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    Hangout Berserk General Discussion Thread

    Whoaaaaaa!!! FINALLY! -- is my first reaction, cause it'll be cool to have any Berserk released at all. But my next reaction is like some others in here in that I'm taking this with an Empire State-sized rock of salt. I think we could possibly get a good few chapters out of him within the span...
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    Chapter Gantz 383 [Final Chapter] Discussion / Future Prediction

    Me having kids... Now THAT'S a fucked up ending, brudda. :8C Nah, I'll just write an ending that is equivalent to the beginning in terms of no mercy and all carnage. But then I'll have to take Oku hostage to draw it for me. That's okay. I have A BUTTER KNIFE!
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    Chapter Gantz 383 [Final Chapter] Discussion / Future Prediction

    Too late for the poll but I clearly would have voted 'no'. After re-reading the series altogether, I'm less inclined to want to murder the entire universe after reading the ending, but it still really, really pissed me off. Simply because it was so god damn obvious he was rushed, either by...
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    Chapter Gantz 383 [Final Chapter] Discussion / Future Prediction

    Re: Gantz 383 [Final Chapter] Spoiler Discussion Thread As someone who has read Gantz from the very beginning, and still to this chapter proclaims it to be my favorite series, I was so very disappointed with this chapter. Verily. I mean, I know that I set myself up for disappointment when I...
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    Chapter Gantz 382 Discussion/383 [Final Chapter] Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 382 Spoiler Discussion Thread Great chapter; loved seeing Kei take the suit to its physical limits and pull a classic move like that. Nice carnage too...but... I'm still waiting for Nishi. P.S. Eff you Oku for showing literally two panels of the Vampires as if that'd satisfy. That...
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    Chapter Gantz 381 Discussion/382 Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 381 Spoiler Discussion Thread Shit... when was it confirmed that the manga will end at 383? That really sucks... Well... It's still my favorite manga despite this third act being somewhat lesser in awesomeness. Still love it and I will Maeshima dearly...he went out fairly easily...
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    Hangout The Gantz Hangout Thread

    *Pictures them casually "pushing" the sword out of their ass instead of their hands* :XD
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    Chapter Gantz 379 Discussion/380 Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 379 Spoiler Discussion Thread Eh, whatevs. I enjoyed it. Yeah, it's not what it once was, but it's still cool to see the brutality. I don't understand the complaints really, but then again no one understands anyone's opinion, especially when it comes to entertainment... I digress. I...
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    Chapter Gantz 378 Discussion/379 Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 378 Spoiler Discussion Thread I really hope Nishi returns. He does not deserve to be left in purgatory; that's just shameful. He's the most badass 8(9?)th grader in the world. I liked Kei's arrogance. With what he's been through and done, he's got all the reason in the world to...
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    Anime What's coming next! (Manga Spoilers included)

    I think it's pretty clear that's whats going to happen. If it is another 'dimension' ass-pull then I'm going to be even more disappointed than I already am; and I didn't think that was possible. This is really funny in a super sad way; they're celebrating what has been a sub-par anime adaptation...
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    Chapter Gantz 372 Discussion/373 Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 372 Spoiler Discussion Thread That's not what my qualms are with at all. I'm fine with the way Kei died, I'm fine with the aliens being so overwhelmingly powerful; I was referring to the ending of Gantz in general and the way that Oku is going about it. It doesn't help that the...
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    Chapter Gantz 372 Discussion/373 Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 372 Spoiler Discussion Thread My god... This is so nuts. Not in a good way either. This takes the concept of deux ex machina to a whole new level. Why? I want to know why? And how? I mean for real? Just like that? ARRGHH! Crazy shit. Poor Gantz... it started off so amazing, so...
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    Hangout The Gantz Hangout Thread

    God damn, that's disappointing...
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    Chapter Gantz 365 Discussion/366 Prediction Thread

    True enough, there are multiple ways of restoration... But I don't think there's enough evidence to support restoration over time normally, though that's just me. I think the leaking of the blue liquid represents a kind of 'bleed out' similar to if a human bled out; if it happens, you're more...
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    Chapter Gantz 365 Discussion/366 Prediction Thread

    Wait...suits can regenerate? Since when? When have we seen that!? Cause that's friggin' awesome, I don't remember seeing that at all and if it's true I can't believe I missed it! Ed: I'm kinda crunk and I didn't see the 'time to save the world' so damn you if you're being sarcastic cause now...