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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 86 Discussion/87 Predictions

    Yes, but that doesn't say much as there's hardly any good (depending on what's your definition of "good") characters in this manga. Even Kaneki has shown sadistic tendencies, killed lots of ghouls and indirectly some humans (even though it's debatable) after he released the prisoners from...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 74 Discussion/75 Predictions (No Chapter on April 30)

    It's just me or Eto is somehow connected to Kaneki's kakuja (maybe via those mouths) ? She seemed to know quite a lot about Kaneki's progress through the battle...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 70 Discussion/71 Predictions

    It's out:
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 69 Discussion/70 Predictions

    I think she's talking about his height.
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 67 Discussion/68 predictions

    So Haisaki it was. That makes sense. I never stated that "aogiri arc" Kaneki was worse than your "black reaper". Not really sure what could have make you think so. The point is, we basically know nothing about his current mental state (except that it still looks to be pretty fragile from what...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 67 Discussion/68 predictions

    "Haiseki" ? So that's how he's called now ? Adorable. Anyway, how is this "Haiseki" more of a creep than Kaneki ? And I'm talking about post Yamori's torture Kaneki. (I think "Shironeki" would be the correct term according to this whole name gig, no ? )
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 63 Discussion/64 Predictions

    The translation is a little fuc*ed up. Check mangastream... It looks like is actually Eto saying to Kaneki that she wants him to watch her at the press conference, blabla....
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 62 Discussion/63 Predictions

    Err, yeah...I was just kidding.
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 62 Discussion/63 Predictions

    That quote could mean a lot of things. As far as I'm concerned it could have been Kaneki making a love statement to her, haha. I say to be patient, translation will be out soon. We'll probably have our answers then.
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 62 Discussion/63 Predictions

    I think they were working together. Maybe testing that guy....
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 62 Discussion/63 Predictions

    Relax, your reading skills have nothing to do with your inability to figure out who is or who is not in that scan... I mean she looks so much like Touka, right ? Please say yes. :amuse
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    Info Ishida's Twitter

    Alright. I don't see it but that's okay. The pic reminds me of his "Shironeki" days. There's some panels with him acting like this, so I wouldn't call it OOC. But whatever, moving on...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 58 Discussion / 59 Predictions

    Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 58 Spoilers Yeah. I mean, imagine Harry Potter turning into a Voldemort wannabe. How am I supposed to take him seriously with this image deeply ingrained in my fu*king brain ? Hilarious...
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    Info Ishida's Twitter

    Could you elaborate a little ? I'm really curious about your view regarding his character...