the bleach-verse that there're other countries, since Soi...
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    Design Take a guess on other Zanpakutou's Zanpakutou Spirit form

    Re: Take a guess on other Zankaptou's true material form I've always been fond of how peroxidepest from Livejournal viewed the different Zanpakuto's. Not every Zanpakuto has to be an impressive creature that'll smash your face in because it is TOUGH AND STRONG. For example, Zaraki's zanpakuto...